The investigations of Lolita Lobosco 2, the press conference: statements, previews, cast

A part of the cast participates in the meeting, including Luisa Ranieri and Lunetta Savino.

Thursday 5 January, from 12:20, the press conference of The investigations of Lolita Lobosco 2. The series is divided into six prime time evenings, broadcast on Rai 1 and streamed on Rai Play. They participate in the meeting Maria Pia Admire yourself and Ivan Carleyor Director and Deputy Director Rai Fiction. Present Luca Zingaretti and Angelo Barbagallorespectively Zocotoco producer and Bibi Film TV. The director also intervenes Luca Miniero. At the press conference of The investigations of Lolita Lobosco 2Finally, the cast is expected, among them Luisa Ranieri, Savino bezel, Jacopo Cullin and John Ludeno. With them Mario Sgueglia, Bianca Nappi and Maurizio Donadoni and Philip Scicchitano.

Lolita Lobosco’s investigations 2 press conference, the first statements

The press conference begins The investigations of Lolita Lobosco 2. Take the floor there Director Maria Pia Admire yourself: “The ratings of the first season show that the public loves seriality, especially if it has the grace and charm of the actress Luisa Ranieri, Luca Miniero and the whole team”. Luca Zingaretti, attached, adds: “The director, in this second season, has done better than in the first chapter. I thank Angelo Barbagallo and Luisa Ranieri, who gave life to a Lolita Lobosco anchored in tradition but, at the same time, modern and projected towards the future”.

Ivan Carley reveals: “The writers continued in the wake of the first season. There was the mystery of his father’s death and even the sentimental affairs were all in evolution. Luca Miniero has taken this toy in hand and made everything natural and flowing. Among the new entries is Mario Sgueglia, who upsets the balance a bit”. Angelo Barbagallo: “We are all very happy to be working on this title, which requires a lot of work at every stage of production. The end result is full of grace and lightness, with characters that are welcoming and full of humanity”. Director Luca Miniero: “Never before has teamwork been as precious as this time, which lightened the effort of having to shoot six episodes, two more than those of the first chapter“.

Luca Zingaretti

The words of the cast

The press conference of The investigations of Lolita Lobosco 2 continues with the statements of the cast. Luisa Ranieri (Lolita Lobosco): “Work is central to his life, but not to our story. Lolita is a modern woman, projected towards the future and her career. This gives the character determination and courage, which however coexist with fragility”.

Savino bezel (Nunzia) in the press conference de The investigations of Lolita Lobosco 2 declares: “Nunzia is part of a world that I had already faced in other roles in the past. For me, doing Lolita is a pleasant walk. She’s a strong role model for her daughter, who will experience a romantic renaissance in season two.” John Ludeno (Anthony): “An ever deeper form of love will develop with Lolita. Then a very beautiful conflict arises with my wife, who from one day to the next shows the will to change her life”.

Jacopo Cullin (Lello): “My character is bullied by women. A school trip atmosphere was created during filming. The public needs lightness”. Take the floor Philip Schicchitano (Danilo): “There is an important evolution in the relationship with Lolita. Typical themes of every relationship will be addressed, such as that of coexistence. There will come a very important moment of choice, which will condition their future”.

The investigations of Lolita Lobosco 2 parterre press conference

Lolita Lobosco’s investigations 2 press conference, questions from journalists

The cast, during the press conference of The Investigations of Lolita Lobosco 2, continue with the statements. The new entry Mario Sgueglia (Angel): “It is very mysterious, who has ties that come from afar with Nicola”. Bianca Nappi (Marietta): “It’s a female Peter Pan and I really like this, because it’s usually always a male archetype”. Maurice Donadoni (Tryphon): “Bari is central and this is thanks to the director. Each of the characters is, in his own way, a protagonist and that’s very nice ”. Julia River (Carmel): “The bed and breakfast is always present and, in one episode, becomes the location of a case“.

The reporters’ questions begin. The first is on the evolution of Lobosco. He answers Luisa Ranieri: “Try to have the courage to always try all the way. While before it had solutions, in the second series it has more fragility. On certain things, however, he cannot overcome rigidity. He wants to live in the present and hates being on standby. He has to deal with a long-distance relationship that could become a problem ”.

TO Bianca Nappiduring the press conference de The investigations of Lolita Lobosco 2details are requested on the relationship with the deputy commissioner of Bari. Nappi: “Many things change, but not the strong bond between the two friends. Savino bezel is questioned about the link with the city: “Shooting where I was born made me proud. She has transformed for the better and having worked in the places of my childhood has moved me a lot ”.

Lolita Lobosco's investigations 2 Luisa Ranieri press conference

The last questions

TO Luisa Ranieri an opinion is asked regarding the lack of relevance that the protagonist has with reality. The artist: “Lolita is a woman many would like to be like. In reality, there are many people who have reached the age of 40 with difficulty in love because they have invested so much in work”. It is revealed that the last three appointments have an original screenplay, while the others are loosely based on the novels of Gabriella Genesis. The last question concerns the choice of using soundtracks in English. The director replies: “The film, very Italian and southern, also uses music from our country. This year we have Luca Carboni’s Il mondo and Farfallina, however we wanted to mix genres”. The press conference ends here The investigations of Lolita Lobosco 2.

The investigations of Lolita Lobosco 2, the press conference: statements, previews, cast