The best and worst of Marvel of 2022

The time has come to review what was last 2022 and in this post we will analyze the best and the worst that Marvel left us, but not only in movies and series but also in comics. So let’s get down to business!

Daredevil: Reign of the Devil

Daredevil - Marvel Reign of the Devil 4

Daredevil: Reign of the Devil by Chip Zdarsky and Marco Chechetto began the year with the end of the first season of Daredevil of this tandem with a great event where the Kingpin as Mayor of New York performed his new Born Again against Daredevil with echoes of Civil War. Little joke. Why the new stage of Daredevil has become a full-fledged must have and not without reason. Zdarsky is working on a great micro-story that does not forget how essential it is to make Matt Murdock suffer, which is what we like and although he does not reinvent the wheel, he knows how to play all his cards very well to offer us something that tastes different and new. And he appreciates it. Chechetto has become the titular artiste. And after thirty-odd numbers plus the crossover of the marras. The party continues with the second season. I really don’t know how there can be people who miss Netflix’s Daredevil having this comic.


hell jonathan hickman

Jonathan Hickman said goodbye to the mutants with Inferno putting a stop to this new Dynasty of X. Inferno was probably conceived as the end of the road but in the middle of it they decided to change course and Hickman has not been able to extend further. Inferno is presented almost as a direct continuation of Dynasty of X and Powers of X. The two miniseries that kicked off this new era of mutants in Krakoa. Inferno is a great saga, full of super epic moments, a heart-stopping drawing and resolves everything so that the new life of mutants can continue… We will miss Hickman. We will not deny it.



Surprisingly. Venom remains one of Marvel’s comics to watch out for. The new stage of Venom by Al Ewing and Ram V with Bryan Hitch has become one of the great surprises of the year. Without hesitation. The creative team has followed in the wake of what they did with Protector Lethal and has raised it to other levels, betting on the maximum and offering one of the best series currently published by La Casa de las Ideas. Good script. Good drawing. Good characterization of characters. A plot that absorbs and calls for more than one rereading. A narrative kaleidoscope that promises a lot. Because the party has only just begun. And when we talk about Kang. Meridius. Travels in the time. The Life Foundation. Let’s not forget Eddie Brock’s son Dylan as Venom. A delight. The truth.

Amazing Spider-Man by Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr.

spider-man zeb wells and john romita jr

The new stage of Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr.’s Amazing Spider-Man has once again put the wall-crawler on the radar, in case we had not yet detected it during the Beyond stage. Wells and Romita Jr. don’t disappoint and bring Spider-Man back to the basics but using the supporting characters in different ways while Peter Parker remains more Peter Parker than ever. It breathes fresh despite the fact that its elements are the most classic. If you want to start reading Spider-Man. It’s a good time to get hooked already by the way.

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider Feature

Another comic that has surprised me and for the better has been the new phase of the Ghost Rider by Benjamin Percy and Cory Smith. I wanted a Ghost Rider comic. The truth. But a Ghost Rider. Classic. Johnny Blaze. The one of a lifetime. Without losing freshness. And I dont know. At the moment it is too soon to judge but things are going very well and I am totally hooked on this new phase of Ghost Rider.

The Punisher

the punisher

The Punisher by Jason Aaron and Jesus Saiz and is one of the must haves of the year. Without hesitation. One of the best comics currently published by Marvel. A series that has dared to retcon the origin of the Punisher and go further until setting up a new story that fits with everything seen and expands the mythology of the Punisher, uniting him with The Hand in the most unexpected way and in between facing him against Gods and murderers. In uppercase. Aaron can offer the best and the worst. And at the moment I am fully on board this new Punisher.

Trial day

Judgment Day Kieron Gillen

The last great crossover of the Marvel Universe was Judgment Day where Kieron Gillen put all the meat on the grill with the end of the party of his first season of The Eternals facing them against The Immortal X-Patrol and all of Krakoa in a super epic saga with the Celestials involved and a thousand moves by numbers. A crossover focused on mutants and Eternals colliding for the umpteenth time but it makes all the sense in the world. An epic event, with moments and such.


Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight 2 (Marvel Studios)

How quickly we have forgotten about Moon Knight. Maybe it didn’t have the most perfect ending. But overall I think Moon Knight was a very enjoyable series week by week. We fell in love with Oscar Isaac and his multiple personalities, we fell in love with Moon Knight and all his counterparts, the origin story, Konshu, Arthur Harrow, The Red Beetle, the mythology they introduced… The adventurous vibe. The surprises. I dont know. Moon Knight had all the ingredients to stand out. But before the barrage of titles that awaited us. How to forget her first of change.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Marvel Theories in Doctor Strange 2 Trailer
Still from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness By far I consider it one of my favorite Marvel Studios movies and more than 30 movies have gone by… Yourself. Sam Raimi gave us one of the most different movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since he managed to imprint his particular DNA on it and offer us a quite different movie, in addition to the fact that he dared to take the Scarlet Witch to the extreme. The Illuminati. Strange. America Chavez. Wong. Christine. All the elements work. The journey through the Multiverse. The winks. Those variants of Strange. I tell you. It could have been better. But I think it’s one of my favorites.

ms marvel

Ms Marvel and her connection to X-Men

Ms. Marvel was a bit of a disappointment because of that valley the series faced in the middle of its short run., with some decaffeinated villains, the only thing that stood out was Kamala Khan, how her surroundings, her family, her friends presented the young woman… That first episode!, but the Partition roll and such, only served to unite the theme about time travel with Kang… etc. But they skated beautifully. Things as they are. It wasn’t the most perfect series but it wasn’t a disaster either. It was nothing more. Although the ending had a certain charm.

Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) - Natalie Portman in Marvel
Marvel Studios

Thor: Love and Thunder It was also a very enjoyable movie, ideal to refresh the summer. A little story that allows the Son of Odin to grow a little more; in addition to the fact that they recovered Jane Foster to turn him into The Mighty Thor; Valkyrie… Gorr the Butcher of Gods. Zeus and Hercules. New Asgard. Korg. Let’s not forget the Guardians of the Galaxy cameo. Eternity. Taika Waititi was unleashed in this new installment of Thor and offered us a carefree, surprising, and fun movie.

I am Groot

i am groot poster

I am Groot It was fun but it’s not like I was losing my life with her. The truth. I understand the target that it is aimed at and hopefully it will get new fans for Marvel Studios. A suggestive sea experiment ideal for the little ones.


Criticism of She-Hulk Lawyer She-Hulk

She-Hulk was a disappointment and not… Disappointment because the series did not bet on launching itself fully into a much more cynical and badass series, staying at half throttle, with a very white comedy, which barely borders on the true genius that could have been exploited… With some hints. The best thing is that they introduced us to She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters and her entire environment, the moves in law firms, the super lawyer from Marvel Studios, and everything works, despite not having the best finishes in CGI, it was you can enjoy despite that soporific valley where they didn’t seem to lead us to anything. Let’s not forget Abomination. Wong. And Daredevil! With the triple twist of the relationship between Daredevil and She-Hulk. Almost nothing! And of course the Hulk. She-Hulk was very cool but could have been better. The truth.

Werewolf by Night

the blood stone the curse of the werewolf

Expectations are a double-edged sword and with the special of The Curse of the Werewolf I think we were all caught by surprise because we could barely create expectations and it was for the best. In just 40 minutes. Michael Giacchino surprised locals and strangers by presenting a horror story in which the Marvel Cinematic Universe expanded into the most supernatural corners. The werewolf. Elsa Bloodstone. Man-Thing. A black and white special that pays homage to the classic horror film. And it ends with one of the best titles of Phase 4 of Marvel Studios. Without hesitation.

Black Panther Wakanda Forever

Black panther: Wakanda forever

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever It was a heartfelt tribute to Chadwick Boseman and his legacy as Black Panther and it was a sequel that played with too many elements so that it could be a disaster or a genius and in the end… It was somewhat blurred. Something tells me that they didn’t make much effort to rewrite the story they had in mind from the beginning and Chadwick’s absence is very noticeable. Shuri’s origin story as Black Panther shares too many points with T’Challa’s that we don’t see anything new under the sun. But still it’s always good to go back to Wakanda. Without losing that epicness. Those colours. That uniqueness that makes it so special and unique. Namor. Shuri. Ramonda. Okoye. Nakia. Even Ironheart. An enjoyable movie. But not as special as the first Black Panther. Things as they are.

Guardians of the Galaxy Special

guardians of the galaxy christmas special

And finally we found the Guardians of the Galaxy special. A great snack. Endearing on all levels. That gave us a perfect finishing touch to close Phase 4 of Marvel Studios. James Gunn goes wild in this special where Drax and Mantis mix it up to cheer up Star-Lord a bit. Including a visit to Earth and a very peculiar kidnapping. With a cameo by Kevin Bacon! Very cool. The truth.

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The best and worst of Marvel of 2022