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Fans will be delighted to learn that they can watch Joseph Morgan as the season’s big bad on Titans, but no one will ever forget him as the eternal big bad that was Klaus Mikaelson. Despite being the villain of The Vampire Diaries, fans found themselves supporting him on The Originals.

Klaus was a very complicated character – never just good or just bad. He was evil but proved capable of empathy, and above all else he was known as someone who would do anything to protect his family and the people he loved. However, one character isn’t nearly as iconic, spanning shows and episodes, not picking up a few plot holes along the way.

Create 12 hybrids only to kill them

This was one of the biggest plot holes regarding Klaus, and it all boils down to throwing tantrums. Klaus goes through a lot to create his own hybrid family, which often felt more like an army. He even tried to drain Elena’s blood to create as much as he could.

However, in a moment of rage, he kills all of the hybrids except Tyler to prove some sort of point. It meant everything he did, and the harm he did to others was literally for nothing.

Have a soft spot for Caroline

The so-called romance between Klaus and Caroline didn’t start on a good note. In fact, Klaus tried to kill Caroline by giving her a werewolf bite, then at the last minute he came to the rescue.

But what doesn’t make sense is what the two had in common, except for sexual chemistry. He was 1000 years older than her and Caroline was a teenager at the time, so why she had caught his attention and why he had put up with her often childish behavior didn’t make much sense.

Klaus’ double fangs in flashbacks

It’s mostly a continuity plot hole, but once Klaus becomes a hybrid, he has dual fangs – those of the vampire and the werewolf. These can be seen often when he is in a fight. However, he should only have them after he reverses the curse and activates the werewolf gene.

But Klaus’ double fangs do show up in some flashbacks to when his werewolf gene was still dormant, so there’s no way he already has the double fangs.

Klaus being invincible

In The Vampire Diaries, Klaus is the ultimate big bad. While everyone is afraid of him, he is often beaten by the residents of Mystic Falls, just like the other original vampires. Although they pose a great threat, they have proven they can be beaten.

However, on The Originals, Klaus is seen taking on entire armies and remaining undefeated. He often faced great villains and powerful supernatural beings, and yet remained undefeated, until Hollow finally slowly brought him to his demise.

Klaus doesn’t care about hope

After Klaus gets used to the idea of ​​having a daughter, it becomes clear early on that he would do anything for her. Even though he has many enemies, everything he does seems to be for the purpose of providing him with a safer place to live. Klaus literally became a hero for Hope.

That’s why it’s so unusual for Klaus to end up being an absentee dad. Even though the Hollow keeps him from being near Hope physically, he ignores her letters and lets her think he doesn’t care. We never really explained why he did this, but luckily they were able to spend a few more moments together.

Wish always and forever

Klaus can’t stop saying how much his family means to him. The vow to always and forever seems so important to him, and yet he keeps breaking it himself. He stabs his siblings to get rid of them and hurts them repeatedly, which often results in some really hilarious quotes from his side.

Klaus always says he would kill anyone who sued his family, but when they killed Kol in The Vampire Diaries, he never sued Jeremy and Elena for killing him. It seems that the wish is only real when it is practical.

He is unable to control his temper

Klaus is over 1000 years old. He had a lot more time to learn to control his temper. But even though his siblings have somewhat mastered this, he is repeatedly seen as someone who has no self-control and does what he wants in the moment.

It makes no sense for Klaus to have survived this long with his impulsiveness and love of tantrums that never directly benefit him. He’s pretty invincible, but, as proven at the end, not completely invincible. It’s a small miracle that no one has managed to kill him before.

He uses other people’s bodies (except when he needs to)

On The Vampire Diaries, Klaus is seen using Alaric’s body to do his dirty work early on. He does this with the help of a few witches and does it often enough that it kind of becomes his thing.

However, later in The Vampire Diaries and throughout The Originals, Klaus is never seen using this trick again. Also, when his mother suggests that he might switch bodies to stay safe, he is all against it.

He never turns into a werewolf

Throughout Klaus’ time on The Vampire Diaries, viewers learn that Klaus has a werewolf gene, but that hasn’t been exploited due to a curse placed on him. Klaus spends several episodes trying to reverse the curse, even killing Aunt Jenna in the process.

But after breaking it, it is not mentioned often anymore. The only aspect Klaus uses is werewolf venom, which is lethal to non-original vampires. But he never changes or uses any of the other skills that come with it.

He goes from villain to hero

It was quite unusual how easy it was for Klaus to go from being the number one villain of The Vampire Diaries to being the anti-hero of The Originals. Fans rooted for him, even though they knew he killed many of their favorite characters on TVD.

What was more unusual is that Klaus didn’t really change much when he entered the new series. He always remained ruthless and killed beloved characters during his tantrums, but fans somehow learned to embrace him. We don’t really know how it was possible, but it worked.

The Vampire Diaries: 10 Klaus Mikaelson Plot Holes That Make No Sense | Pretty Reel