“The blood of the city” awakens the five senses

Cathy Borie novelist, contributor of the reading group 20 Minute Booksrecommend you “Blood of the City” by Guillaume Chamanadjian, published on September 28, 2022 in paperback.

His favorite quote:

A silver coin for a golden tale. It is in this way that actors and poets apostrophize passers-by. It is rare that they obtain more than one copper coin in this way, but the formulatte is, so to speak, traditional. It existed before their congregation wandered the streets blindfolded, before the houses. Some say even before the creation of the City.

Why this book?

  • Because it is a real universe that the author offers us, described meticulously by appealing to the five senses of the reader, who has no trouble imagining himself strolling through the picturesque streets of Gemina, inhaling the smells of the place and bathing in the rich noise of the city.
  • Because the supernatural elements specific to this literary style what is fantasy are always brought with subtlety and therefore seem logical and coherent in this very special city, they carry us away as the discovery of customs other than ours would do in a foreign country.
  • Because this first volume brilliantly installs this new universe where the narrative is just beginning to unfold, making the reader want to come back and follow the hero’s adventures that are just beginning.
  • Because the pen of the author serves his purpose perfectly, skilful and fluid, inventive and eloquent, she envelops us in her sentences with sensual vocabulary so as not to let go.

The essentials in 2 minutes

The plot. Nox is linked to the house of the Loggerhead (or tortoise) in the megalopolis of Gemina, protected by its duke and employed as a grocery clerk. Passionate about poetry, he discovered by chance a text on the origin of the city which strangely echoes his own history.

Characters. Nox; his sister Daphne; Servaint, the duke of the house of Caouane; Lotharie, the fencing mistress; Symetre, friend of Nox; Aussilia, an apprentice painter; and many others…

Places. Gemina, overpopulated megalopolis made up of numerous duchies, built on the edge of the sea and enclosed by two immense walls.

The time. An imaginary time.

The author. French author, whose first novel is Le sang de la Cité, to which he wrote a sequel with Trois lucioles. A third volume is planned, and this trilogy will be part of the cycle of La tour de garde, written with Claire Duvivier, who is writing the Capitale du Nord trilogy.

This book was read with the delight that one has to dive into a new universe, all the stronger since I read little fantasy.

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“The blood of the city” awakens the five senses