The moments of loneliness of parents whose baby does not want to sleep

Desperate mamma

Become a parent, is to experience great moments of happiness. And discovery. The one that fiction sometimes catches up with reality. This is apparently the case for Sarah, 30, mother of Tom and Emma: “Do you remember the character of Lynette, in Desperate Housewives, who took her baby in the car to put him to sleep? Well I also apply the technique of the turn of the block. As my little second never finds sleep despite my vain attempts, I take him for a ride in the car. It’s the only thing that calms him…”

In mum fitness mode

We all want to do squats in the middle of the night. But siiii! Just to relax and feel good in your body after a good little sweat. But siiii! Come on, well, we admit: sleeping from time to time for 8 hours in a row is great too, even if you can find advantages in exercising in the middle of the night: “I am an avid gym goer. But if there’s one session I could do without, it’s the 2 am session! When my son wakes up in the middle of the night, the best way I’ve found to rock him is to do squats, which means bending my legs and then coming back up… At least I’ll know who to thank when I I’ll have buttocks of steel and I’ll put on my bathing suit to go to the beach! “says Hélène, 38, mother of Jules, Jade and Marceau. The same is true for this mother who prefers another discipline: walking: “To rock my children, I put them in their stroller. It helps me put them to sleep, but I must admit that I look completely out of place walking them around the house like that…” Alicia, 27 years old, mother of Nina.

Apples, pears, pasta… and my mental load

Occasionally, parental mental burden take the top. In the middle of the night. You know what I mean ? In any case, Pauline, 29, Paul’s mother, knows the subject well: “My baby has always liked me talking to him to put him to sleep. That’s how I found myself making him the shopping list for the next day, or other oddities that crossed my mind when my mind was foggy. Seen from the outside, it really must have looked like nonsense!”

Sleep, I want it!

We need to be explained! There are everyday things that escape us. Almost supernatural phenomena. How to explain that Dad continues to sleep like a marmot on sleeping pills when Baby cries and screams to set off all the alarms in the house? “The worst moment of despair for a mom is when baby starts screaming and dad continues to sleep peacefully. Does he pretend? Does he have natural earplugs? Nobody knows. As I wake up at the slightest sigh, I have to shake him in all directions for Monsieur to finally open his eyes and take over. Of course, he goes back to sleep in 5 minutes when on my side, I toss and turn in bed for ages”. Alexandra, 35, mother of Louise and Mattéo.

The mom who “Xcel” at night

A small formula, a column more or less? Drafting an email to provide a professional response to a partner…When Baby isn’t sleeping, you might as well keep busy. In any case, Mélissa, 31, mother of Chloé, knows how: “When baby wakes up at 4 a.m., and a big stressful meeting awaits me the next day, I sometimes work until my usual wake-up time while everyone is sleeping. Funny life of mom!”.

Breast comfort

“I chose to breastfeed my first child, so of course I manage the nights from A to Z. In order not to wake up my spouse who leaves for work early, I go to the living room, put on some soft music… and fall asleep often with the baby. I wedge myself well with cushions so that there is no danger. I wake up a few hours later on the sofa, not really in good shape, often with a small trickle of slightly humiliating drool on my lips !” Camille, 26, mother of Emma.

This is the rhythm of the night, oh yeah!

Tidying up is a real passion for some parents (Marie Kondo, influencer of the genre has also been their priestess for several years, amen). But more and more, cleaning is becoming so too! The proof, the TV programs on the subject are linked on all the channels. The most enthusiastic do not fail to have fun even at night: “I stopped working to raise my children, so I live more or less at their pace. When my baby sleeps during the day, I take the opportunity to recover! And when he’s not sleeping at night, I put him in the Kangaroo, and sometimes I do laundry at 3 in the morning. It’s a bit strange, but I’m optimizing my time!” Cécile, 39, mother of Alma, Tim and Nino.

Take a child by the hand…

To take him to tomorrow… said the song by Yves Duteil, a famous French singer of the 80s. But to take him by the hand, he would already have to stop fidgeting a little. For Johanna, 36, mother of Juliette and Florian, the question does not arise, she can take her children’s hands as well as their feet: “Like almost all children, my children went to bed very early, but for my part, I did not want to go to bed right away when I had just come home from work. Of course, at 6 o’clock in the morning, they were in great shape. So I took them to bed with me in the hope that they would go back to sleep a bit. But instead, they were having a lot of fun and kicking me around, scratching my face. Needless to say, it was the sure tachycardia when I had just micro-slept…”

Google Addicted

We may look for good excuses, deny the obvious, say that it is not our fault, claim that we can stop when we want, there, now, but there is evidence that does not lie about our relationship with Google friend: “The first few months after the birth of my daughter were hell. She was waking up all the time, and screaming. Before I knew it was digestive issues, I spent hours upon hours in the middle of the night looking at sites and blogs trying to find solutions to soothe it. That way, I felt less alone…” Stéphanie, 27, mother of Lisa.

The moments of loneliness of parents whose baby does not want to sleep