Sandman: Does the Netflix series live up to the graphic novel?

Among the series that have been talked about (for good) this summer, Sandman is enjoying great success on Netflix. Adapted from the graphic novel of the same name, directed by Neil Gaiman, it follows the Lord of Dreams (Sandman aka the Sandman), a mysterious character capable of controlling the dreams and nightmares of humans.

As fans clamor for a season 2, we’ve taken a look at the first 10 episodes of this new Netflix series. Should we watch Sandman? We give you our point of view in this article.

At the origin of the series, a graphic novel

Seeing Sandman adapted into a film or a series, many had dreamed of it… but no one had done it! Deemed unsuitable, Neil Gaiman’s work had resisted all previous attempts.

However, the series that Netflix offers us today is more than faithful to the graphic novel. Some even say that she manages to surpass him in certain aspects while remaining faithful to the atmosphere and the main ideas of the work. Others still call it the best adaptation of a comic book ever made for television., just that ! The presence of Gaiman as executive producer is undoubtedly not foreign to it…

Getting down to the Sandman was anything but an easy task. Imagine instead: a 2000-page fantasy saga (even more than Blackwater!) published between 1989 and 1996, a dreamlike theme rarely addressed in comics, multi-faceted characters. Since its creation, Sandman has been able to seduce readers well beyond the usual spheres of the genre (with particular success with women!).

Why is the series a hit?

The first thing that strikes you when watching Sandman is the complexity of the series.. Indeed, from the first minutes, we understand that we are dealing with an ambitious project, which could count on an astronomical budget (up to 15 million dollars per episode for this season 1).

A very rich universe

Also, summarizing the first 10 episodes of Sandman is mission impossible… even more if we want to avoid spoilers! For those who are absolutely unfamiliar with Neil Gaiman’s universe, let’s simply remember that the main character of the series, Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams (played by Tom Surridge), is a supernatural entity capable of controlling the dreams and nightmares of Human being.

Held in captivity for more than a century, his imprisonment led to a mysterious illness, a sleeping sickness also known as lethargic encephalitis. Note in passing that this epidemic really existedmillions of people around the world fell asleep (sometimes walking) between 1916 and 1927…

manage to escape, Morpheus sets out on a journey between the Dream World and the Waking World in an attempt to regain all of his powers. It is there that he discovers the existence of a vortex which disturbs the balance between the two worlds.

A character named Desire

In addition to its complex scenario (and not Manichean for once!), Sandman can count on a perfect cast. Tom Surridge, as we have said, portrays the character of Morpheus without false note.

But if there is a character that stands out in this season 1, it is that of Desire, performed by Mason Alexander Park. The American actor (they claim to be non-binary), also seen on Netflix in Cowboy Bebop, perfectly embodies this deity of lust and sex and almost steals the show from Morpheus. The enthusiasm he has generated on social networks since the series aired is there to prove it, which is all the more amusing since he landed his role by sending a tweet to Neil Gaiman when he learned that the series was being prepared.

Mason Alexander Park SandmanNetflix

A bonus episode… while waiting for a season 2?

The 10 episodes of Sandman are devoured in no time and this first season knows no downtime. As complex as the plot is, the creators of the series were able to bring it to life without losing even the most profane viewers. So that, when the last episode ends, we want it to start again!

Neil Gaiman himself grabbed the ball with an unequivocal tweet : “It would be nice if there were more than 10 episodes in the first season of Sandman. » And a few hours later, coincidentally, Netflix announced the release of a bonus episode, divided into 2 parts. The opportunity to prolong the pleasure and once again prove the richness of the universe of the New Zealand writer, with a first animated part (in 2D and 3D) featuring… cats!

sandman bonus episode

The second part goes back to basics and directly echoes the beginning of the season, even if it is no longer Morpheus, but Calliope, the Greek muse of poetry, who is imprisoned. There are therefore many avenues for imagining the development of a season 2: requested by fans, it has not yet been officially announced by Netflix… Let’s hope that the wait will be shorter than that of Morpheus in his jail.

Sandman season 1 Netflix poster

Sandman: Does the Netflix series live up to the graphic novel?