If something is indisputable, it is that Netflix Among the streaming services, it is the one that offers the most populous and international annual catalogue, and within this, the vein that it has found in Spanish fiction is equally indisputable. Proof of this are the 23 original productions made in Spain that it has announced for 2023. Premiere movies and series, and no less than six renewals, a not insignificant figure taking into account the debate that its cancellation policy has been generating in recent weeks. . Next, we review all the national news that will be released on the platform during this year.


Up to Heaven: The Series

Daniel Calparsoro returns to the controls to direct the direct sequel to up to the skyin which after the loss of Ángel (Miguel Herran), the character he played Asia Ortega in the film he will become the central axis of the story together with his father in fiction Luis Tosar and the incorporation of Alvaro Rico as an essential part of the cast.

the snow girl

On January 27 it will arrive at Netflix the adaptation of the bestseller by Javier Castillo. Composed of six chapters, the series will follow a trainee journalist (Milena Smith) and his fellow journalist (Jose Coronado) in his investigation into the disappearance of a girl in a procession of the Three Wise Men in Malaga.

the body on fire

Inspired by real events, this miniseries refreshes us with the so-called crime of the Urban Police, which occurred in 2017 in the Foix reservoir, province of Barcelona. There the charred corpse of a man who led an investigation that would uncover a network of scandals and crimes in which several police officers were involved appeared. Ursula Corberó Y Quim Gutierrez lead the cast.


Peter Alonso returns like berlin in the spin-off-prequel of The Money Heist. Beyond telling us about the origins of the iconic character, little is known about the series except that Berlin will be in very good company: Michelle Jenner, Tristan Ulloa, begona vargas, Julio Pena Y Joel Sanchez complete the cast.

All the times we fell in love

In a romantic comedy key, Carlos Montero (creator of teenage hits such as Elite either Physics or chemistry) presents us with the story of several film students in Madrid a couple of decades ago, who were precisely filming a romantic comedy. The protagonists will be incarnated by Georgina Amorós and the Argentine actor Franco Masini (Rebel).

not one more

Clara Galle Y Nicole Wallace They will be the main representatives of generation Z in this series that adapts the homonymous novel by Miguel Sáez Carral. It deals with current and pressing issues such as social networks, adequate sexual education, consent, or the support and credibility of the victims of attacks or abuses of this nature.

The silence

Aaron Piper is the protagonist of the new series of Aitor Gabilondo (Homeland, entrevias). The silence is a psychological thriller centered on a young man who has been released from prison after killing his parents 6 years ago, when he was still a minor. The reasons for doing what he did remain a mystery, and a team of psychiatrists will assess to what extent he may pose a danger to society. They complete the deal Almudena Amor, Manu Rios Y Aitor Lunaamong others.

Iron hand

This 6-episode thriller that will revolve around plots of drug trafficking, corruption and murder takes place in Barcelona. It has a cast full of familiar faces: Chino Darín, Jaime Lorente, Natalia de Molina, Eduard Fernández, Enric Auquer Y sergi lopez.

a perfect tale

Anna Castillo Y Alvaro Mel They will be Margot and David in the series adaptation of Elisabet Benavent’s book. This is the story of two people who seemingly couldn’t come from more different backgrounds (she’s heiress to a hotel empire, he bends over backwards to make ends meet), but who meet and discover that only together can they help each other recover. love.


Across the sea

After the adolescent phenomenon through my windowNetflix decided to give the green light to the sequel to the film, although it does not continue with the second title of Ariana Godoy’s literary saga, but rather will bring us a new and unpublished chapter in the story of Raquel and Ares.

I infest

The new tape Patxi Amezcua (Seventh) will take us to a mining town in Asturias on the first day after the state of alarm was declared in Spain due to the Covid-19 crisis. In the middle of this panorama appears a young woman who had been presumed dead for months. In this thriller starring Luis Zahera, Isak Ferriz, Iria del Rio Y Jose Manuel Poga it will soon become clear that perhaps the virus is not the only concern.

sister death

The next film from one of the greatest references of terror in our country, Paco Plaza, will take us to an old convent reconditioned as a school for girls in post-war Spain where disturbing supernatural events begin to occur. sign the script Jorge Gerricaechevarria (The laws of the border), and in its distribution we have Aria Bedmar oh Almudena Love.


Sanctum (Belen Rueda), Peace (Grace Olayo), glory (Toni Acosta), and Father Girón (Emilio Gutierrez Caba) form the Hepta group, which will investigate the paranormal phenomena that are occurring in an antique shop. The film is set at the end of the 90s, and is directed by Carlos Theron (I leave it whenever I want).

The Criminal Readers Club

The Complutense University of Madrid is the setting for the novel by Carlos García Miranda whose adaptation will star Veki Velilla, Álvaro Mel, Priscilla Delgado, Iván Pellicer, Ane Rot, Carlos Alcaide, Hamza Zaidi, María Cerezuela and Daniel Grao. It is about eight students who make up a horror literature reading group who, after being accomplices in a fateful accident, find themselves threatened by an anonymous writer who knows their secret and could reveal it to the world, taking them as inspiration for a bloody novel.

It’s you

Javier, upon giving his first kiss, discovered that he has the gift of clairvoyance. It is enough to kiss someone to see how the future will go in that relationship. This has led him to break all his relationships before they start to go wrong, until he finds the one that will really work for him. The problem? The girl in question is the girlfriend of his best friend. Alvaro Cervantes, Silvia Alonso, and Susana Abaitua. Y Gorka Otxoa lead the cast.


Albert Painted (Malasana 32) leads to Anna Castillo in this film set in the near future, in which she will give life to a young pregnant woman who hides in a container on board a freighter to flee a country at war. After a storm she will drift and give birth to her daughter inside those four cold walls.

In addition to all these titles, this 2023 we will be able to see in Netflix the second seasons of I’m Georgina, Sacred Family Y welcome to edenthe third of valerie Y sky red (premiering January 13), and the seventh season of Elite. Finally, a project of Mario Casas which is a mystery at the moment.

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