The 10 best video games of 2022

The video game has not gone through its best moment for a long time. The lack of components, and the constant delays in large productions, has caused the current generation of consoles, the PS5 and Xbox Series, to remain practically unprecedented more than two years after its inception. This is demonstrated by the fact that, at this point, more than 95% of the video games that we can find available are compatible with the already veterans PS4 and Xbox Onetwo systems that have been on the market since 2013.

Despite the lack of titles that exploit the new consoles, during the recently completed 2022 the user has received a good handful of outstanding and exciting titles. The harvest, moreover, has been much better than the one we had in 2021, and that was far (very) from meeting the expectations of the most demanding players. Below we collect the 10 that we liked the most on ABC, in case you want to give them a try.

‘God of War: Ragnarok’

The new adventure of the Ghost of Sparta It maintains the level of the franchise, which has been very high since 2018, at which time the reboot of the saga hit the stores. On this occasion, Kratos, the total protagonist, has his long-awaited confrontation with the pantheon of Viking gods. Obviously, he has the help of his son Atreus, already a teenager, and with a good part of the companions who were doing in the previous proposal.

The narrative is brilliant, with moments that can directly break your heart. The gameplay receives new features, although the experience is quite similar to what we had in 2018. The proposal is available for PS4 and PS5. Highly recommended.

‘Elden Ring’

For many, the best video game of the year. The challenging medieval fantasy role-playing work of legendary creator Hidetaka Miyazaki demands that the user devote at least a hundred hours of attention to it. It also doesn’t hurt to take it easy, because we are not facing an easy proposal, far from it. The world where the action takes place, completely open, and full of supernatural creatures, is one of the largest, richest and most artistically powerful that has been seen.

The title is available for consoles of present and last generation and for computer.

‘A Plague Tale: Requiem’

The French studio Asobo Studio launched this fall the continuation of its popular franchise ‘A Plague Tale‘, which incorporates the surname of Requiem. The work, which shines (and a lot) in graphics and narrative, shows the complicated life of the orphans Amicia and Hugo, forced to live badly in 14th century France, that of the 100 Years War, while they face Plague. On this occasion, the young people head to the south of the country, where they try to find a cure for the strange ailment that affects little Hugo and that allows him to control the rats.

It can be played on past and present generation consoles and on computers.

‘Horizon: Forbidden West’

After the huge success that she starred in in 2017, Aloy returned to the charge last year with a new adventure set in that post-apocalyptic future in which animal-shaped machines roam free, while society, revolted, is forced to live dispersed. in small communities.

In ‘Forbidden West‘, the protagonist, somewhat more mature than in the previous work, will have to leave the known lands and go to the ‘forbidden west’, which corresponds to what is today the area of ​​California in the United States, with the order to put an end to a dangerous plague that threatens to end life on Earth. It still loses some steam at the narrative level, although its good gameplay, great graphic quality and its huge open world make it an outstanding proposal. It is exclusive to PlayStation consoles.

‘Bayonetta 3’

After years of being begged for, the most famous witch in video game history returned to the shelves a few weeks ago with a proposal worthy of the saga. The action and the fighting are still hectic, although the combat system receives something new that makes the gaming experience end up being much deeper. The story, in this case, perhaps loses some interest compared to past editions of the franchise.

The video game is exclusive to Nintendo Switch.


One of the most original titles of 2022 and, from our point of view, possibly the best that Xbox consoles have received exclusively so far this year. This point-and-click adventure game, set in a 16th-century Holy Roman Empire village, is completely outrageous. During its development, we control Andreas Maller, an artist who is working on his masterpiece in the monastery in the town of Tassing.

The death of a nobleman under strange circumstances will force Maller to use his detective skills in a work as original as it is addictive. Great for lovers of Art History. It can be played on Xbox (One and new generation) and on a computer.

‘Marvel Midnight Suns’

In ‘Marvel Midnight Suns‘, the user controls some of the most important superheroes in the Marvel Universe, such as Spiderman, Doctor Strange or Iron Man, in an adventure in which, as almost always, the fate of the Earth is at risk. The combats are in turns, as in other role-type proposals. Despite the fact that the confrontations are its main attraction, the narrative is by no means neglected.

The video game, which has only been in stores for a few weeks, is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, computer and Nintendo Switch.

‘Xenoblade Chronicles 3’

Role of the good After debuting on Wii with an unforgettable first game, the Nintendo saga has finally settled on Switch with two outstanding numbered editions. The most recent is located, of course, among the great exclusive jewels of the hybrid console from the Japanese brand and, furthermore, you don’t have to have played the rest of the titles in the franchise to enjoy it. The adventure takes place in a hostile world called Aionios, where war and conflict seem to have no end. Our mission, that of the characters we control, is to change the situation and achieve peace.

The development of the characters, and the work to develop the huge world in which the action takes place, is outstanding. The same can be said of the JRPG-like gameplay that we already found in the previous installments.


One of the great covers of the year. In the proposal, of an independent nature, the user controls a cat lost in a futuristic and run-down city inhabited exclusively by robots. During development, the feline will face somewhat basic puzzles and will have to overcome several typical platform obstacles.

Just exploring, behaving like a lost cat in a lifeless city, is already fun. However, the best here is the history of decadence behind the city and that, little by little, is revealed. Good proposal for those who enjoyed video games like ‘The Last Guardian‘. It can be played on PS4, PS5 and PC.

‘Return to the Monkey Island’

After years of silence, the great graphic adventure of the nineties returned with a new edition that will delight the most veteran user. During the game, we meet the hilarious and clueless pirate Guybrush Threepwood, who leads a fast-paced race against his nemesis, the buccaneer LeChuck, to uncover the secret of Monkey Island. To progress through the story, which remains purely conversational, the player must be witty and patient.

The video game is available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation and computer.

The 10 best video games of 2022