Stranger Things: 5 crazy anecdotes about the Netflix series

Stranger Things finally returns after three years of absence for a season 4 divided into two parts on Netflix. Do you know all the secrets of the series? Discover 5 anecdotes about the Stranger Things phenomenon.

One of the most watched streaming series in the world, Stranger Things made its mark on popular culture from its first season, released in 2016 on Netflix. Strongly inspired by the classics of fantasy literature and science fiction films, this series from the Duffer brothers tells the supernatural adventures of a group of friends and Eleven, a young girl with psychic powers, in the Americas of the 1980s.

Before the arrival of season 4, which has been awaited for three years, (re) discover 5 amazing anecdotes about Stranger Things that bring a little behind-the-scenes spice to the Netflix series.

The Montauk Project: the plot that inspired the series

Incredible but true ! Stranger Things is inspired by a real event. Indeed, the Duffer brothers based themselves on the Montauk project, a well-known conspiracy theory in the United States which claims that the American government carried out a series of paranormal experiments on the site of a military base near the village of Montauk.

These experiments were rumored to develop psychological warfare techniques and science fiction research, such as time travel, mind control, and teleportation. These theories are found in the “Montauk Project” fiction book series, based on the testimony of Preston Nichols, a man who says he has recovered repressed memories indicating that he acted as a guinea pig in some of the experiments.


Although the Demogorgon and the Upside Down are the imagination of the writers, Stranger Things is partly inspired by this conspiracy theory and these alleged experiences, never proven, that Eleven lived in the series. Moreover, the series had as working title Montauk, during its development.

Originally different characters and stories per season

The Duffer Brothers’ original project was very different from the end result of Stranger Things. Thus, they wanted to start their story in the 1980s and have it complete in the 2020s. The creators of the Netflix series wanted Earth to spend several decades battling supernatural creatures with different characters, plot, and antagonist each season.

And it would have taken several seasons until 2020 for a radical solution to be found against this threat from elsewhere. If they had gone through with their plans, we would have had to say goodbye to Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Will (Noah Schnapp), Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and the others right from the start. end of the first season.


The connection between Eleven and ET

The Duffer brothers wanted to pay homage to ET with the character of Eleven, especially in the first season, when she is dressed in a pink dress, a blue jacket, she wears a blonde wig and she eat waffles. His interpreter Millie Bobby Brown has also explained that he was asked to watch Steven Spielberg’s film, but also the Goonies and Poltergeist, during the preparation of his character to build the feeling of friendship with the other characters, as she explained to IndieWire : “They wanted me to look like ET and be inspired by the relationship between ET and children. I thought that was very interesting. Matt and Ross said to me, ‘Basically, you’re going to be an alien. It is with this indication that Millie Bobby Brown thus constructed her character as a strange girl, who spoke little and tried to communicate with her new acquaintances through body language.

Stephen King hovers over Stranger Things

Casting directors have seen no less than 906 boys and 307 girls to find the actors and actresses who will be the faces of Stranger Things, according to Mentalfloss. To prepare the contestants as well as possible, they were asked to read several scenes from Stand By Me, Rob Reiner’s 1986 film, one of the series’ strongest influences.

From there to say that Stephen King, the author of the novel on which the feature film is based, had an influence on the casting, there is only one step. The writer had posted a tweet praising the performance of Millie Bobby Brown in the series Intruders while the cast of Stranger Things was in full swing. And Millie Bobby Brown landed the role of Eleven. One that didn’t have to go through a long casting process is Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin. The casting directors immediately cast the young actor as soon as they saw him.


Dacre Montgomery and his crazy audition

Dacre Montgomery, who plays Billy Hargrove, was able to convince the public but also the creators of Stranger Things. The video he sent to the team for the role of Billy had an instant impact. According to Ross Duffer, it was the “craziest” audition they’ve attended out of the thousands they must have watched.

During the audition, Dacre Montgomery acted out the scene where he tries to run over his sister Max’s (Sadie Sink) new friends. The actor read his text but also added a little dance where he lets himself go to the rhythm of the music of Duran Duran. All without a shirt but with the little mustache that goes well with the character of Billy.

Stranger Things: 5 crazy anecdotes about the Netflix series