The Rings of Power: What does the constellation “The Stranger” seeks mean?

A mysterious constellation is at the heart of the concerns of “the Stranger”, this man fallen from the sky. The series of rings of power remains very evasive. However, “meteor man” is not the only one interested in it…

Episode 5 of rings of power is now available to stream on Prime Video, Amazon’s SVOD platform. For who has not seen it yet, be careful: the following elements will reveal part of the plot and return to past elements. If you haven’t seen the series yet, come back later so you don’t get spoiled.

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Who is the Stranger in The Rings of Power ?

The Stranger who accompanies the hobbits remains a mystery. Who is he ? What does he want ? Why did it “fall from the sky” like a meteor? Where does he get his power from? Competing theories have been trying for several weeks to see things through. Maybe it’s Gandalf? Or another mage of his order? A new character? And, why not Sauron?

What is certain is that this strange character — whose learning to speak is progressing — is obsessed with a constellation. She remains an enigma at this point in the series, but this arrangement of stars has obviously happened before. This figure on the celestial vault could probably reproduce itself, under still unknown circumstances.

constellation fireflies
The constellation, drawn in the sky by the Stranger, thanks to fireflies, in episode 2. // Source: Amazon Prime Video

If the meaning of this group of stars is still unclear, we now know that the Stranger is not the only one to be interested in it. Episode 5 shows a group of sinister-looking characters on the trail of “meteor man” — a nickname given to him by netizens. They are seen investigating the Stranger’s impact zone, where everything has burned around.

Looking closely at the scene, we see that one of the members of the group is holding in his hands a plate which seems to be used as an astronomical instrument. In any case, on its surface is engraved the mysterious constellation which obsesses the Stranger. Are we to understand that they are looking for the same thing? Or that they are after the mysterious “meteor man” and that these stars are a way to find him?

villains constellation
On the held object, stars connected by lines. Coincidence? I do not think so. // Source: Amazon Prime Video

This small group is certainly hostile and its members seem to have some supernatural abilities. In any case, one of the three almost seems to teleport, passing in an instant from the top of a cliff to the impact crater located deep in a canyon. And, it is this character that is of most concern: is it Sauron in disguise? Or one of his servants?

The Stranger seems to be of the same stamp as these three. In any case, they all seem to know how to wield magic in one way or another. Is he trying to run away from them? Was he an elder of their order? This is quite unlikely: he arrived naked on earth and was unable to articulate two words in front of the hobbits. The other three seem much less lost.

constellation map
The constellation was already known: it appears on old maps belonging to hobbits. // Source: Amazon Prime Video

A connection to Mordor?

Perhaps this constellation of stars is a reference to Mordor. Maybe it’s a celestial map saying get there. After all, you could say that the lines between the stars represent the mountain ranges that separate this region from the rest of Middle Earth. Then, the series has already hit us with another symbol, which precisely designated Mordor.

This theory remains to be verified, but we know that Sauron must have established himself in Mordor during the Second Age, the period in which The Rings of Power. Unless this is all a red herring. But, if it turns out to be correct, it could accredit the hypothesis that the Stranger is a mage (Gandalf?) who came from Valinor to help Middle-earth fight against Sauron.

Mordor Rings of Power 1
The mountain ranges surrounding Mordor, on the right, bear an air of resemblance to the outline of the constellation. // Source: Amazon Prime Video
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The Rings of Power: What does the constellation “The Stranger” seeks mean?