Review of The Devil’s Hour: Psychological thriller with supernatural overtones

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The Devil’s Hour

peter capaldi Y Jessica Raine star The Devil’s Hour, a gripping six-episode psychological thriller. Lucy wakes up every night at exactly 3:33. It’s been a long time since anything in her life made sense. But the answers are out there somewhere, at the bottom of a list of brutal murders. Created and written by Tom Moran, and directed by johnny allan and isabel siebThey complete the cast Nikesh Patel, Alex Ferns, Barbara Marten, Meera Syal, Phil Dunster, Benjamin Chivers, Thomas Dominique, Rhiannon Harper-Rafferty Y Talia Walker Bassols. The series premieres in Prime Video on October 28, 2022.

Psychological thriller with a sinister but not diabolical touch

Despite what it may seem from the title, and the darkness that permeates the series, The Devil’s Hour is a psychological thriller whose reference to the devil in its title is not because of something sinister and terrifying that hides its plot, but rather a reference to the time of the devil, which is associated with 3:33 am, the time when the protagonist wakes up and again. The defenders of this satanic hour theory affirm that there are sufficient indications to think that many of the phenomena that take place at 3:33 do not occur by chance, and that is that those who are passionate about numerology point directly to the devil alluding that the three digits are half of 666. As if that were not enough, if we join the time at which Jesus Christ is said to have died, 3 in the afternoon, and the age at which he died, 33 years, we again obtain the aforementioned time of the devil

Thus, once the terror that we might think we were going to find in the series, in The Devil’s HourLucy Chambers (Jessica Raine) is a social worker who takes care of the welfare of other people during her day to day life, but in her own home she has many problems. Lucy loves her son, but she knows that something is wrong, because Isaac (Benjamin Chiver) appears to be emotionless, having trouble even interacting with peers. Isaac doesn’t cry, he doesn’t smile and he doesn’t seem to be in pain, and none of the doctors and psychologists he’s been taken to have given a satisfactory diagnosis. What happens to Isaac has ruined Lucy’s marriage to Mike (Phil Dunster) who, unable to establish a bond with his son, has left home.

But the real problem is that Lucy wakes up every night at exactly 3:33 a.m. with no apparent explanation, tormented by strange visions about the cases she’s working on, which makes things more and more complicated. On the other hand, policeman Ravi Dhillon (Nikesh Patel) tries to catch a serial killer whose trail brings up Lucy’s name and it all leads to Gideon (peter capaldi) though, is he really the one who committed the crimes?

Many mysteries to solve… little by little

Beyond the criminal investigation, and the central axis of the plot, one of the initial mysteries of the series is knowing why she wakes up at the time of the devil and the reason for the strange visions that the protagonist has, which initially appear as if they were a déjà vu, although they do not make it clear to you if it is a way of seeing the future. The series also shows us from its first minutes Lucy in an interrogation room where we listen to Gideon’s cryptic statements, making us wonder if it is a different moment / parallel to what we see, so fashionable now in the cinema and the series, or if the detainee simply collaborates with the police at the request of the detainee speaking only to them.

All the questions that arise from the beginning have their pertinent answers, since the creator and screenwriter Tom Moran He takes his time but reveals details and connects the dots, although to do so he puts the patience of some viewers to the test. Slowly cooked, the story is riveting, with surprising coherence despite turning the classic tale of a serial killer hunt into an intriguing supernatural tale.

The Devil’s Hour is basically a mystery thriller with a dark touch, but that doesn’t stop it from having room for drama, especially when it focuses on the individual lives of the protagonists and those who pass through Lucy’s work every day, many characters marked by the violence and loneliness. But the drama does not overshadow the central axis of the series, and the suffering of the characters helps to drive their stories more than being the center of their own stories, not exploiting too much the dramatic vein and the violence so that it does not end in a melodrama and lose its essence.

A cast that saves everything

Some viewers may well have certain reservations about the pace of the series, and some will even object to some details of the script and time jumps, but there is no doubt that no one will question the work of its cast. Jessica Raine as Lucy is completely convincing as a mother who, despite knowing that her son is not like the others, does not give up at any time and always tries to make him have a normal life, managing to offer a complex character with many facets, both to personal and professional level.

Along with her we have Peter Capaldi, who achieves an excellent performance, capable of taking us even further into the darkness of his character and the mysteries he hides, although at times what he tells us is not excessively plausible, especially given how strange everything that surrounds the main plot is. The scenes of dialectical confrontation between Lucy and Gideon, that is, Raine Y Capaldiare the most remarkable of the series, although these scenes are very wasted due to the short time it has Capaldi to show off

The Devil’s Hour It is an addictive and dark series that catches us due to the interest generated by its story, without losing intensity due to the slow pace with which it is narrated, managing to excite us and put us in tension in equal parts thanks to an elaborate script and performances at the same time. of the series level.

List of ‘The Devil’s Hour’ episodes

The Serie The Devil’s Hour It is composed of 6 episodes of between 57-60 minutes each.

Episode 1. 3.33

Lucy wakes up every night at exactly 3:33 am. Nothing in her life has made sense for a long time, but her answers are out there, somewhere, at the end of a series of brutal murders.

Episode 2. The Velvet Bunny

Lucy investigates the strange connection between her son’s fantasies and his new neighbors, unsure if he is the target of a dangerous criminal.

Episode 3. Tchaikovsky

Lucy realizes that she is the center of a police investigation. Her nightmares reveal impossible information that leads her and Dhillon to a terrible discovery.

Episode 4. After the storm

Lucy exploits her connection with Dhillon to track down an elusive teen, worried that he might be a target of her prime suspect.

Episode 5. The half of ourselves that we have lost

Following a tragic twist of fate, Dhillon teams up with Lucy to track down the mysterious teenager at the center of the chaos.

Episode 6. Amor Fati

With the suspect already in custody, Lucy has access to the answers about the mysteries of life. But will she believe them?

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The Devil’s Hour

Review of The Devil’s Hour: Psychological thriller with supernatural overtones