The 15 best movies and action sagas on Disney + beyond Marvel

    When thinking of action cinema Y Disney+the first thing that comes to mind is the extensive catalog of Marvel MCU movies available to the platform, with the Avengers, the X Men and superheroes like Spider-Man or Iron Man in the lead. Or maybe we even remember the movies of Star Wars and from some of their lightsaber-in-hand fights, like the duel that we included in best action scenes ever between Darth Maul and the jedi Qui-Gon Jin (Liam Neeson) and Obi Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) in ‘The Phantom Menace’. But many times we forget that, in addition to all these hours of entertainment that these franchises offer us, there is also room for several of the best action movies in history, with a range of possibilities that few (or none) of its competitors in the streaming can match.


    And that, surprisingly, the saga of Indiana Jones‘ not yet available Come in best disney+ movies. The company of the mouse is perhaps waiting for the premiere of the highly anticipated ‘Indiana Jones 5‘ to add the franchise to its catalog as a knockout. But still, the list continues to delight any fan of smack and shootout films. And it comes with the attraction of not having to memorize the chronological order of Marvel movies and series. Goodness.

    Action movies can have a wonderful script, excellent cinematography, and excellent actors. Oscar award, but if the action itself does not work… Everything goes to hell. Instead, a movie with good action sequences is usually forgiven for everything elseas shown by some of the best action movies of the 21st century. It doesn’t matter if the protagonist is as inexpressive as Steven Seagal (almost better), if the script is an excuse to go from fight to fight or if the special effects make what happens on the screen lose all credibility. But if action and talent (in front of and behind the cameras) come together in perfect harmony… We arrive at cinematic ecstasy.

    Among best animated disney movies Y The Good, Award-Winning Disney Plus Drama Movies we find tapes starring the greatest of the genre: Steven Seagal, Bruce Willis, Keanu Reeves, Jason Statham, Harrison Ford, Liam Neeson, Nicolas Cage, Kurt Russell, and Arnold Schwarzenegger They are just some of the names that populate the list, to give you an idea of ​​the magnitude of it. The most iconic actors in action movies before they best superhero movies They monopolized the genre.

    These are the best action movies on Disney+ (aside from Marvel’s MCU), but also check out The best action movies on Amazon Prime Video and other platforms. You never know where the best option is going to be for tonight!

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‘Die Hard’ (1988) and sequels

One of the Best Bruce Willis movies. John McClane (Bruce Willis) comes to town with the intention of reconciling with his wife (Bonnie Bedelia), but the building where she works, Nakatomi Plaza, is going to suffer a terrorist attack. A commando led by Hanks Gruber (Alan Rickman), takes the building and holds everyone in it hostage celebrating the arrival of Christmas. However, McClane manages to flee and take refuge one floor up. Single-handedly, he will try to stop the terrorists.

Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker.


‘Aliens: The Return’ (1986)

After her terrifying experience, Commander Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), sole survivor of the Nostromo, is found floating in space by a reconnaissance ship that takes her to a base near Earth. Once there, she meets with the authorities, which she alerts to the existence of a murderous life form on a lost planet. During the time that Ripley has been in space, the planet has been colonized, but she has lost all communication with the inhabitants. The commander agrees to return with an expedition, made up of several scientists, an android and a group of marines, who will travel to the planet with the mission of discovering what is happening.

This gives a billion turns to ‘Avatar‘, from here to Pandora.

Legendary military hero Francis Hummel (Ed Harris) and his men storm Alcatraz Island, holding 81 civilians and threatening to use missiles loaded with a deadly gas. Only a chemical weapons expert (Nicolas Cage) and the only convict to escape from a maximum-security prison (Sean Connery) oppose his plans.

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‘Risk Lies’ (1994)

Agent Harry Tasker (arnold schwarzenegger) leads a double life. He speaks six languages, masters all forms of counterintelligence, and is an international spy for a top-secret agency of the United States government tasked with neutralizing nuclear terrorism. For National Security reasons, Harry hides his true profession from Helen (Jamie Lee Curtis), the woman he married fifteen years ago.

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‘Coup in Little China’ (1986)

Jack (Kurt Russell), a brave truck driver, decides to help his friend Chi get his girlfriend back, who has been kidnapped by Lo Pan, a Chinese magician with supernatural powers. Lo Pan controls all of Chinatown and needs a woman to unite with in order to achieve immortality. Together they fight incredible hordes both human and inhuman.

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An asteroid the size of the state of Texas is heading straight for Earth at 22,000 miles per hour. Its impact will cause the destruction of the entire human race. NASA is left with only one option, to send a team of experienced drillers led by Bruce Willis to the asteroid to insert a nuclear warhead into it that will split it in two and knock it off course.

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Saga ‘Predator’ (1987-2022)

Major Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a rigid soldier whose mission is to free three men captured by the guerrillas, in addition to discovering the enemy’s secret base. Already in the middle of the jungle he finds the three corpses of the American soldiers and deduces that they have been victims of a supernatural force… Or from outside this world.

‘Predator: The prey’ is the latest installment (for now) of a saga that came to be mixed with the Aliens created by Ridley Scott.

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‘Marked for Death’ (1990)


Saga ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ (2003-2017)

Johnny Depp and his Captain Sparrow star in one of the highest grossing sagas in history, based on an attraction in the Disney theme parks. Adventure cinema, humor and action are intermingled in a franchise that brought pirates back to their full splendor and now faces the diatribe of how to continue without Depp after the multiple controversies that occurred with the actor.

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‘Revenge’ trilogy (2008-2015)

A former US government secret agent (Liam Neeson) is back in action when his teenage daughter (Maggie Grace) is kidnapped by a gang of criminals who are on vacation in Paris.

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Benjamin Franklin Gates (Nicolas Cage), will discover that a treasure map is hidden behind the original document of the Declaration of Independence. With the help of Dr. Chase (Diane Kruger) and on the run from Agent Sadusky (Harvey Keitel) and his adversary Ian Howe (Sean Bean), he steals the founding text and sets out on the quest.

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‘Air Force One, the president’s plane’ (1997)

The President of the USA (Harrison Ford) returns from an official trip to Russia aboard Air Force One, the plane he uses exclusively. A terrorist group seizes the plane and takes his family and other senior officials hostage. However, the president has not been captured…

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Saga ‘Kingsman: Secret Service’ (2014-2021)

Based on the comic series ‘The Secret Service’, created by Mark Millar (screenwriter of ‘Kick Ass’), the film follows a teenage delinquent in London who will be trained by his uncle, a veteran English secret agent in the purest style. James Bondhelping him become one of the top spies in the country.


‘Speed: Maximum Power’ (1994)

Jack Traven (Keanu Reeves) is a fearless Los Angeles cop. His lucky stars, however, face a severe test when he becomes trapped in a city bus rigged with a bomb set to go off if the vehicle slows below 50 miles per hour.

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‘Transporter’ trilogy (2002-2008)

One of the best jason statham movies. Frank Martin (Jason Statham) is the best at what he does, and what he does is transport anything (people or goods) no questions asked, British punctuality, and no cops mess. He only has three rules: 1) Once the deal is complete, he’s done; 2) No names; and 3) You will never have the package.


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The 15 best movies and action sagas on Disney + beyond Marvel