The radical transformation of Emma Myers after leaving behind her role as Enid in Merlina

Emma Myers, who plays Merlina’s doting friend Enid, has just transformed her image for a new role in the family film Family Leave, starring Jennifer Garner.

merlin is a series of Netflix which premiered in 2022 and shows a new version of the story of the eldest daughter of the Addams family, this time away from the family nucleus to study at a school with young people with supernatural powers like hers. The show is an adaptation of Tim Burton for the streaming platform and became a ratings success from its premiere.

In merlinseries starring the actress Jenna Ortega Who we already knew from You, the creators introduced fans to Enid Sinclair, who will become an odd best friend to the dark protagonist. Enid is a werewolf girl who has not been able to turn and who is harassed by her mother to go to a camp where she can finally have her first howl. The plot makes direct reference to the terrible conversion camps that are used in some parts of the world to try to change individuals who identify with a different gender than the one they were born with.

Enid Sinclair, character played by the actress Emma MyersShe is cheerful and outgoing. From the first moment she meets Merlina she tries to be her friend and seeks to include her in her group. However, Merlina’s attitude makes this objective very difficult for her because Jenna Ortega’s character prefers to be alone and not have any kind of friends. At the end of the first season, she undergoes a radical change that is essential to the plot.

Emma Myers’ character Enid Sinclair assists Merlina in almost every task the latter sets for herself, no matter what it takes or what the consequences are. For this reason, she gets so upset when Jenna Ortega’s character puts her in danger, without thinking about the consequences that her actions could have had. Fortunately, she Merlina offers him some kind of apology and they end the first installment of the Netflix series being quite close.

Emma Myers left behind her role as Enid in Merlina

Emma Myers, the young actress who plays Enid Sinclair in Merlina, has just signed with a studio to star in the new movie of jennifer garner call family leave. The movie is based on the book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Bedtime for Mommy. It is unknown at the moment what will be the role that the star will play, however it was learned that filming is about to start.

Recently, Emma Myers of Merlina appeared in an interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in which she looks very different than she did for her role as Enid Myers. The actress, who continues to have short hair, chose a shade that was slightly darker than the platinum blonde she had on the show. In addition, she showed a modern style that made her look like a woman and not like the teenager that fans enjoyed in the series.. probably this new look is part of the film in which it will be.

The radical transformation of Emma Myers after leaving behind her role as Enid in Merlina