The clone of Noroña and the setback to the “hard” of Morena in the Senate

President Lopez Obrador he has already infected his federal deputies with the fever of insult. the brunette Manuel Alexander Robles he wanted to make the joke yesterday. Not even in the circus would they give him a job. The attempt to clone Gerardo Fernandez Norona failed him. Robles went up to the podium, but not to defend the 2023 Expenditure Budget that the Executive sent to Congress. He did it to revile the protesters who will march on Sunday in defense of the INE and offend the former president Calderon, to their parents already Lawrence Cordova, become the favorite villain of the National Palace.

“Mister CalderonWhy didn’t you use a condom? Mrs Hinojosa, why did that thing give birth!”, were the slogans that, according to the clone of Noronha, shouted the demonstrators in 2006, after the electoral “fraud”. Those are slogans and “not that slapstick of ‘six, seven and eight, Lawrence it’s a cake’ or, ‘Oh, the INE is not touched!’”. That is the tone that predominates in the discussion of the more than 2 thousand reservations that the deputies made to the 2023 Budget. In their interventions, banners, slogans, the opposition deputies unanimously complained that the resources for the states are not enough .

the priista Jose Francisco Yunes Zorrilla member of the Budget and Public Account Commission, told us that what hurts the most about PEF 2023 is that it ceased to be an instrument to generate investment and development. “It has a strictly healthcare vocation,” she asserted. She contrasted figures to support her words: They give 330 billion pesos to the program for older adults. The budget for all of Veracruz is 140 billion pesos, and 30 billion pesos for Tlaxcala. Salomon Chertorivski, of MC, described as “shameful” the budget. He placed special emphasis on an issue that he was in charge of as Secretary of State: health.

He says that, although they increased by 5% compared to last year, inflation (8.4%) ate that increase. “There is no budget to buy the ambivalent vaccine; three out of 10 children under one year of age do not have the complete vaccination schedule”, he illustrated.

* In the Senate, Morena’s “hard” team was beaten by the moderates, with the support of the opposition: 87 of 127 senators gave the governor of Campeche a yellow card and expressed their solidarity with Ricardo Montreal. They signed a letter condemning the attacks, disqualifications, insults, diatribes and illegal acts of Layda Sansores against the head of Morena’s caucus in the Senate. Among other things, the letter says: “We repudiate both the methods and the sayings of the governor Layda Sansores against the senator Ricardo Montreal. It seems unacceptable that he intervenes, alters private communications and, from power, makes use of them to revile citizens…”.

* Name the 90 brave people —38 from Morena— who supported Montreal It would take us a lot of space. Better we will give the list of the morenistas who did not sign: José Antonio Álvarez Lima, Arturo Bours, Imelda Castro, César Cravioto, Mónica Fernández, Napoleón Gómez Urrutia, Daniel Gutiérrez, Gabriel García, Gilberto Herrera, Ifigenia Martínez. But, also, Higinio Martínez, Arturo Moo, José Narro, Ovidio Peralta, Ernesto Pérez Astorga, Ana Lilia Rivera, Gloria Sánchez, Citlalli Hernández, Héctor Vasconcelos and Antares Vázquez.

Montreal He thanked the senators for their support in the face of illegal conduct, and emphasized: “Reconciliation is essential.” The man from Zacatecas uploaded a video to the networks, a message that they must have seen very carefully in the Palace: “I have always dreamed, fought, fought for an independent Legislative Power. It is convenient for the country to have a real counterweight, a balance of Powers, their independence. It helps to build better societies, that respect rights and freedoms, and that do not commit excesses”.

Nor ordered to do.

* On Wednesday night, the highly commented —and sold— book of Ellen Chavez, The King of Cash, at the María Teresa Montoya Theater, located in the Benito Juárez delegation. The author was accompanied Annabelle Hernandez, controversial journalist who wrote the foreword to the book which, I quote, describes “the hidden looting of the President and his close team.”

Forty days after the book began circulating, Penguin Random House finally found a place to present it. Three times they said yes and three times they canceled without further explanation. “Irrational censorship,” commented the publisher. Until the mayor’s office headed by the panista Santiago Taboada he rented the theater for 780 pesos. “In 40 days and 40 nights The King of Cash toured the country demystifying the man who lives in a Palace, overflowing with luxury, but lacking in moral, mystical or supernatural properties that he places himself to create a tricky and manipulative character… It was a long intervention, interrupted by applause that forced her to take breaks filled with cries of support from 400 people who made a racket as if they were a thousand. And why do I keep telling you? Better buy the book.

The clone of Noroña and the setback to the “hard” of Morena in the Senate