Science fiction and fantasy series are among the most popular with the public and certainly among the most developed together with the action ones, so finding good ones can be quite difficult. In this article we will recommend 5, all relatively long and findable on Amazon prime videosfor other TV series we refer you to this other article.

5) Fringe

No. of seasons: 5 N. episodes: 99 + 1 extra

Sci-fi TV series produced from 2008 to 2013 that follows the events of the division Fringe of the FBI in Boston, a team that deals with investigations related to the so-called border science, namely the Fringe science. The world of Fringe is a world in which phenomena develop supernatural, this is in fact how the series begins, with a landing of a plane full of people who have died inexplicably. Thus various people gather including FBI agent Olivia Dunham, one of the main characters and figure who will have the objective of solving these mysteries, initially alone and then together with other people including border science experts.

4) The expansion

No. of seasons: 6 No. of episodes: 62

TV series with a troubled history, first canceled and then acquired by Amazon which made the fourth, fifth and sixth seasons. We are in the 24th century and humans have now colonized the solar system which is in a situation of precarious geopolitical equilibrium due to the tensions between the Earth and the ex-Martian colonies, now independent. Voltage further accentuated by the social degradation in which the population of the outposts in the main asteroid belt and on the outer planets live. In this context, the events of police detective Josephus Miller, who is entrusted with the task of investigating the disappearance of an Earthly woman and James Holden, another relevant figure who inadvertently gets involved in an accident that threatens to destabilize the already precarious peace between the parties involved and cause an interplanetary conflict.

3) Dr Who (2005)

No. of seasons: 13 No. of episodes: 172

TV series produced starting in 1963 that he saw various endings and various beginnings, its success and above all its durability are due to the fact that every time the ”Doctor” undergoes a process of ”regeneration”, a vital process for the Time Lords and through which he continues to live in another body , different from the previous one and which also involves a change in personality. Obviously we don’t advise you to see it from the beginning because it is not for everyone, we advise you to start from the first season of the new series, that of 2005, in fact here we start over and introduce again what is the figure of the doctor. The story sees the ”Doctor” as the protagonist, an alien capable of traveling through time thanks to the ”Tardis”, a sentient machine capable of traveling through space and time. He is usually accompanied by terrestrial people and together with them he travels time and the universe saving civilizations and avoiding wars.

Small disclaimer: Initially the series had a very limited budget, so the special effects are very poor.

2) The Last Ship

N. Seasons: 5 N. Episodes: 56

After that one global pandemic has killed 80% of the global populationthe crew of USS Nathan James, destroyer of the United States Navy, try to find out the causes of the virus and to avoid the total extinction of humanity. Commander Tom Chandler and his crew, along with biologist Rachel Scott then set off on this journey that leads them to face various challenges and battles in order to uncover the truth. TV series made by intrigues, fights naval and discoveries and that manages to entertain the viewer without boring.

1) Supernatural

No. of seasons: 15 No. of episodes: 327

TV series produced since 2005 e concluded in 2020, is the longest-running supernatural series ever. Initially it was supposed to end with the fifth season but given the success they decided to continue it for another ten seasons. It is obviously a series made up of ups and downssome seasons may appear relatively boring, however, most of them entertain and lead the viewer to become attached to the two protagonists who dominate the screen in almost all 327 episodes together with their friends. The story sees Sam and Dean winchester face off against a variety of monsters, such as: Ghoul; Werewolves; shapeshifter; Demons and many more. Initially the goal of the two brothers is to find the yellow-eyed demon, the cause of the death of their mother and Sam’s girlfriend, then the story expands to present other enemies, even more dangerous. If fifteen seasons seem too much, you could always stop at the fifth which presents a coherent ending to the original.

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