The best movies based on works by Stephen King

Stephen Kingthe great prolific writer of Mainethe master of terror, has been, without a doubt, one of the authors most adapted to both the big and small screens. From almost his beginnings as a professional writer, his works were sold and bought to reach the cinema, which allows us to enjoy these adaptations since the 1990s. 70.

Throughout so many years, its adaptations have known successes and failures, for this reason, Next, we will tell you about some of the most successful films based on his works.

Since his first published novel, carrie, Stephen King it became a hit at the movies. In 1976 Brian De Palma was in charge of converting the work of King in a film with sissy spacek as protagonist. We all know the story: carrie She is an innocent young woman, with psychic powers, who is tormented both by her peers, her schoolmates, and by her mother, a religious fanatic.

Difficult to pigeonhole into a genre, carriewhich has both horror and story elements coming-of-age, It was such a success that both sissy spacek What Piper Lauriewho played the mother carriewere nominated for the awards of the Academy. carrie It is also one of the inevitable classics of Halloweenboth to watch late at night and to choose the costume and an obligatory reference within the horror genre.

After the version of carrie of Brian De Palmacame some sequels and new versions, such as the one starring Chloë Grace Moretz Y Julianne Moore in the 2013, directed by Kimberly Peircebut none became the quintessential classic that is that film by 1976.

If we talk about horror movies that are mixed with the coming-of-age we cannot leave out, of course, stand by methe movie of 1986 which had those who were then the great youth actors of the time: Will Wheaton, river phoenix, Corey Feldmann Y Jerry O’Connell. The script of Count on me It is based on the short novel by Stephen King titled The bodywhich revolves around four teenage friends setting out on an expedition to find the body of a young boy. For Stephen King, stand by me it was the first really successful adaptation of one of his works.

With a similar tint but a more current adaptation, it is also among the best films based on works by Stephen King It: Chapter One. Directed by the Argentine Andy Muschietti and premiered at 2017, Item It is based on one of the most iconic novels of King which tells the story of a group of friends entering adolescence who join forces to fight against penny-wisethe sinister clown who carries children through the sewers of his town. The movie of Muschietti owes much of its success, that is, to the spectacular performance of Bill Skarsgård in the role of penny-wise.

Inside the terror (because Stephen King It’s not just terror We cannot fail to mention, of course, Miserythe movie of 1990 based on the homonymous novel by King and starring Katy Bathes Y james caanwhich tells the story of a woman’s obsession with her favorite writer, which leads her to go to great lengths to get him to write what she wants. The performance of Katy Bates is so memorable that the actress won the award for the Academy of that year.

Nor can we leave out, if we talk about terror and Stephen Kinga The Shining. The film directed by Stanley Kubrickpremiered in 1980 and starring an unforgettable and fearsome Jack Nicholson is an infallible classic when it comes to adaptations of the work of Stephen King to the big screen. Nevertheless, The Shining is that adaptation Stephen King does not want: the author has always expressed his displeasure at what he did kubrick with his work, arguing that many of the themes that were important in the novel have been lost in the adaptation.

As we said before, Stephen King It’s not just horror. In fact, two of the best adaptations of it do not fall within this genre: The Shawshank Redemption Y The Green Mile.

The first, known in Latin America What Dreams of liberty either Escape dreampremiered in 1994 and was directed by Frank Darabont. It is based on a short novel, titled Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption and tells us the story of a banker, Andy, who ends up in prison convicted of the murder of his wife, although he maintains that he is innocent. In Shawshank, Andy befriends Net, a smuggler. The story ends up being endearing, as it introduces us to an everyday hero, Andy, unable to lose optimism even in a place as dark as the prison. Although today it is one of the adaptations of Stephen King more celebrated, The Shawshank Redemption it was not a huge box office success. However, the actions of Tim Robbins Y Morgan Freeman They remain in everyone’s memory.

On the other hand there is The Green Mileknown in Latin America What Unexpected miracleswhich premiered in 1999 and also led by Darabont. The Green Mile it is also a prison drama, with a man wrongly sentenced to death who also appears to have certain supernatural healing abilities. Starring Tom Hanks Y Michael Clarke Duncanreceived four nominations for the awards of the Academyalthough he did not end up winning any.

As demonstrated in this article, Stephen King is, without a doubt, an undeniable influence on cinema. His works, whether short or long novels, have given birth to some of the best films of recent years, not only horror but also dramatic. Considering how active this author is, already prolific, we can only rejoice for all the adaptations that we can still see in the future.

The best movies based on works by Stephen King