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While Wednesday was very much a movie about outcasts and belonging, on the face of it, it’s a creature feature. The outcasts of Nevermore Academy are far from typical teenagers. In fact, they are monstrous. But, among whom else would a dark, rich and charming character like Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) fit? After all, she’s the offspring of creepy and creepy Morticia and Gomez Addams (Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzmán, respectively).

There would be no story without beloved humanoid creatures. That’s what makes Wednesday a signature, not a counterfeit teen drama. These dastardly but sublime characters were entertaining and kept viewers glued to the screen, propelling the Tim Burton series to the top spot. As Variety notes, “two weeks after its debut, Wednesday was the most popular Netflix series of all time.” Additionally, the first season was so successful that it reportedly overtook new releases to reclaim its number one spot during the holiday season. So, it wasn’t that surprising when a season 2 was confirmed.

The most relevant characters directing the action in the feature-length drama are Bianca Barclay (Joy Sunday), Ajax (Georgie Farmer), Enid (Emma Myers), Yoko (Naomi J. Ogawa), Tyler (Hunter Doohan), and Principle Weems. (Gwendoline Christie), and each are fascinating freaks. Bianca killed as a striking mermaid. Ajax was an undeniable gorgon charmer. Sweet Enid has proven to be a viciously loyal werewolf. Tyler was an aloof but horrifying Hyde. Yoko was the sensual and secret vampire. And Mrs. Weems was a sneaky shapeshifter. So, with season one over and a season two on the horizon, one wonders what beings might be introduced in the next chapter. Here’s a breakdown of the characters we think fans will want to see in a gripping second season.

Vampires should have a bigger role

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Vampires should play a bigger role in the second installment. In the first season, young Wednesday helped the rowing team to a much-deserved victory. An enchantingly beautiful vampire named Yoko Tanaka led the rowing team, but an unfortunate accident left her unfit. At the last minute, Wednesday bolstered his pinch hitting ability.

It’s safe to assume that Yoko might now see Wednesday as a friend. This and her ties to Enid surely increase the likelihood of her, and perhaps more of her kind, appearing in a second season. If Wednesday needs someone to pick her up or do her a favor, Yoko could be a great help in continuing her adventures. It’s definitely something fans wouldn’t mind seeing.

A demon, death or an infernal angel would make sense

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One of Wednesday’s biggest mysteries is what happened to the secret ‘Normie’ behind the facade of Mrs. Thornhill, played by Christina Ricci. Some theorize that she is dead. Other theories leave it alive and well. Regardless of its presumed outcome, it is rumored that there is a possible return for Christina Ricci. If she comes back, it can be assumed that she is not dead or did not come back from death. If it is from death that she returns, viewers will enjoy seeing her return in the form of a demon or a dark angel. Or maybe audiences can see her fight death herself to get back to Nevermore. It would certainly make for an intriguing storyline.

A succubus or incubus could shake things up


One thing that most high schools have in common, whether private or not, is that the students are popularly attractive. In the first season, a mermaid and a gorgon took on the role of idols of Nevermore. Continuing in this vein, the only creature that might be more alluring than a mermaid and a gorgon is a succubus or her male counterpart, an incubus. Not only are they considered extremely attractive, but they are also very deadly. And nothing says teenage drama and upset like knocking down the most popular students at school.

The Pombero would make a great rival


A pombero is a natural enemy of the mermaid. A mermaid uses her undeniable rhythm to capture her prey. According to tradition, the pombero is a creature that has the power to steal a siren’s voice. On Wednesday, it was revealed that Bianca had some family issues that needed to be resolved. Nerdist notes, “She’s torn between her new life in Nevermore and her mother’s cult world. »

However, this subplot has yet to be fully explored. Thus, this is a storyline that could gain traction in season two. It’s especially a possibility now that Wednesday and Bianca are friends. And if so, a Pombero might appear and throw a wrench into things. It’s a storyline that fans could indeed sink their teeth into.

Zombies and witches should appear

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While viewers saw many of the most popular horror creatures featured on the show, there was a noticeable absence of zombies and witches. However, since Wednesday’s family is also rumored to play more of a role in the second season, viewers could probably get a witch and a zombie. But why? Those familiar with the Addams Family know that Wednesday’s grandmother is a witch. And Lurch looks like a zombie. Or if you want to be more precise it’s a human chimera, think of Frankenstein’s monster. So maybe a visit from Granny Addams or Lurch will be in order.

It will be interesting to see where season two takes viewers. At the moment a potential plot is as clear as a muddy lake, one thing remains a fact, there will be monsters. The only question is what kind. Since logical connections are usually relevant in a story, fans are more than likely to see a vampire, witch, zombie, succubus (incubus), demon, death, hell angel, or a pombus. Either way, given the success of the first season, a second will be a must-see.

Supernatural Creatures We Want To See In Season 2 | Pretty Reel