Stranger Things confirms what we always suspected about Will Byers for the end

Stranger Things will return to Netflix with season 5, the last of the series. And in this final installment, the drama could reveal whether Will Byers really has telekinetic powers like Eleven. A test submitted by fans hints that it is not just a crazy theory.

stranger thingsthe hit fiction, suspense and horror drama of the streaming platform Netflix, premiered its season 4 at the end of last May after being absent from the screens for almost three years. The series came with the longest episodes in its entire history and loaded with special effects and many mysteries.

Let’s remember that the Netflix series follows the life of Once (Millie Bobby Brown), a girl who served as a test item in the Hawkins lab, led by Dr. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine), the villain of Stranger Things also known as Papa. In the drama, the girl possesses supernatural abilities which she uses to defend herself. Fans of Netflix’s number one drama show are convinced that Will Byers (Noah Snachnapp), a friend of Eleven, also possesses telekinetic powers. Viewers have proof that could support this crazy theory and that is why they shared it on twitter while discussing their hypothesis.

Stranger Things fans have the first version of the script for the first episode of the Netflix series as proof that Will Byers really does possess powers. The discarded script of this installment entitled ‘The Disappearance of Will Byers’, presents a line that could confirm the hypothesis of the spectators, something that they have suspected since the series began.

Let’s remember that in Stranger Things, when Eleven tries to use her powers she immediately bleeds from the nose. This is something characteristic of the character of Millie Bobby Brown, but in the horror drama Will Byers has never been seen to go through something similar. However, the test of the fans of the series confirms that in the first episode of season 1 it was planned that the same thing would happen to Will.

Stranger Things fans have proof that Will Byers has supernatural powers

According to a version of the script of the first episode of Stranger Things, Will Byers bleeds from the nose

Regardless of what Will Byers’ nosebleed was supposed to indicate as shown by the script shared on twitter, it confirms that he has some kind of superpower and was probably trying to use it to protect himself, or that Vecna ​​was operating in Hawkins long before he was killed. for fans to meet him in person in season 4.

The fact that the line ended up being cut from the final script is also quite telling and this could indicate that the creators and showrunners didn’t want to spoil everything in advance. Fans refuse to give up the belief that Will has some kind of supernatural ability. There are too many clues to think it’s true and one of these is the way the Mind Flayer was obsessed with him, and also the way Will seems to have some kind of connection to Vecna ​​in season 4, something that keeps going through the pages. viewers’ minds.

Stranger Things confirms what we always suspected about Will Byers for the end