The isekai genre: not only Forspoken, anime and TV series to watch

In recent years, the genus isekai had a surge in popularity among readers. Also Forspoken is no exception with its story devoted to action, parkour and fantasy: discover with us which anime and television series to watch while we await the work of Luminous Productions published by Square Enix with this special Game&Watch.

What is an Isekai?

Let’s start by briefly explaining what an “Isekai” is to the less experienced: the isekai is a work of storytelling of derivation Japanesemost commonly associated with manga, anime and light novels, in which the main character or protagonist moves to – or more commonly is transported to – another reality which can be similar or completely different from ours world. This allows for some degree of interaction with other genres, such as romance, the Fantasy and the adventure.

Many video games rely on this dynamic, such as Persona 5 Royal, specifically Forspoken is a narrative in isekai form. To mix things up and keep readers on their toes also, many authors add a touch of freshness including people who were translated at birth: protagonists born into the world already possessing special knowledge and abilities that give them an edge in the strange lands they find themselves in. These characters can bring surprises unexpected in the course of the narrative, upsetting certain established standards and creating relations and meaningful interactions with those they meet.

Forspoken, the isekai and the origins of the genre

Forspoken, the protagonist of the game

Although it is difficult to locate theorigin precise of this kind, since tales of otherworldly or interdimensional travel have existed for centuries on all continents, in the East and in this case in Japan Isekai stories have been told since the period Edo, when fantastic literature began to gain a foothold among writers. These early narratives featured characters being transported to various other realms by the tengu or by supernatural powers and often dealt with themes of morality and redemption.

It wasn’t until the late 19th century, when authors began to explore alternate worlds in a more science-fiction way, that isekai as we know it today was born. Recent theories attribute its development to the early 20th century works of authors such as Edogawa Ranpo, Jun’ichiro Tanizaki and Kenji Miyazawa. There popularity of these stories prompted video game designers of the 1990s and 2000s to create video games roles that exploited the charm of these worlds alternative. This gave rise to the modern isekai format found in anime, light novels, and manga today.

The potential of what can be done within the isekai genre to subvert expectations and create new concepts exciting, all through the intelligent use of protagonists and supporting actors. Often works by tone humorous and light-hearted, isekai are great stories if you’re looking for something fun and exciting to get lost in, and it looks like Forspoken, a new action-adventure title from developers Luminous Productions on which there have been many video insights these days, can offer the same level of entertainment.

In fact, Forspoken players will step into the shoes of Ryse Skark, a powerful and determined divine soul transported into an unknown, insidious and unpredictable world. Ryse will have to find out what happened to her family and face those responsible for their disappearance, while players will be given the task of combining parkour and attacks in visually rich environments.


mack, captain of the expedition

Exception is the brand new Netflix original anime, originating from the meeting of big names such as Otsuichi to the screenplay, Ryuichi Sakamoto to the music, Yoshitaka Amano (designer of the famous Final Fantasy series, which also includes the “almost” announced Final Fantasy 9 Remake) to character design. Exception, directed by Yuzo Sato, makes you think about the purpose ofhumanity and shows with an excellent English dubbing (unfortunately only subtitles in our language are available).

Starring Nolan North and Chikahiro Kobayashi as Lewis, Robbie Daymond and Takahiro Sakurai as Mack, Ali Hillis and Yuko Kaida as Nina, Eugene Byrd and Takanori Hoshino as Oscar, and Nadine Nicole and Atsumi Tanezaki as Patty, Exception is a sci-fi horror thriller which tells the not at all peaceful story of a “human” crew created through 3D printing who are sent into space in search of a planet that is suitable for terraforming.

The printed copies of the crew have been provided to use the chosen planet for this purpose, however the originals are traveling on a transport ship a hundred years away from their point of arrival, in cryosleep, which makes them an isekai to all effects. While the crew prepares basic procedures, a malfunction of the system causes the deformation of one of the crew members, and from there on the series starts at an increasingly fast pace.

With its stunning graphics, intense action sequences and emotional depth, Exception is sure to capture your heart as you cheer on our heroes in their mission to save humanity. The exceptional animation style used in Exception, thanks to the character design by Yoshitaka Amano, helps to make the narrative stand out addictive and horror elements. Each episode builds on the tension created by previous events and ensures that viewers never guess what awaits them.

Also, the characters are characterized greatly, both graphically and psychologically, making them look like real people with whom we can sympathize or even relate in some way. The series also offers a lot of action scenes exciting which further ramp up the drama and keep viewers hooked until its shocking conclusion. If you’re looking for something different from the typical Isekai (while still staying within the genre), then this series is definitely worth checking out!

Alice in the Borderlands

alice in borderlands, the protagonist Arisu and his companions

Alice in Borderlands it is certainly not the first Japanese or Korean drama produced by Netflix, but this series is much more ambitious and far-reaching. Based on the manga of the same name by Haro Aso, Alice in Borderland has a modern Tokyo as its setting and has Ryohei Arisu as its protagonist, a teenager who loves video games who spends a lot of his time in his room or outside, at to wander with friends without a real destination, usually in Shibuya.

Arisu is a normal boy, certainly very smart, but without particular hopes or desires, and above all he feels trapped: he is unable to look to the future and his present is mundane, monotonous. Arisu is eager for excitement and change, befitting his age. At one point, the trio of friends is caught in a fight with the police on Shibuya’s largest and most famous pedestrian crossing, so Arisu and his friends flee inside the station.

After the lights go out, silence falls and our people find themselves in a new deserted Tokyo (or that’s what they think at first), a silent parallel universe full of deadly games ready to see them as participants. Those who remained in the city are “the players” who must participate in the various challenges around Tokyo to earn the typical playing cards with numbers and figures corresponding to visas for permanence. The higher the number of the challenge they participate in, the more difficult the game is, but also the more days of stay they possess. Running out of days entails the death direct, so Arisu and his friends must compete with the other survivors to have any hope of survival.


Momonga with his subordinates

Overlords is a popular anime series that follows the adventures of a powerful and mysterious character known as Momonga. Momonga, who was once a human, finds himself in one strange virtual world with memories of his previous life, but in a different body. He discovers that the world she is in is a MMORPGs he used to play, called Yggdrasil, but now all of its inhabitants have been replaced by PNGs. With no one else to turn to for guidance and feeling helpless before the power of this new world, Momonga decides to take control and become its ruler.

Thanks to the powers acquired with the experience of Yggdrasil, Momonga begins to build a loyal army of followers who help him defend his reign as Overlord from anyone who would challenge him. His army is made up of various monsters, such as dragons, golems and undead creatures, which he enlists with the promise of loyalty and protection.

The story follows the travel of Momonga as he faces various enemies, including humans and other players who oppose him, as well as other powerful supernatural beings. Along the way, Momonga allies with many potential friends, but also makes numerous enemies due to his tyrannical style of governance. As tensions mount between those who are loyal to him and those who oppose him, will Momonga be able to keep order in this new virtual realm or will chaos consume him? Throughout the Overlord story we see both sides of the conflict of Momonga, who must choose between the loyalty and the evil – something not even death can separate him from – and we see him making difficult choices about how to best serve the interests of his kingdom, while being drawn into situations beyond his control.

It’s an exciting ride, full of interesting characters with different motivations and immense stakes that keep viewers on their toes until the very end, when only one side can emerge victorious. Indeed, for Momonga’s ultimate plan to succeed, he must prove that he is enough loud not only physically through the fight, but also mentally through overcoming the opponents that are in its path. For this reason, each episode presents us with different challenges that must be overcome if we want our hero to reach the victory: Each new challenge brings with it further details both on our protagonist’s past before arriving in Yggdrasil, and on the stories of those around him, which greatly enrich the overall narrative making it even more enjoyable than before.


Forspoken, the protagonist

The Isekai, although they may be repetitive and trivial, they don’t have to be. Forspoken is a prime example of isekai that might even go into countertrend. It’s a game that seems to offer a compelling narrative. It could defy the expectations of traditional isekai by offering its players more than just one adventure, giving them a unique and enchanting experience unlike any other game out there. If you were enchanted by cinematic trailer and give it Forspoken demostry to travel in this world magical with the titles that we have there recommended: you will discover worlds that will really take you beyond our reality and make you dream.

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