Supernatural: The episode in which Jensen Ackles found out that Game of Thrones existed

Supernatural, The CW’s fictional thriller drama once gave a nod to Game of Thrones. And it was with this scene that Jensen Ackles found out about the existence of the fantasy series focused on Westeros. A time when the HBO program was already a success.

Supernaturalthe drama that follows brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, starring jared padalecki Y Jensen Ackles for 15 long seasons, it was on the air between 2005 and 2020 through the transmission chain The C.W. featuring these monster hunters with supernatural powers as they tried to save humanity.

In Supernatural, brothers Sam and Dean Winchester are fans of Game of Thrones

The series was so popular that it gained a spin-off. A prequel called The Winchesters centered on the epic love story of Sam and Dean’s parents, Mary and John Winchester. The new drama recently premiered on The CW to narrate the origin of these characters in the voice of Jense Ackles, who also serves as creator and executive producer.

Jensen Ackles remained on Supernatural throughout the series’ run. The actor admitted that during the filming of episode 4 of season 9 in 2013, it was when he found out about the existence of the medieval fantasy series game of Thrones, which had debuted two years earlier on the network HBO.

It was in this episode that Supernatural made a reference to Game of Thrones. And this was enough for Jensen Ackles, like his character, to become a staunch fan of the drama inspired by George RR Martin’s literary work, ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. In fact, Dean and his brother once posed as FBI agents Stark and Martell, alluding to two noble families from Westeros.

The Supernatural star said that he knew nothing of the existence of Game of Thrones until the moment he filmed that scene in which Dean, Sam and Charlie enjoyed a marathon of the hit HBO drama. Some fans speculated that characters on The CW series were watching Season 1 Episode 9, titled ‘Baelor,’ in which Joffrey Baratheon beheads Ned Stark.

Jensen Ackles found out about the existence of Game of Thrones when he filmed an episode of Supernatural

In this scene from Supernatural, the Winchester brothers made it clear that they were fans of Game of Thrones and that they were also reading George RR Martin’s books. Since then, Jensen Ackles’ new passion for fantasy drama was born to the point of calling the writer who wrote the episode.

“I called Robbie Thompson, who wrote the episode, and I said, ‘What is this? Is this the show with a bunch of naked guys running around?’ He was like, ‘No, that’s Spartacus.’ So he sent me the first two seasons,” the actor explained at the Supernatural Comic-Con panel.

Jensen Ackles went on to talk about how hooked he was on Game of Thrones after watching the first episode. The actor spent the next week glued to the screen watching all two seasons available at the time. He even introduced his wife to the show and she too became a huge fan of George RR Martin’s fascinating universe.

Supernatural: The episode in which Jensen Ackles found out that Game of Thrones existed