one sees this 1428: Shadows over Silesia and it is most evident that the general picture of the video game industry today is in robust health and could not be more favorable. Hundreds and hundreds of titles are constantly coming onto the market, especially on PC, with a clear leadership of the indie sphere and digital content.

It has never been so easy and economically viable to produce and edit a game for the most humble developers, hence the large number of new games that we can access and enjoy while suffering from a centrifugal force generated by a supply that exceeds demand so much that many interesting titles lose visibility along the way or directly lack it completely.

Such is the case, of this 1428: Shadows over Silesiaa more than suggestive and attractive role-playing and adventure game brought to us by the small Czech studio of KUBI Games. A title that unfortunately It will go completely unnoticed by the vast majority but it houses a good number of virtuesalso some defects, which make it very interesting and recommendable, although for this it is necessary to go to the old method of word of mouth and ear to ear.

For a veteran player, the idea of ​​finding a needle in the haystack is always very pleasant and seductive, with that little hidden gem that others have known about or been able to see, but without a doubt, the most satisfying of all is being able to share that finding with others. other players and incidentally contribute a bit to a game like 1428: Shadows over Silesia be in all fairness, better known.

Kill them all, that God will recognize his own

Contrary to what most people believe, there were many crusades within Europe itself and it was not always against the faithful of the Muslim religion. We are in 1428 and things are messy in central and eastern Europe. the hussitesa reform and revolutionary movement that emerged in 15th century Bohemia put traditional Catholicism against the ropes, rising up and giving rise to what would later be known as the hussite warsa conflict that devastated that part of the continent for more than thirty years and that will be the interesting historical and geographical framework in which our adventure will take place.

An adventure that we will live and we will play from the point of view of the two sides in conflictwith a protagonist because each side and whose lives are inevitably destined to intersect in this game that is clearly committed to great historical fidelity when it comes to representing the characters and events of the time.

A quarrelsome Hussite warrior, more of a friend to the bottle than he should be, will join forces, against the will of both, with an honorable knight of the Order of San Juan del Hospital in this warlike adventure that begins as totally faithful to the story as we know it but soon it will also introduce some supernatural elements and black magic in the plot to finally end up facing the very forces of Hell.

So in this 1428: Shadows over Silesia We are not going to find the typical races of epic fantasy, pyrotechnic spell casting wizards or colorful alternate worlds. We are before a realistic roleplaying game that only towards the final outcome succumbs to the temptation to introduce some elements of dark fantasy, closer to those that the Bible itself does not count than to our favorite fantasy writer.

He who has faith will never be alone

And a leap of faith is what the game will force us on more than one occasion given its little publicity and that aspect of an indie game that wears out.

With a Isometric viewbut with a visual aspect that is certainly striking and innovative, we are faced with a very traditional role-playing game but at the same time implements some of the characteristics of graphic adventureswith quite good and worked puzzles that remind us a lot of them, and stealth games with situations more typical of a game in the saga Commandos that of an RPG of this style.

The mixture works perfectly and they make 1428: Shadows over Silesia, a most varied title, with scenarios and situations that are never repeated throughout all the chapters that it has and that, together with its solid and interesting plot and the charisma of its characters, ensure a most interesting, fun and above all different experience from what we usually find out there.

However, as much as it weighs me down, the game has a very important weight defect which I am afraid may hinder the experience and frustrate many players. and i’m talking about overall game control, movement and combat, lousy, rude and unfriendly in all cases. I don’t know why the developers chose to implement such a faulty and deficient control, we move with the keyboard and rotate the stage and the character with the middle mouse button, but the truth is that controlling what happens on the screen sometimes becomes an arduous task that it only creates annoyance and frustration.

An important error that I do not doubt can throw back more than one player and that detracts from the many virtues that the game treasures. A pity and without a doubt a mistake typical of small and first-time studies.

Special mention for the great soundtrack of the title, which on this occasion will also be accompanied by all kinds of sound effects, which are interspersed within the themes of the soundtrack, especially when the supernatural elements begin to appear, and which result in the most suggestive and effective . Medieval musical, Gregorian and religious chants that mix with voices from the afterlife, infernal laments and provocative whispers.

A success and a surprise soundtrack.

God wants it

Indeed, I do not know if it is God or another superior force that pushes me to advertise and highlight a game that, despite having the great defect of control and combat, a real toothache, it is varied, interesting and fun enough enough to recommend it without much consideration.

an adventure with a good setting, a solid plot and adult contentin the broadest of senses, which make it a refreshing and different experience that is known to move away from those titles so common and recognizable that they never violate our valued circle of comfort.

Play RECOMMENDEDE for history buffs, lifelong RPG fans, and those who profess the noble art of searching, discovering, and enjoying different games.

STAY WELL AWAY the most purist and demanding palates, those who no longer use the keyboard to play and those who get bored with Gregorian chants.

I would have given it a higher grade… but you can’t let go of the bad and perverse control that the game has.

We have performed this analysis on PC with a key provided by KUBI Games.