Servant, season 4 | Top critics, reviews and ratings

Servant, season 4 |  Top critics, reviews and ratings

Servant, season 4 | Top critics, reviews and ratings

Servant (92%) comes to an end with the premiere of its fourth season. The show created by Tony Basgallop and produced by M.Night Shyamalan quickly became one of the flagship series of AppleTV+, as well as one of the favorites of all lovers of the fantastic genre and the psychological thriller, finding an enigmatic story about guilt, pain and mourning faced with supernatural situations and incorporating religious elements. It was that mix of fundamentals, in addition to generous doses of black humor, that won over critics, leading them to rate it as one of the best streaming series, while mesmerizing an audience that episode by episode questioned what they saw on the screen. Now Servant says goodbye in style and, how could it be otherwise, with a positive rating.

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Starring toby kebbell, Lauren Ambrose, Nell Tiger Free Y rupert grintthe program introduced us to the story of the Turner marriage (toby kebbell Y Lauren Ambrose) whose baby named Jericho dies after an accident, it is then that a specialist recommends having a reborn doll so that Dorothy can cope with the duel after going through a psychotic crisis. With the doll at home, the couple decide to hire Leanne (Nell Tiger Free) as a nanny, a young woman with many mysteries.

The synopsis of the fourth season provided by Apple TV+ is as follows: Following the intriguing finale of the third season, the new episodes will bring the story of the Turners to an epic and emotional conclusion in equal measure. Leanne’s war with the Church of Lesser Saints escalates, endangering Spruce Street, the city of Philadelphia, and beyond. Meanwhile, a shattered Turner family must not only face the growing threat of Leanne, but the fact that Dorothy is awakening. As the Turner house continues to fall apart, we’ll finally have answers: Who is Leanne Grayson? Who is the child that she lives in her home? M.Night Shyamalan, Carlo Mirabella-Davis, Kitty Green Y Severin Fiala are just some of the directors of the episodes of the final season.

Critics have enthusiastically greeted the final season of Servant, emphasizing the calculated construction of the development, while driving the characters to their breaking point and the story to an epic and macabre conclusion. Something that has been repeatedly mentioned among journalists is that the show takes up its best elements, that is, those that defined its identity from the first installment, but were weakened in the second and third parts, these are, of course, the elements of terror and black humor, as well as relying on the excellent performances of its cast, especially highlighting rupert grint Y Nell Tiger Free.

Delving further into the horror and raising the tension levels, Servant He masterfully mixes his ingredients to serve a “hot meal of psychological emotions”, as described by specialists, who have also praised the gothic horror cinematography and imagery.

The negative opinions have been few, these evaluators have mainly disapproved of the narrative extension of the plot. However, the general consensus is that Servant (92%) has learned from its mistakes in its fourth season, delivering a satisfying denouement that reaffirms it as one of the most disturbing experiences on television. Below, we share some of the critics’ opinions.

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Adam Lock of Ready Steady Cut:

Season 4 of Servant gets off to an electrifying start with stylized, inventive camerawork and tense, dramatic interactions. The horror elements are also amplified further and that dark and sarcastic humor returns, thanks to an outstanding performance by Rupert Grint.

Sarah Musnicky of Nightmaish Conjuring:

In Servant Season 4, the team delves even deeper into horror that will have you anxiously scratching at it, setting the stakes for an epic conclusion. The tension is so strong that you would need a chainsaw to cut it. The main quartet are wasting no time this season, particularly Nell Tiger Free’s Leanne, who stands out in a way that will have us on edge.

The staff of Josh at The Movies:

With phenomenal performances, gruesome gothic imagery, dark humor, and stunning cinematography, Servant serves up a hot meal of psychological thrills with ease in its fourth season.

The place hetflix mentioned:

…the production has far exceeded its mistakes, and this cast and crew have made this series one of the most haunting experiences I’ve ever had on television. I immensely enjoyed these first three episodes in all their chilling glory.

Chase Hutchinson of Collider:

In the first three episodes of its fourth and final season, everything is coming to a breaking point in magnificent yet macabre fashion, setting up what already feels like a spectacular departure to close out the series.

Peter Martin of screen anarchy:

The vibe and atmosphere have gradually lightened up, but the emotional range has expanded to encompass the changes in the four main characters. The song remains the same, but not the players. And that makes all the difference in this particular world of captivating suspense and off-the-chart terror.

Clint Worthington of

Like all the ones before it, this season of ‘Servant’ delights in upending the status quo for our not-quite-nuclear family and watching it rock the psyche of everyone involved. The results here are as delicious as ever, even if it feels like the show is rushing towards the mandatory finish.

Martin Carr of We Got This Covered:

As whimsical as it is stylish, ‘Servant’ season 4 draws a satisfying conclusion from all its disparate elements. Rupert Grint remains the standout among a cast that continues to deliver. It is worth seeing and worth the wait.

Brian Tallerico of Playlist:

A show with one of the strongest visual languages ​​of any streaming series, “Servant” has certainly lost its narrative threads more than once, but that sense of unpredictability should make the final leg of this marathon a lot of fun. Given the crazy places “Servant” has traveled over three seasons, it could land anywhere in its final chapter, and fans would probably find a way to believe it.

Saloni Gajjar of A.V. Club:

…despite the comedy, the performances, and an exceptional behind-the-scenes crew, the final season of Servant drags the narrative out for far too long. With an end in sight, there is only so much patience we can have.

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Servant, season 4 | Top critics, reviews and ratings