Stranger Things: Top 10 of the most unusual characters in the series!

Discover the 10 most unusual people from the famous Netflix series Stranger Things! We tell you everything.

Unusual and not very friendly! Discover the Top 10 outstanding characters from the series Stranger Things. MCE TV gives you more details.

Stranger Things: Those Unlikable Characters

Like any self-respecting series, Stranger Things has relied heavily on the story of its characters to attract fans. And if some are very attached to Eleven and her group of friendsthe same cannot be said for everyone.

In the 4th season of Stranger Things, available in full on Netflix since the beginning of July, we have been discovering certain characters who we wouldn’t really miss if they were to disappear. These have in fact quite detestable character traits!

We invite you today to take a tour of these characters. So here is the Top 10 most hateful characters in the seriesand Stranger Things.

Sam Owens

In season 4 of Stranger Things, Sam Owens will trap Eleven. Although he was the one who helped with his adoption and his move to California, he will use it in a secret project led by Martin Brenner! Hello trust…

Two, in season 4

Once again, it is therefore Eleven who is targeted. Two goes after her violently in the rainbow room with her friends. But his shameful behavior is above all proof of his deep malaise.


In the Stranger Things series, Yuri Ismaylov is therefore a Soviet smuggler who is an accomplice of Dimitri Antonov. At least until it becomes with the KGB and betray Hopper, Joyce and Murray! He is also very hostile and does not seem to have any empathy.

Lieutenant Jack in Stranger Things

Relentless and stern, Lieutenant Jack Sullivan in the Stranger Things series is not the friendliest. he goes besides trying to assassinate Eleven by launching an offensive against the Byers family. Putting Mike, Will and Jonathan in serious danger!

Angela in Stranger Things

In season 4 of the famous Netflix series, Angela has made it her mission to make Eleven’s life a living hell! Mockery, bullying… with her group of friends, the young blonde humiliates Eleven.

Right in the middle of an ice rink, in front of everyone. This last loses his temper and defends himself hitting her on the head with a roller skate!

Director Melnikov

Director of a labor camp in Siberia, Melnikov is ruthless. These prisoners are victims of the most ruthless and unimaginable forms of torture!

Henry Creel in Stranger Things

The supernatural experiences lived by Henry Creel in his childhood will make him a monster. Henry goes very fast use his powers to do evil.

Martin Brenner

If he gives the appearance of being a loving and caring father, Martin Brenner is actually subjecting his children to terrible abuse! Eh yes ! Indeed, the latter raises children in an underground lab. Where he subjects them to numerous experiments. Just that !


This diabolical monster also marked the fans of the Stranger Things series. In the series, he has the power to mark his victims with horrific visions of their worst traumas! Vecna ​​has not finished haunting us since he will be back in the next season of the Netflix series.

Jason Carver Gets Nasty

He’s charming, athletic, and hopeful…but Jason quickly turns into a vengeful maniac after Chrissy Cunningham’s murder. Jason will also blame Eddie Munson for the death of his girlfriend. He also starts attacking innocent people before being killed.

Stranger Things: Top 10 of the most unusual characters in the series!