Sports Story headlines Nintendo Indie World offering

nintendo shared his most recent Showcase of the independent world just yesterday (November 9), and with it came an incredibly diverse lineup of games that are both interesting and adorable. All of this will be coming to the Nintendo Switch console in 2022 and 2023.

We’re frankly spoiled for choice when it comes to upcoming indies to choose from. There are roguelikes, adventures, puzzles, narrative games, and so much distinct art to discover. So, without further ado, here are all the games featured on Nintendo Indie World.

Experience the Nintendo Indie World Showcase for yourself here.

Sports Story – Arriving in December

The star of the series was arguably to be Sports Story, which is a sports RPG that follows on from 2017’s title, Golf Story. Now you can carry on as you were and focus on being a golf pro, or you can try your hand at football, tennis, cricket, BMX and more. Plus, Sports Story isn’t just about your athletic skills; you’ll also explore ruins and dungeons, head to the mall, and take part in mini-games while getting to know a wide array of characters.

A little to the left – Arrival today

A Little to the Left seems like another game for cat owners, or people like me who yearn to have a cat but can’t take on real responsibility over a living thing. In the game, you’ll solve short and satisfying puzzles around your house, put things in order while life (and your very mischievous cat) gets in your way.

Here is the trailer for A Little Left.

White – Arrives February

A cooperative adventure that tells the emotional story of an unlikely friendship. In this black and white game, Blanc sees a wolf cub and a fawn reunite to help each other find their way home, with each cute character having their own unique strengths that will help them.

Blanc is also entirely textless and can be played co-op both online and locally, making it even easier to pick up.

Watch the White trailer here.

Rogue Legacy 2 – Arrives Today

Rogue Legacy 2, the sequel to 2013’s Rogue Legacy, came to PC in 2020. Now the roguelite platformer is coming to Nintendo Switch starting today, alongside the Fabled Heroes update. With that, there are a dozen classes to try out in the dynamic 2D platformer as you try to max out your runs, gather your riches, and repeat.

Botany Manor – Arrival 2023

Botany Manor sees you take on the role of retired Arabella Green as she tends to a 19th century mansion. Throughout, players will solve herbal puzzles around the mansion and form their own collection of Forgotten Flora. Perfect for anyone who likes to relax with puzzles and plant pruning.

A garden table with a flower on it at Botany Manor

GOODBYE WORLD – Coming this month

GOODBYE WORLD follows two friends and game developers as they try to conjure up their next idea. As you explore the retro-inspired platformer and solve puzzles, you’ll discover the daily struggles of these two characters as they try to not only make their game, but also make ends meet. Will their friendship survive?

Find out what GOODBYE WORLD is here.

Aka – Arrival in December

While I’m clearly very excited for Sports Story, perhaps Aka should be the next game on my Nintendo Indie World list. Playing as a retired warrior and red panda, Aka, this little game is all about finding inner peace. Navigating the island paradise, Aka has this jovial world at his fingertips; he can maintain flora, make shelter, explore mountains, feed baby dragons, etc.

Moreover, you will also meet the ghosts of Aka’s past during their journey.

Check out the trailer for Aka.

Dordogne – Arrival 2023

Dordogne centers on Mimi, a girl who spent much of her childhood in Dordogne, France. In the game, Mimi returns to her late grandmother’s house, and with the help of a series of letters, secrets, and more, Mimi discovers there is much to discover.

Players can jump between past and present, exploring Mimi’s current memories and experiences, to ultimately learn more about her relationship with her grandmother.

A player holds the camera in the Dordogne

ONI: The Road to be the Mightiest Oni – Arriving March

ONI: The Road to be the Mightiest Oni is heavily inspired by Japanese folklore, and it shows. Throughout the 3D action game, you play as Kuuta, an incredibly cute demon warrior who seeks to defeat even older demons.

Kuuta also pairs with Kazemaru, which you can control simultaneously on a single Joy-Con controller. ONI doesn’t necessarily seem like my thing, but its colorful nature and the fact that Kuuta looks like an angry horned Wooper sold me.

Kuuta walks through a forest in ONI: Road to be the Mightiest Oni

Venba – Arrival 2023

Venba is set in the 1980s and sees you helping an Indian mother who recently immigrated to Canada. Throughout this wholesome, story-telling journey, you’ll help this mother reconnect with her heritage by helping her cook delicious-sounding South Indian dishes.

It seems like a touching story of love, loss, and memories as you help this person reconnect with their past and restore old family recipes.

Watch the Venba trailer here.

A Space for the Unbound – Arriving in January

A Space for the Unbound is a slice-of-life adventure game with a gorgeous pixel-art style, so I’m already obsessed with it.

Set in rural Indonesia in the 90s, this game takes you through the story of a boy and a girl, and their relationship. The girl also happens to have supernatural powers, which eventually throws a spanner in the works and forces these two characters to uncover secrets and face the end of the world.

Atma asks,

Have a Nice Death – Arriving in March

Step into the shoes of Death himself in this completely hand-drawn 2D roguelike. In Have A Nice Death, you’ll explore the procedurally generated departments of Death Incorporated while using weapons, spells, and curses as you try to round up your rogue employees who steal souls from Earth.

Check out the Have A Nice Death trailer here!

You might think that’s a lot of games. Well, there’s even more. Pepper Grinder is an action-adventure title that lets you use your Grinder to take on the role of a spicy treasure hunter. Then there’s also Once Upon a Jester, which looks like a rather goofy fantasy adventure following two friends who do no good.

We’ll also see Inscryption, the perfect mix of roguelikes, deck-building, and psychological horror, coming to Nintendo Switch in December. Joining it will also be Wobbledogs Console Edition in November, which is kind of a pet simulation title that feels odd, albeit satisfying. On top of that, there’s Desta: The Memories Between making its console debut, which is a character-driven roguelike with… metaphorical ballplay involved. Interesting.

In May, WrestleQuest will also come to handheld, allowing players to live out the dream of professional wrestling. And for those who fancy reliving a story that doesn’t involve pro wrestling, there’s Storyteller coming in March. In this puzzle, players tell their own stories, from Shakespearean tragedies to supernatural fantasies.

As summer 2023 approaches, WORLD OF HORROR will be coming to Switch. This is a 1-bit roguelite RPG that, as the name suggests, is steeped in horror and inspired by Japanese folklore. Now, finally, perhaps one of the most epic games to come to Nintendo is Curse of the Sea Rats. This hand-drawn adventure follows a group of sword-wielding rats, and it’s what you might call a “ratoidvania.”

That’s (finally) all for Nintendo Indie World. Which games caught your eye and which ones are you most excited for? For me, Sports Story, Aka, GOODBYE WORLD and Blanc are must-haves.

Sports Story headlines Nintendo Indie World offering