The Watcher, the explanation of the finale in view of season 2: was it the house?

Given the success that The Witcher continues to get in the top ten on Netflix and its surprise renewal for a season 2, let’s find out together the explanation of the ending and what to expect from the new episodes of the TV series.

If you are feeling a little dizzy after watching the ending of The Watcherthe new Ryan Murphy series on Netflix, do not worry: everything is normal, you too have not entered the mental tunnel in which the protagonists of the show based on a true story ended up. After the surprising renewal for a second season, it seems only right to take stock of the situation on this series that has climbed the top ten of the platform very quickly, especially after the success of another serial creature of Murphy, Dahmer – Monster: The story of Jeffrey Dahmer. Let’s find out together the explanation of The Watcher’s ending and what to expect from season 2. Ça va sans dire, this article contains spoilers about The Watcher ending.

Was it the house?

The Watcher 1X07 Naomi Watts Bobby Cannavale

The Watcher: A disturbing scene from the series

We were already joking in ours review of the first episode of The Watcher asking this question: “Was it the house?“referring to the narrative topos of the horror genre that Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan they had already used in their filmography, starting with American Horror Story: Murder House. A theme so dear to them that it also returned in the first season of the spin-off American Horror Stories. Theme that we then found in The Watcher where, after seven episodes, the authors choose not to give an effective solution to the mystery. This is because just like in the true story from which the show is based “the Watcher has never been found“, as the final disclaimer states. What the two showrunners have decided to do is propose many possible culprits and many possible resolutions, without saying which is the correct one, as if we were in the film Gentlemen, the crime served. It might not even be true. none of them or that they all contributed to being the Watcher and maintaining that cursed halo over the house at 657 Boulevard Westfield, just like in Murder on the Orient Express.

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Everyone is a suspect

The Watcher 1X07 Mia Farrow Terry Kinney

The Watcher: A scene from the last episode

The suspects during the season were multiple for the couple played by Bobby Cannavale and Naomi Watts, or Dean and Nora Brannock, who moved to the outskirts of New Jersey because everything should have been quieter and safer, and instead it soon turned into a nightmare. with open eyes. It started with the neighbors – the sui generis sibling couple Jasper (Terry Kinney) and Pearl (Mia Farrow), head of the Westfield Preservation Society, an unofficial association that serves to preserve the architecture and décor of homes in the neighborhood from constant renovations, which usually anyone who buys a house takes care of to make the house “more his”. But it is as if this house had an identity of its own and no one should own it, ever. A possible metaphor of reversed toxic masculinity, which in the story is represented by the protagonist couple, with Nora acquiring more and more independence, including economic independence from her husband, after her debts and her misdeeds come out of her. The association also seems to be part of Bill Webster (Joe Mantello), whom we saw wandering in the underground tunnel leading to the Brannock house and who introduced himself to Dean as a certain John, who could be the mysterious John Graff. The story of him is inspired by another true story: that of John List, who killed his mother, wife and children always in Westfield but in another house. On the show Graff eliminated his own family at 657 Boulevard and cut out his own face from all the photos of the house and disappeared into thin air, so that no one would know what he really looked like.

The Watcher Joe Mantello

The Watcher: A scene from the last episode

Possible culprits include nosy neighbors Mo (Margo Martindale) and MItch (Richard Kind), the couple whose drug addict son faked death to take insurance money. In the last few episodes, Mitch really died of cancer and she became a widow and joined the neighborhood association. Was the former owner of the house played by Seth Gabel right about the neighborhood sect and the blood sacrifices she had accused them of? The Observer could also be the guy who took care of installing the cameras in the house, Dakota (Henry Hunter Hall), whose videogamer is just The Watcher and who had secretly put one in the Brannocks’ bedroom. Or Nora’s former college friend, now a real estate agent, Karen (Jennifer Coolidge), who from the very beginning had tried to sell the house to her family in order to make money with her boss. Or finally Karen’s secret lover, Detective Chamberland (Christopher McDonald), who incidentally never seemed too cooperative in actually discovering the identity of the Watcher who sent the mysterious threatening letters to the Brannocks. The last letter was then written by Dean himself who, desperate for debt, at that point wanted to sell the house at all costs. In the finale, even Theodora Birch (Noma Dumezweni), the private investigator hired by Dean and suffering from cancer, is even self-accusing, now dying. Her explanation of her to events doesn’t seem totally satisfying and at her funeral we learn from her daughter that she had made up everything to try and give that family some peace.

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Stockholm syndrome

The Watcher 1X07 Noma Dumezweni

The Watcher: a moment from the Netflix series

The resolution of the Netflix series, as we explained in our explanation of The Watcher ending, is in short a non-resolution that simply offers all the possible scenarios, without revealing which is – and if indeed there is – the legitimate one. It also leaves a few unfinished business such as the little girl with pigtails who was recorded with Dean at night on the camera in the bedroom. A little girl seen only from behind wearing that cherry night dress, the same as John Graff’s daughter who was killed in the Westfield house. John Graff who we don’t know if he really matches Bill Webster, as we have already said, but who at the association meeting is recognized by Roger Kaplan (Michael Nouri), the retired professor who had initiated his students atOde to a house, which later became a Facebook page with a large following. Kaplan, another possible suspect, only says “I seem to have seen it before … yes I know it“without giving a name to the man, but we can easily guess who he is referring to. The true final message of The Watcher however, it seems to be not so much and not only that the suburbs can turn out to be much less idyllic than it appears to appear and that dirty clothes are always washed in houses with white fences and the lawn is always well kept, as Desperate Housewives had already explained – The secrets by Wisteria Lane and many other series before and better than her. Rather, she seems to want to underline how you risk becoming victims of your obsession if you don’t manage to get out of it in time, as happened to Andrew Pierce (Gabel) in the story. And as it seems to happen in the final scenes to the same Dean and Nora, who lie to each other about controlling the new owners of 657 Boulevard. Perhaps they even leave letters for him in the mailbox, continuing in a certain sense and in a cyclical way the work of the Observer, because that house cannot belong to anyone.

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Towards season 2

The Watcher 1X07 Naomi Watts Bobby Cannavale 2

The Watcher: a moment from the last episode

Given the explanation of The Watcher’s ending, the renewal for one season 2 on the part of the platform leaves a little perplexed, despite the success obtained, word of mouth and chatter. This is thanks to the fact that Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan have been able to combine the supernatural and the real, given the horror elements of the “haunted house” and the stalking threat of the mysterious Watcher. That said, Netflix has not yet specified whether the new episodes will still follow the Brannocks, thus returning to the cast Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale and some of the other characters. Or maybe it could become an anthological series, as the authors had already done by repotating them symbolically on TV right from American Horror Story on. The new season could also follow the couple as they try to rebuild a life in a new home but again receive threats from the Watcher, but it seems a bit redundant choice, unless it reveals new elements about the general mystery.

The Watcher, the explanation of the finale in view of season 2: was it the house?