On Disney+ this year for Halloween, chills, screams and daring with Hallowstream!

This year with Disney+ Halloween belongs to the streamers. Celebrate the Hallowstream, with a wide selection of frightening content, whether you are a fan of thrills, daring or even great classics, there will be something for everyone!

For lovers of thrills, discover or rediscover recent films PREY and SANS ISSUE, thrill to highly anticipated new releases such as MARVEL STUDIO PRESENTE: WEREWOLF BY NIGHT or GRIMCUTTY: HELL OF THE NETWORKS. It’s also an opportunity to revel in the great classics of the season such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the frightening series American Horror Stories, or even The X-Files: On the Borders of Reality.

For the whole family, Disney+ is not to be outdone, with the classic HOCUS POCUS: THE THREE WITCHES or MR. JACK’S STRANGE CHRISTMAS, the arrival of HOCUS POCUS 2 on September 30, or the special Halloween episodes from the WandaVision series, Glee, or the LES collection. SIMPSON HORROR. HALLOWEEN WITCHES, MUPPETS HAUNTED MANSION and ZOMBIES 1 and 2 are also available on the platform.

There will be something for all tastes, and all audiences!

New for Halloween:


September 30 HOCUS POCUS 2

The horrible Sanderson sisters are back! Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy find the characters they camped almost 30 years ago in HOCUS POCUS: THE THREE WITCHES. In this new adventure, the infernal trio – straight out of the 17th century and thirsty for revenge – will once again rage on the city of Salem. But on this eve of All Saints, three courageous lycens will try everything to prevent these furious witches from ravaging the city…

Sam Richardson (THE TOMORROW WAR), Doug Jones (THE SHAPE OF WATER), Hannah Waddingham (the Ted Lasso series), Whitney Peak (the Gossip Girl series), Belissa Escobedo (the American Horror Stories series), Lilia Buckingham (the Dirt ), Froyan Gutierrez (the Teen Wolf series) and Tony Hale (the Veep series) also feature in this film by Anne Fletcher (27 DRESSES, THE PROPOSAL) produced by Lynn Harris (KING RICHARD, SURVIVAL INSTINCT). Ralph Winter (HOCUS POCUS: THREE WITCHES, The X-MEN Saga), David Kirschner (HOCUS POCUS: THREE WITCHES, CHUCKY) and Adam Shankman (ONCE UPON A TIME 2, HAIRSPRAY) are the executive producers.


On Halloween, Marshall, Gilbert and Amy, three 12-year-old friends, agree to help a 3,000-year-old mummy find her lost love before it’s too late. An adventure full of dangers then begins when they find themselves facing a crook who is trying to sell the stolen mummy’s sarcophagus. Then follows a race against time to bring their new friend back to his resting place before he turns to dust and loses his immortal soul forever.


On a moonless night, a cabal of monster hunters gathers at the dreaded Bloodstone Temple after the death of their leader. During a strange ceremony in his memory, the members of this secret organization participate in a mysterious competition, at the risk of their lives, in the hope of recovering a magical relic. This treasure hunt will lead them to face a terrifying monster. Inspired by horror films of the 1930s and 1940s, this film by Michael Giacchino plays the card of dread, suspense and the macabre, and reveals an unexplored facet of the Marvel cinematic universe. With Gael Garcia Bernal, Laura Donnelly and Harriet Sansom Harris.


In this contemporary monster flick, the Grimcutty, a creepy internet meme, causes panic among town parents, convinced that their children are harming themselves, and tormenting others. When a real-life version of the Grimcutty begins attacking Asha Chaudry (Sara Wolfkind), her parents, thinking she’s self-harming as part of a challenge, confiscate her phone. The teenager will have to convince her parents and neutralize the Grimcutty once and for all. Shannyn Sossamon (the Wayward Pines series, SLEEPY HOLLOW: THE LEGEND OF THE HEADLESS HORSER), Usman Ally (the Disastrous Adventures of the Baudelaire Orphans series, Veep), Alona Tal (the Seal Team series) and the revelation Sara Wolfkind star in this feature film written and directed by John William Ross.

The documentaries


Actor Benedict Cumberbatch (DOCTOR STRANGE) nominated for the Oscars and awarded at the BAFTAS, lends his voice to this documentary series of which James Cameron is the executive producer. Nature’s Amazing Powers uses the latest scientific innovations and cutting-edge digital technology to reveal the secret powers and supernatural senses of the world’s most amazing animals. Spectators are invited to see and hear beyond human perception, to experience the world like an animal species. Whether it’s seeing flowers through the eyes of a bee, listening to a conversation between elephant seals, or gliding across a football field with fluorescent squirrels, the episodes have many surprises in store for us.

Nicolas Leprétre – On Disney+ this year for Halloween, shivers, cries and audacity (21/09/2022)