The “Coppélia” dance show at the Toniolo raises the curtain on the party billboard

The enchantment of choreography and dance opens the program of Toniolo’s “Teatro per le Feste 2022-23” in Mestre, created by the Culture Sector of the Municipality of Venice in partnership with the Arteven circuit.

On stage on Friday 30 December (7.30 pm) “Coppélia”, a ballet in two acts by Amedeo Amodio from the story by ETA Hoffmann Der Sandman, with music by Léo Delibes. The audience will be enchanted by the first dancers Anbeta Toromani and Alessandro Macario, with soloists and ballet company Daniele Cipriani. The ballet takes place in a Hungarian village, in a forested region in the Carpathians. In Coppélia the references to ethereal spirits, such as sylphs and willi, and to the supernatural, very common in the previous romantic era, leave room for the sometimes comical adventures of a mechanical doll and lively character dances.

This is how the author, Amedeo Amodio, tells it: «What most fascinated me in Hoffmann’s story is the complexity of perception resolved in terms of fragmentary images, in shreds that the story first, then the music, suggested to me. The idea of ​​using cinematographic techniques that represented Nathaniel’s “subjective” moments resulted in the whole ballet taking place on a film set, thus making the use of filmed clips more ambiguous. A film is being shot of which we discover the details, close-ups and pieces of scenery often unrelated to each other, in which Coppelius is the mysterious director and Nathaniel one of the characters, whose imagination will often manifest itself in film clips, dreams or omens of death. In the discontinuity of this “magma” will also appear scenes or fragments or characters who have now entered the current mythology: in addition to the dances, with a highly symbolic content, even scenes and quotations from films will mix with the original material while Coppelius, architect of Nathaniel’s destiny, transforming himself into a director of daily life, he will be able to lead us spectators into the scenes of his magical madness».

Saturday 31 December (21.30) the Toniolo curtain opens with the acrobatic, comic and musical show “Black Blues Brothers”, with a repeat on Sunday 1 January at 16.30. We greet New Year’s Eve with the show written and directed by Alexander Sunny with Bilal Musa Huka, Rashid Amini Kulembwa, Seif Mohamed Mlevi, Mohamed Salim Mwakidudu and Peter Mnyamosi Obunde. The viewer is led into an elegant Cotton Club-style venue where, following the whims of a capricious vintage radio that broadcasts rhythm’n’blues, the barman and the attendants transform into acrobats. Each object (chairs, tables, hangers, vases, mirrors) becomes a tool for breathtaking evolutions with constant public involvement. On the overwhelming soundtrack of the film by John Landis, the Black Blues Brothers revive one of the greatest pop myths of our times with shots of human pyramids, limbo with fire and acrobatic jumps. Fresh from a world tour of over 750 dates with more than 300,000 spectators, including Pope Francis and Prince Albert, and from participation in the Royal Variety Performance, the historic TV show created by the British royal family that welcomes the biggest names in dance , theater and circus, introduced by Prince Charles who praised the talent of the performers, the Magnificent Five come from Sarakasi, a Kenyan social circus trust founded in Nairobi by senior UN official Rudy van Dijck and his wife Marion Op het Veld .

Theater for children on Epiphany day, Friday 6 January, with the fairy tale “Scarpette Rotte” dedicated to children and their families. At 16.30 the curtain opens on a fairy tale written and directed by Emma Dante with Martina Caracappa, Davide Celona, ​​Adriano Di Carlo, Daniela Macaluso. The show opens with a Once upon a time… .the one in this case of a red slipper abandoned on the side of the road who had one hope: to find her sister again. The left slipper was waiting, in summer and in winter, but meanwhile its color faded and its skin shriveled. One afternoon a car crushes her by puncturing her sole. the slipper cries, despairs, feels alone, but resists and continues to hope. Months, years go by and she feels as if she slowly merges with the asphalt until she sinks down into the center of the earth. But one day, during a thunderstorm, lightning breaks a tree branch. From that branch falls the right slipper of her sister, new, intact, beautiful.

The “Coppélia” dance show at the Toniolo raises the curtain on the party billboard