The Witcher Blood Origin: we know more about the characters of the Netflix spin

news culture The Witcher Blood Origin: we know more about the characters of the Netflix spin-off!

On December 25, Netflix subscribers will once again be able to dive into the world of The Witcher, not with season 3, expected for 2023, but with Blood Origin. As announced, it will be a spin-off, which will return to the colonization of the Continent by humans, the Conjunction of the Spheres, and the creation of the first witcher.

Many of us know the story of Geralt de Riv, whether through games from CD Projekt, novels by Andrezj Sapkowski, or the Netflix series with Henry Cavill. But Geralt’s adventures take place in a context where witchers are starting to run outand only briefly explain where these mutant warriors, destined to eliminate monsters and other supernatural threats.

The Witcher Blood Origin: Michelle Yeoh at the heart of the plot

But for Geralt to become a witcher, there was a first. The Witcher: Blood Originit’s a mini-series in four episodes which will take place 1200 years before The Witcherand which will focus its story around three main axes: the Conjunction of the Spheres, a cosmic event that caused arrival of the monsters on the Continent, the progressive conquest of the world of elves by humans, and the creation of the first witcher.

Declan De Barra, the showrunner, recently gave a lengthy interview on Netflix’s official website, letting us to know more about the scenario, the structure of the series or its size “very nuanced”. As you may know, one of the three main elf characters, Scian, will be played by Michelle Yeoh (Shang-Chi, Star Trek, The Lady). She will be accompanied by Sophia Brown and Laurence O’Fuarain, who will play Éile and Fjall. The latter, from different backgrounds, will travel from north to south via Xintrea, which fans of the license know as Cintra. Of Michelle Yeoh, the showrunner said:

You write about the strengths of this actor. You know what they did, so you also know she wants to do something new. You don’t want to repeat the same things. It had a lot to do with this character and the way we wrote her. And then chat with Michelle. She thought Scian wouldn’t swear, based on her story. I came back and said, “That’s actually true.” His tribe was separated from the rest of society. It was a “very high” separation and she behaves differently than all the other characters. Even though she is part of the team, she feels supernatural. Not distant but, but above.

A narrator, an adviser from below, and a duo born under a comet

Scian should therefore almost appear as a Sage, asserting her rank. But Michelle Yeoh, Sophia Brown and Laurence O’Fuarain aren’t the only characters on the show. Minnie Driver was recently announced cast in the role of the narrator, and we will also find Mirren Mack (Merwyn), Lenny Henry (Balor), as well as the characters Syndril and Zacaré.

(Minnie Driver) plays a Seanchaí, a shape-shifting storyteller who can travel between worlds and eras. She is essentially a collector of forgotten stories. She believes this story needs to be retold in the modern Witcher world for progress to be made in the future.

The Witcher Blood Origin: we know more about the characters of the Netflix spin-off!

A central character therefore, who will visibly do the bridge between the main series and this untold story designed for Netflix. As for Mirren Mack, whom we could see in season 2 of Sex Education, Declan De Barra indicates that she had auditioned for another rolebut that quickly, his compatibility with Princess Merwyn appeared:

(…) She had about four lines, I said: ‘Stop it. Please give her the part dedicated to Merwyn, she is incredible’. Merwyn is a princess. Due to the part of the Continent in which she lives, she lives in a patriarchal monarchy. She was born into a monarchy, but all she really is is a vessel to give life and currency for the future.

It must be a horrible existence growing up like this, knowing from birth that you are nothing but a broodmare (bred mare) and something to be sold by the people you think you love. But she has a fire inside her – she wants more in life.

Because she was locked up in this palace, devoid of true friends, she found solace in books. Merwyn loved the stories of the elves arriving on the continent with that famous conqueror, Solryth. She was a female warrior who conquered the dwarves and took over the Continent and brought the art and culture of the high elves. Merwyn would love to do that, but she’s paralyzed.

The Witcher Blood Origin: we know more about the characters of the Netflix spin-off!

Balor, meanwhile, is a powerful character, whose origins are more than modest, but who had a destiny. This character, royal adviser, was found barely born surrounded by flowers, which was seen as an omen. But Balor had nothing of the High, and that’s ambition and determination which allowed him to arrive at the king’s side. According to the showrunner, the character knows that he is despised and jealous, and it is from this contempt that his determination is born. A character who therefore makes it possible to be interesting, situated between absolute power and the disdain of the rest of his people. We’ll see what role he will have to play in the creation of the first witcher, and the struggle for the survival of the Elves. Finally, the interview evokes Syndril and Zacaré, two characters separated by events but also linked by a form of destiny:

There is another kind of magic in this world. In The Witcher timeline, chaos magic rules. Blood Origin features a form of primitive elven magic. It’s more earthly and has more to do with the elements. Syndril and Zacaré were born in the same village, under the same comet that appeared in the sky. They were related by this essentially as celestial twins, although they had different mothers. They had the same powers and the same bond. And then there was a terrible event that separated them. They are brought together by the circumstances of this story. They must work together and use their magic together to survive and save the world.

The Witcher Blood Origin: we know more about the characters of the Netflix spin-off!The Witcher Blood Origin: we know more about the characters of the Netflix spin-off!

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The Witcher Blood Origin: we know more about the characters of the Netflix spin-off!