They give new life to the classic The marked hour

The new season of the unitary of terror that captivated a generation, now produced by Patricio Wills and Carlos Bardasano, “is not a remakeit’s a resurrection,” says show runner Luis Reséndiz in an interview with The Sun of Mexico.

35 years after its first version, the hour marked is back with innovative stories and, in addition to keeping the public on the edge of their seats, seeks to be a platform that encourages new talent directorsas happened in 1988 with Guillermo del Toro, Alfonso and Carlos Cuarón, Emmanuel Lubezki, Luis Estrada or Luis Vélez.

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“We bring to life something that seemed already dead and for that the horror forces us to update ourselves. One thing about the scripts of the past is that they were great, but they were scripts of their time.

“The horror It is a genre that is in constant movement and needs new airs, what we did was read more than 80 scripts from the original, we selected the premises that seemed most interesting to us, we took more than 40, we created a huge document of those premises with a brief summary and we gave them to the producers and that served as material to create a new story”, detailed Reséndiz.

For this version nine episodes are worked with scripts of writers Latin Americans such as Abia Castillo, Freddy Chávez, Josh Candia, Luis Reséndiz himself, Ramiro García Bogliano and Tomás Downey.

The address It will be led by Andrés Beltrán, Adrián García Bogliano, Andrés Rothschild, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Issac Ezban, Laura Casabé, Lex Ortega, Michelle Garza Cervera and Roque Falabella.

“We wanted good filmmakers for this project, the objective is to honor that memory of the great filmmakers who were part of the first installment, we looked everywhere, people with a lot of experience and some who were just rearing their heads, for example, we worked with Michelle Garza Cervera, before she released Bonemaker(the film that won the Audience Award at the recent Morelia International Film Festival),” he added.

“We want this project to show that we can do good TV of horror in Mexico, that we can do high-quality things with filmmakers of any type of career,” said Reséndiz.

According to the showrunner, her goal is not to compete against other platformsnor with other productions such as stranger things, since they measure their work against their own effort.

“There is a reality and it is that the budgets are different, it is a reality. What we can do is that each project competes against itself and it is a commitment to the project itself, which we have, from the dashes; I think that this is the key, the scripts have been quite worked on, they have taken more than a year to place the special effects where they have to be, that they look good and not go around watering things down and pay attention to the drama so that this sustains the episodes,” he said.

Each chapter will explore the Mexican culture, which will be represented by its locations, which will be one hundred percent within the capital; they omitted the national legends and myths.

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“The question of the legends is something that must be handled carefully, especially since they have already been known by the audiences, they have been told a lot. Here we went more for the creation of original stories that are set in Latin America, we have stories in convents, of young people who have normal jobs whose lives are exalted by these supernatural things, Mexican towns are reflected.

“We gave it a Latin air, it feels like it’s happening in Mexico, at some diffuse point because we never say where,” he said. the hour marked will be released next year, still without an official date, through ViX+.

They give new life to the classic The marked hour