Stranger Things 5: The first script of the last season moved Netflix executives

The works of the last chapter of the most popular series ever on Netflix are booming, the Duffer brothers: “It will be the culmination of everything”.

Matt And Ross Dufferthe creators of Stranger Thingsattended a press event in Los Angeles with the executive producer Shawn Levy and some cast members of the series and updated fans on the status of the highly anticipated work fifth season, which will also be the last. The writers seemed satisfied with what has been done so far, especially because – as they said – the first scripts of the new episodes even made the executives cry Netflix. “It seemed like a good sign. The only other times I’d seen them cry were in budget meetings,” joked Matt Duffer.

Stranger Things 5: At what point are the works of the fifth season

Ross Duffer said that they delivered the first script a couple of weeks ago and that the work of the last season is going well, also because now there is greater awareness and a very specific plan to follow, which has been decided for some time. “I remember in the first season we were simply amazed that Netflix allowed us to do the series, but already in the second season, with the writers, we developed a master plan and a backstory for everything. And we made sure, with the Upside Down and all, things made sense, “the creator said. Many of the milestones planned long ago were later revealed in Season 4.”But there is still a lot to explain. Both in the supernatural and in the characters. Most are still alive and it’s important to close everyone’s story arcs, ”added Ross Duffer.

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Cries and hopes awaiting the finale

Matt Duffer said there are currently very few people who know how it will turn out Stranger Things. But the fact that the Neflix executives were moved by reading only a few pages of the script is certainly a good sign. “They were different tears,” joked producer Shawn Levy, who added, “As a witness, having been in that room for two hours and after reading this first script, I am paralyzed with the fear of ruining anything. But I’ll say one thing. Even though the show has become so famous and the characters have become so iconic and there is so much about the 80s, the supernatural and stuff like that, it’s a story about these people, these characters. Season 5 is already dealing with the characters’ stories, because that has always been the lifeblood of Stranger Things“.

The fifth season will be “the culmination of all seasons”

Apparently in the final season of Stranger Things there will be all the elements that made this series successful (the 80s, horror and pop culture influences). Indeed, somehow the final chapter will be “the culmination of all seasons,” Ross Duffer said. “It will take a little from all the previous seasons but, while before each season was distinct from the others, this one will be in continuity with the fourth, the one with the great monster [Vecna ndr.] and that it was more a psychological horror“, he explained. To see it, we will have to wait until 2024 as filming won’t start until next spring.

Stranger Things 5: The first script of the last season moved Netflix executives