RESURRECTION (2022): Psychological thriller and fantastic story with a gender perspective

01/01/2023 – 22:29 Pure Life

It could be summed up by saying that “Resurrection” is a film with a powerful premise, almost fail-safe; in its development it risks appearing repetitive or stagnating, by being subtle; and it closes with a strong, high-impact climax sequence, as if to compensate for the previous detours and end up leaving a good impression. But it is worth exposing some details of this work.

It is curious how several films of disturbed women have emerged in 2022, generally due to the negative action of the male, and that disturbance translates into an ambiguous story, in which it is difficult to distinguish the limits between reality and the imagination of the protagonists. . There we have Aisha, from “Nanny”, who has visions and nightmares with water and children; Meredith, from “A wounded fawn”, hears voices of Greek goddesses warning her of the danger of death; Laura, in “Monstrous”, secretly moves in with her son to escape a violent husband and begins to see supernatural apparitions; something similar happens to Harper, in “Men”, who settles in a country house to get away from male harassment; Julia, from “Watcher”, suspects that a neighbor of hers is spying on her and hanging around her. Margaret, from “Resurrection”, joins this gallery.

One of the virtues of this film by American Andrew Semans is that, when it begins, you don’t know where the story is going. In a genre in which the commonplace is frequent, unpredictability is an appreciable delight. In this sense, the title is intriguing; the same, the introductory scene, which looks like a psychological therapy session focused on a toxic relationship, but later we realize that it is not. We soon learn that she is simply a professional, Margaret (an always effective Rebecca Hall), interviewing an intern at the company she works for.

The protagonist is a single mother who lives with her daughter Abigail, about to come of age; They are very close, although there are some frictions between them due to maternal overprotection. In fact, motherhood is nuclear in “Resurrection.” In the progression of the film, we are going to understand Margaret’s behavior, which is not far from any normal relationship between a woman and an adolescent daughter who seeks to define her identity and independence. However, Semans introduces some details (a dental piece, burn scars, for example) that little by little break with the apparent normality of the situation and make the story resist falling into routine.

The entry of a new character in the second act, David (another for Tim Roth’s collection of hateful beings) implies the complete break; and not just because that incorporation into the story is a disturbing element – ​​an opponent – ​​for the heroine’s life; but because an ingredient is added to the narration that nourishes it from the ambiguity that we mentioned before, gives it a certain ghostly quality and, as in the best tradition of the fantastic genre, produces a hesitancy in the reception on the part of the viewer. The simple phrase “Ben is with me”, pronounced after thirty minutes (out of a total of one hundred) can have the coldness of information, a simple fact, or be a horrifying statement, depending on how you look at it. Semans values ​​the power of the word and for this reason is encouraged to include a monologue of about seven minutes in the voice of Margaret, which is almost like a horror story in itself.

“Resurrection” has a very clear gender perspective. Catherine is a woman who has fulfilled her profession, she is economically independent, she raised her daughter alone, she enjoys sex without commitment and she is not interested in sharing her life with a man, probably because she has experienced abuse ; but the film avoids easy readings, especially when it shows a questioning of rationality.

“Resurrection” is a meticulously developed psychological thriller and fantastic tale (to some it may seem too much), with much of its fascinating, surprising, enduring intrigue and ironic discourse.

RESURRECTION (2022): Psychological thriller and fantastic story with a gender perspective – El Liberal