For over 50 years Scooby-Doo he is the faithful friend of all children and the companion of many families. But above all, he is the driving force behind a franchise that to date is among the most important and long-lived in Warner Media’s Classic Animation portfolio. A success that laid its foundations in 1969, when Hannah and Barbera gave birth to the animated TV series Scooby-Doo! Where are you?centered on the adventures of a group of friends – two boys, Fred And Shaggytwo girls, Daphne And Velmaand a dog, Scooby-Doo – who roams the towns on the mystery machine and solves mysteries involving ghosts and other supernatural entities of various kinds. With a 100% family friendly plot, despite the mystery and horror veins that decorate the stories, all the episodes of the series end with a rational explanation and show how the bad guys use tricks and illusions to scare people and be free to commit their crimes. Despite the passing of the years, the franchise can boast a rich legacy of always current and unique content: mystery, monsters and villains of all sorts, the very close-knit “gang” of friends, the legendary snacks of the always hungry Scooby and Shaggy … there are many elements that make storytelling fun, captivating and unmistakable.

At the level of licensing, Scooby-Doo can count on a real “ecosystem” of franchises that works to ensure that all touchpoints with consumers are always active and constantly fed. Starting from the television programming, with the Scooby content always broadcast on Cartoon Network and Boomerang (in the months of October and November, on the occasion of Halloween, Scooby-Doo was the protagonist of an important focus with a rescheduling of both the episodes of the series and of the films). A free to play mobile game called “Multiversus” was also recently launched, featuring some of the most iconic characters in the Warner world, including Shaggy and Velma. Not to mention that attractions dedicated to Scooby and his gang are present in Warner Bros theme parks and global licensing agreements are in place that include Stage Shows, Live Events and many other experiences. However, toys are certainly one of the leading categories. Playmobil has developed a wide range of products by interpreting the storytelling of this franchise in a truly masterful way. Character Options has developed a line of figures and playsets, distributed in Italy by Grandi Giochi. Jada toys (Simba) has a line of die casts featuring iconic vehicles and characters. While for the kidults target there are collectables from Funko and many products registered in the “gifts” category (cups, key rings, diaries, etc) from international partners such as Pyramid. Another important category is that of clothing. Several partners of Warner, both Italian and international, often dedicate part of the offer to Scooby-Doo as part of their collections, addressing both the kids and family target, but also developing products for young people and adults, which concerns both fast fashion and collab. An important novelty is also the agreement in the food category with partners such as Zaini and San Carlo, for confectionery and salty snacks.

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