Series and Movies that premiere on Disney+ in January 2023

A new year begins and we bring you the news of Disney+ Y Star +among which, beyond some “surprise” premiere that may fall in the course of the month, the horror comedy stands out The menuthe original series Welcome to Chippendales and a documentary about the daughter of Paul MCCARTNEY about the mythical studies Abbey Road.

Welcome once again to our meeting every month with the premieres of Disney+ Y Star+in this case to welcome 2023 And it must be said that those catalogs packed with novelties and classics seem increasingly distant. Note: this is observed on all platforms…

Perhaps they are beginning to discover that the portion of the pie shrinks when there are many who want to have a slice and, in fact, the numbers of the last few months have not been good for Disney, which may be suffering what a few months ago Netflixwhich now seems to be slowly recovering.

Among the premiere series stands out Welcome to Chippendales, based on the life of the Indian businessman Somen “Steve” Banerjeea visionary who, noticing an untapped vein in a lascivious female audience, founded in 1979 the first club of strippers masculine in USA to, from there, build an empire not without lurid details, such as the competition with his own choreographer and the crime derived from there.

The main role falls on the Pakistani actor kumail nanjianiwith already ten years of career in hollywood and achieved recognition for his role in Silicon Valley. Premiere on January 11.

Among the earliest of the month is the second season of The Bad Consignmentanimated series that is spin-off from Star Wars The Clone Wars and what follows the Clone Force 99an elite group sent on high-risk missions for being, as the title of the series indicates, a flawed game.

For this second season, new characters are expected, but also some already known from other series of the franchise. Premiere on January 4.

Koala Man has as producer justin roilandco-creator of the successful rick and morty (here our analysis). Like this one, it is an animated series for adults that, in this case, has as itshowrunner and writer to irish michael cusack (smiling friends). By the way, she has already had in 2018 a pilot for Australian television under the title fresh blood.

The main character is a small-time hero without superpowers who, hiding his secret identity from his family, dresses up as a koala to enforce respect for the rules in a small community of Australia without much crime, dedicating himself to combating both supernatural horrors and morons who don’t take out the trash on the right days. Cusack himself lends his voice to the main character, while other supporting characters are in charge of Hugh Jackman, Sarah Snook Y Demi Lardner (the three Australians). Premiere on January 9.

Although already released in fx three months ago, now comes to Star+ the fourth and final season of a critically acclaimed series such as Atlanta which, created and starring donald gloverrevolves around the beginnings of rap in that city and the fight against preconceptions, the industry and racism.

For this final season, the story returns to Atlanta, while in the third it had moved to Europe. Premiere on January 18.

One of the most controversial adult animated series of recent times is childto the Devil (Little devil for Latin America), which, also premiered in fx recently, about chrissyadolescent daughter of the devil whose mother Laura she has been thirteen years ago pregnant by him. As much as they both try to lead a normal life, Satan he will put his tail in and he will even want to keep custody.

The series plays with transgressive limits, not only because of the theme and religious implications, but also because of the inclusion of nudes. “We’re going to keep going until they tell us no.” manifested Seth Kirschner, one of the creators. If heard in original English, the voice of Satan is in charge of Danny DeVito and you can also hear those of arnold schwarzenegger Y mel brooks. Premiere on January 18.

extraordinary is a British series that gives an interesting twist to superhero stories, since it is not about someone with superpowers in a world of common and ordinary people, but quite the opposite, since everyone receives some superpower when they turn eighteen but it turns out that Jen is already twenty-five and still waiting for hers while her friends talk to the dead or turn back time.

It is, obviously, a satire on a society in which sometimes young people get frustrated when they see that they cannot be what they want while others can. Premiere on January 25.

There is no doubt that Turkish serials are a massively successful phenomenon of late (here article about it). between the world and me is starring Demet Ozdemiran actress who comes from the resounding success of Dream about you and who gives life to the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine who is going through a relationship with a well-known actor, but a picture of wear and tear with suspicions of infidelity leads them to seek to revitalize the couple through a game of seduction with third parties and the The question will be how much each one is capable of not giving in to temptation. Premiere on January 25.

Among the films there is very little. The most important arrival, after passing through rooms with a good reception from critics, is The menu (here our review), a mixture of horror and black comedy that, directed by Mark Mylodincludes a choral cast within which are counted Ralph Fiennes, Anya Taylor-Joy, John Leguizamo, Nicholas Hoult, hongchau, Reed Birney Y Judith Lightamong others.

The story revolves around a select group of guests who travel by boat to an exclusive restaurant on a private island only to discover that the place is not what it seems and that there is a reason for their being there. Premiere on January 11.

It is also said, off the record, that Disney plans to launch Black Panther: Wakanda Forever sometime in the month (here our review), but that they do not announce it as a strategy, since they want to play with the surprise of the impact and they have also been seeing that they do better when releases of this caliber are announced in an isolated and individual way rather than within a large package.

As for the aforementioned documentary, it is about Abbey Road: If the Walls Sangdedicated precisely to the history of the mythical Abbey Road Studios that were born in the thirties with recordings of classical music, but that later welcomed beatles, wings, Pink Floyd, Stevie wonder, Jimmy Page, Shirley Bassey, michael jackson, u2, The Alan Parsons Project, Freddy Mercury, Iron Maiden, Radiohead, Minogue Kylie ,Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse and so many others.

Somehow, the documentary is the perfect complement to The Beatles: getbacka four-episode miniseries previously launched by Peter Jackson about the final stage of the Beatles. The address is on behalf of Mary McCartneywho was not even born when his father started recording there.

Finally, to the list:


. The menu (January 11)

. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (date to be confirmed)


. The Bad Consignment (season 2, January 4)

. Koala Man (January 9th)

. Welcome to Chippendales (January 11)

. Atlanta (season 4, January 18)

. daughter of the devil (January 18)

. extraordinary (January 25)

. between the world and me (January 25)


. Abbey Road: If the Walls Sang (January 6th)

. Wave Chasers (January 11)

. Afghanistan: Operation Withdrawal (January 13th)

. The Flag Factory (January 13th)

. Idina Menzel: Where do you go to the Stage? (January 20)

Hoping that you have found something to your liking, I look forward to seeing you next month for the new releases of Disney+ and Star+. In the meantime, have a prosperous New Year and be happy…

Series and Movies that premiere on Disney+ in January 2023 – The things that make us happy