“The Last of us”, “Shrinking”, “In place”, the most anticipated series of early 2023

End of the world, political satire, thriller… the beginning of the year 2023 promises to be rich in series of all kinds.

No respite for the series. And especially for viewers. Because 2023 should be rich in novelties. In addition to the new seasons of existing series, channels and platforms will again draw many attractive new series this year. Here are the most promising.

• “The Last of us”

video game adaptation The Last of Us. is one of the most anticipated series of the year. The heroes, Joel and Ellie (Pedro Pascal, ex-Mandalorian and Bella Ramsey, revealed by Game Of Thrones) evolve there in a world devastated by a pandemic which transforms humans into sorts of zombies. The series is overseen by Craig Mazin, to whom we owe the series Chernobyl. and video game creator Neil Druckmann. It is not yet known on which platform the HBO series will be broadcast in France.

On HBO January 15

• “Poker face”

Rian Johnson’s series, which is currently triumphing with the sequel to At daggers drawn, Glass Onion, has for heroine Natacha Lyonne. The actress of Orange is the new black and Russian doll, plays Charlie Cale, a young woman capable of discerning if someone is lying to her. His path is paved with crimes and mysteries to solve. Over the course of 10 episodes she meets a whole gallery of characters, played by Adrien Brody, Chloë Sevigny, Ron Pearlman, Nick Nolte or Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

On Peacock January 26

• “In place”

In place the series created by Jean-Pascal Zadi and François Uzan (Family Business), brings together Éric Judor, Benoit Poelvoorde, Fadily Camara, Marina Foïs, Fary, Panayotis Pascot and Pierre-Emmanuel Barré. The hero of simply black there embodies an idealistic educator propelled into the presidential race by accident.

On Netflix, January 20

• “Shrinking”

The new series from Bill Lawrence, the creator of Scrubs and of Ted Lasso, features Harrison Ford in the role of a shrink. Jason Segel and Brett Golstein (who plays Roy Kent, the foul-mouthed footballer in Ted Lasso) are also at the helm of the scenario.

A homecoming for Harrison Ford, who before being Han Solo or Indiana Jones started his career taking small roles in series such as The Virginian, On the trail of crime Where Gunsmoke.

On Apple TV+, January 27, 2023

• “The Night Laurier Gaudreault Woke Up”

This series is Xavier Dolan’s first foray into the small screen. Adapted from the play of the same title by Michel Marc Bouchard, The Night Laurier Gaudreault Woke Up combines thriller and family drama. This series in 5 episodes follows Mireille, back in her family after the death of her mother. This tense reunion brings to light a secret buried thirty years earlier by Mireille, one of her brothers Julien and their best friend, Laurier.

Early 2023 on Canal+

• “The Idol”

Announced in 2021, this series by Sam Levinson, creator of the phenomenon Euphoria and The Weeknd recounts the encounter between a rising star of American pop, embodied by Lily Rose Deppand the guru of a sect, camped by The Weeknd. Sulphurous at will.

Stream 2023 on HBO

• “Wolf Pack”

More than 20 years later buffy the vampire slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar reconnects with supernatural creatures. Teenagers see their lives turned upside down after fires in California wake up a terrifying creature, promises the scenario of wolf-pack.

January 26, 2023 on Paramount +

• “Wonderman”

No superheroes in sight in this wonder man. Tristan Séguéla and Olivier Demangel’s series tackles the Bernard Tapie myth. The man of a thousand lives, who disappeared in October 2021, was certainly not delighted to see his existence thus brought to the screen. But seeing the actor Laurent Lafitte slipping into the skin of the businessman, actor, politician, singer is enough to arouse curiosity.

Laurent Lafitte in the skin of Bernard Tapie for the series "wonder man" on Netflix.
Laurent Lafitte in the skin of Bernard Tapie for the series “Wonderman” on Netflix. © Netflix

Stream 2023 on Netflix

• “Three Body problem”

Evoked since 2020, the new series from the creators of Game Of ThronesDB Weiss and David Benioff, from the science fiction literary trilogy Trilogy of the three bodies by Liu Cixin, is expected this year on Netflix. If the universe of this series is a thousand leagues from Game Of Throneshowever, we will find some faces revealed by the series, such as John Bradley (Samwell Tarly) and Liam Cunningham (Ser Davos).

Stream 2023 on Netflix

• “Connection”

Eva Green, Vincent Cassel star in this Apple TV+ production with an international cast. We will also come across in this thriller, the actors Gérard Lanvin, Peter Mullan, or even Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu whose career was relaunched by Emily In Paris. Connection is a creation of Virginie Brac, screenwriter ofgears.

Vincent Cassel and Eva Green in the Apple TV+ series, "Connection".
Vincent Cassel and Eva Green in the Apple TV+ series, “Liaison”. © AppleTV+

Current 2023 on Apple TV+

• “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story”

This queen charlotte opens the ball for the spin-offs of the series Bridgerton, one of Netflix’s biggest hits. This series tells the young years of Queen Charlotte, future wife of King George III, crossed in the first two parts of Bridgerton.

Stream 2023 on Netflix

“The Last of us”, “Shrinking”, “In place”, the most anticipated series of early 2023