Stranger Things Season 5: The plan that is prepared for Will Byers according to fans

Stranger Things is preparing the scripts for season 5, while the cast is gearing up to return to the set of the latest installment sometime in the next few months. There are many theories formulated by fans, especially related to the fate of Will Byers.

stranger thingsthe hit series created by the Duffer brothers that premiered its fourth season in May 2022, will return with its fifth and final installment sometime in 2024. The scripts have been in the works since last August and the final episodes of the drama are said to be fiction and suspense will include a summary of the entire plot.

Stranger Things fans think they know what will happen to Will in season 5

The fictional drama and suspense of the platform Netflix it will return to fan screens with the fifth and final season sometime in 2024. While the scripts have been underway since August, the cast is expected to return to the film set sometime this year. Meanwhile, sneak peeks and some details throughout the series are allowing fans to formulate their theories.

Fans think they know what could be happening when Season 5 premieres on Netflix. Above all, with the arc of Will Byers, the character of Noah Schnapp. Some Stranger Things viewers are convinced that he has supernatural powers just like Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown).

Fans believe that Will Byers may have a close connection to the monsters that inhabit the other dimension known as the Upside Down World. According to them, the deleted version of the script from the first episode could say it all. Let’s remember that at the beginning of the Netflix series, Noahn Schnapp’s character mysteriously disappeared and fans saw the group of teenagers in the midst of their intense search.

Now, with the season 4 finale, there are hints that Will Byers will once again be at the center of the plot when the show returns with the final installment. The character once again felt the presence of the Mind Flayer, also known as the villain Mind Flayer. And according to some viewers, this could just be the beginning of a bigger and undoubtedly heartbreaking arc that brothers Matt and Ross Duffer could have planned for the character.

Stranger Things fans believe Will will sacrifice himself for others

Many fans should know, that in the first season Mike reminded Lucas that Will always chose to fight for the group to the end instead of protecting himself when they played Dungeons and Dragons. And instead of throwing a guard, Will opted for a fireball during one of the matches. Now, with the series creators saying that the upcoming episodes will return to square one in the first season of Stranger Things, this could be one more foreshadowing of what Will will do in the next few stories.

According to the theory, now that Will is suspected of being connected to Vecna ​​in a similar way to the way he is with Mind Flyer, his role in the final confrontation between the villains of the dark dimension and the Hawkins gang could be dramatic. Since Will himself told Mike that Vecna ​​won’t stop until he attacks everyone. And therefore, he will end up sacrificing himself to protect his friends.

Stranger Things Season 5: The plan that is prepared for Will Byers according to fans