Marvel has been dominating the global box office for years with its UCM, but for a few years it has been waiting for a similar success on the small screen. The exclusive releases of Disney Plus have had a very different path than the movies, and it is here that fans have found more fault with the general vision of these adaptations. The first deliveries WandaVision – 95%, Loki- 96% Y Falcon and the Winter Soldier – 97%, they focused on characters we already knew but who would go through a major transition to be able to evolve in the movies. However, this space was soon dedicated to new heroes who were looking for their place within this shared universe. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law – 74% is the one that had the most trouble establishing itself among the fans, but one of the great writers of its comics came out to defend it.

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Moon Knight- 87% managed to raise the stakes on the brand’s more mature offerings, while What If…? – 84% it became an interesting place to explore paths impossible to see on the big screen. Ms Marvel – 100% It started very well and its protagonist conquered the fans of his comics, but the narrative arc was quickly lost and it had a rather poor ending. When She-Hulk premiered on the platform, it had to face several obstacles such as the fatigue of the public and the prejudices that some were made with seeing the first advances.

Tatiana Maslanywho rose to fame thanks to Orphan Black, came in full force to give life to Jennifer Walters. The thing is, it was always said that the series would not follow the patterns of the MCU or other superheroes for that matter. Instead of repeating the formula, the intention was to propose a new style that would show a little explored aspect of these protagonists and that has to do with their daily lives as ordinary people. Unlike other characters, Walters did not want her powers and is not looking to make a name for herself as a hero, but she does intend to do justice with her work as a lawyer who takes precedence in her life.

Thus, She-Hulk was billed as a light comedy that could be appealing to all audiences, but was clearly seeking the attention of young women who know how difficult it is to balance work, romance, and family life in a misogynistic society that always finds opportunities to dismiss them or criticize them Although the series maintains the well-known tone of the character in the comics, some viewers were upset because they swore that the proposal was too “woke” and ruined the MCU as they perceive it.

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Jessica Gao , creator of the series, came out on several occasions to defend the adaptation, from the tone to the issues of female sexuality that she did not hesitate to address during the first season. Despite not being the great success of Marvel, She-Hulk it eventually found its audience, and its season finale gave much to talk about. Now that some time has passed, some fans are beginning to reconsider the proposal, but others continue to attack all aspects of it. To clear things up a bit, a great expert from the world of comics, and She-Hulk in particular, came out to defend the series.

dan slott He is the writer who has the most She-Hulk installments to his name, so if anyone knows this protagonist well, it is him. Responding to those “fans” who say that the series is not a good adaptation of the character, Slott published on his social networks:

Anyone who says the She-Hulk series isn’t “a faithful adaptation of the comic”… I’m the guy who’s written more issues of SHE-HULK than anyone. I’ve read all of the She-Hulk comics and I’m saying, for the record, that it’s the MOST true-to-comics show in the MCU.

As expected, the attacks began, with some claiming that nobody said that and that the series was bad for other reasons, but Slott stood his ground, responding that the conversation about how faithful it was was always there. Which is true, since it is something that many others discussed when they compared it with deadpool- 84% for breaking the fourth wall, although she did it first in the comics, proving that many don’t even know the character well. What really bothered some was that the series addressed the issue of social machismo and they swore that they made all men look bad or stupid, which is also not true because throughout the season Jennifer Walters meets all kinds of people. If the misogynists in the story are seen as bad, it is because they are the true villains in this series and not a classic enemy who has supernatural powers or who stole cutting-edge technology and wants to conquer the world. Although the future of the character is still not very clear, her followers hope to see her soon in another Marvel series or movie.

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