SYNOPSIS: Orphan Peter Parker is raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben in the Queens borough of New York. While continuing his studies at university, he found a job as a photographer at the newspaper Daily Bugle. He shares his apartment with Harry Osborn, his best friend, and dreams of seducing the beautiful Mary Jane. However, after being bitten by a genetically modified spider, Peter sees his agility and strength increase and discovers supernatural powers. Having become Spider-Man, he decides to use his new abilities for good. At the same time, Harry’s father, the wealthy industrialist Norman Osborn, is the victim of a chemical accident which has disproportionately increased his intellectual faculties and his strength, but has driven him mad. He became the Green Goblin, a demonic creature that threatens the city. Between him and Spider-Man, a merciless fight begins.

The year 2002, although incredible, will not have seen only dramas but also noble anniversaries. This was the case with that of Spiderman, produced by our eminent Sam Raimi, which celebrated its 20th anniversary last June. A date that does not rejuvenate us, we who had discovered it as a child at the cinema. For our circle, Spiderman has always been a special character since our deepest youth, mainly thanks to the animated series broadcast in the second half of the 1990s on TF1. Then came the feature film by Monsieur Raimi which means a lot to us. It was he who made us invest in our first comics, driven by the quality of the film which had given us eeyes full of canvases, then led to the acquisition of video games (in particular The Amazing Spider-Man on Game Boy and the Spiderman on PSone). Since then, our love for Peter Parker and Spiderman never died out, quite the contrary. We continued to devour the comics and discover wonderful moments about our favorite weaver, including when it was completely reinvented (the arc The Superior Spider-Man remains for us one of the best stories written to date), to view various old attempts which had something to leave doubtful and which would alone deserve their own papers in these places (greetings to Spider-Man from 1977), to see the new post-era opuses Raimi with more or less enthusiasm and to discover new animated proposals on television until getting a new slap, again at the cinema, with Into the Spider-Verse. When we look at our collection, the three films of Sam Raimi have a unifying place that is found even in the plurality of media acquired, which is even more true for the first opus. VHS, DVD, Blu-ray… the film accompanies us and will undoubtedly accompany us throughout our lives. Because let’s be lucid, except Spider Man 2 of Raimi and in its own register Into the Spider-Verseno one has so far showcased our Queens weaver better.

to dive back into Spiderman, even 20 years later (it’s not like we don’t watch it almost every year) has a special flavor when it comes to taking a little height on the subject and the influence it has represented. We quickly realize one thing: he is still there. In the hearts of people, in the collective imagination, the opuses of Raimi are not only always a reference but also always an open story whose page has never been turned. The ghost of Spider Man 4 that Raimi never realized still hovers above heads and minds. We are often surprised to ask for news of Tobey Maguire (coming soon to babylon of Damien Chazelle) as if it were an old friend who was too rare in the evenings bars; we bit our nails for a long time while avoiding spoilers like the black plague the months, days and hours before the moment of going to watch No Way Home at the cinema and it is not uncommon to ask or to be asked if Tobey will be present in Across the Spider-Verse. Or even to say maybe Raimi will be able to do his fourth movie now that he’s done Doctor Strange 2“. It’s not over. Few people seem to want it to be one day. This incredible aura is explained by a number of elements to which we will return, without starting from a banal list of drivel. In 20 years everything has been said about this nugget and a birthday is also and above all an opportunity to express your love.

If we take stock, 2 decades later, Spiderman version Raimi it was above all a soul. A candor, a malaise, an epic, dramas always on a human scale, including and above all in the extraordinary. That was before marketing foolishly bludgeoned us via posters all duplicated on top of each other, arranging the writing of its main character and its universe according to the rights held by such and such a company. It was a time when we could get these kinds of promotional moments in our mouths:

Do you remember? What a treat. It was also and above all the work of a director. Far from a Jon Watts interchangeable (No Way Home endorsed the fact that despite the qualities of the film, it was not on its realization that it was necessary to count), Raimi gave us a To fart endearing and a Spidey who really roamed New York via the famous, often incongruous rounds of the neighborhood weaver: an embodied and teeming New York, which we no longer find except in certain video games which do it rather well when they do not do not improperly drown in FedEx collections. Raimi knew where to place the cursor and never lost sight of it, even during conflicting reports during the filming of the unloved Spider Man 3. This is what is extraordinary: from the famous wrestling match which triggers everything until its “conclusion” at the end of the third film, the trilogy will never have been lost along the way and will always have succeeded in keeping this height of man. in its stakes despite the surge, always more important, of powers on the screen.

Spiderman it is also a casting. Symbols embodied by faces that 20 years later count and are still part of the audiovisual landscape. Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Willem Dafoe, James Franco (less since the events we know despite an announced project in which he will play Fidel Castro), JK Simmons, Elizabeth Banks…so many names (to name a few) that still resonate for most of them in Hollywood. Unlike the MCU model (especially since the decline post Spider-Man Far From Home)the films of Raimi belong to an era where Super-Heroes could still have their letters of nobility (while paradoxically we were only in their infancy) and were not related to a fast-food popcorn movie where everyone goes to stamp. This is perhaps also why we are so attached to it: we love what we have lost and we don’t expect to find it anytime soon…except perhaps by rediscovering our characters, even if it means being disappointed like this was the case for some people when No Way Homerather acclaimed for the treatment of its Spider Men, less for those of his villains (we did not shun our pleasure despite a realization at a discount). Let’s talk about the bad guys: it’s also to them that we owe so much success (the birth of the sand man, even in the midst of a tormented episode, marked everyone) and that’s the unforgettable Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin who got the ball rolling! ” In the light of my glider, my little spider, lend me your web, to strangle you”. Spiderman version Raimi also wouldn’t be the same without the great music of Danny Elfman which put a little pinch in our hearts as soon as they resonate.

For its 20 candles, the Spiderman desire Raimi can have a light mind: he never gets old. Loved as on the first day, everyone awaits him almost like a soul in distress languishing desperately at the port of the return of his soul mate: the world needs him. In the cinema, of course, but perhaps what we are also currently missing, twirling above our heads, is indeed the little spider in the neighborhood to give us hope? And what could be better than a little hope to conclude this year?

Original title: SPIDER-MAN

Directed by: Sam Raimi

Cast: Tobey Maguire, Willem Dafoe, Kirsten Dunst…

Genre: Fantasy, Action

Release date June 12, 2002

Distributed by: Columbia TriStar Films