This weekend in Paris… from January 13 to 15

Friday the 13th… Rather team the 13 brings good luck or the 13 brings bad luck? In any case, this Friday sounds the death knell for this week. The weekend is finally here! And Artistik Rezo too! On the program: many exhibitions, but not only. To prepare your weekend as well as possible, we have programmed a selection of events not to be missed over the next few days…

Friday January 13

Why not start your weekend at the cinema? Released in theaters on January 11, Swing Rendezvous awaits many of you for its first launch weekend.

Théodore, a shy young Parisian, discovers the existence of a song with supernatural powers, an old jazz standard from the 1920s which acts like an elixir of love on the person who hears it.

Wishing to charm Amandine, whom he believes to be the woman of his life, Théodore goes in search of the score. His investigation leads him to New York, where he meets musicians from the swing community who will help him in his adventure.

For the most theatrical among you, the Victor Hugo theater in Bagneux will welcome you with pleasure for the performance of Dandeliona piece created by Arianna F. Grossocordón, around an increasingly topical subject…

How many times have you heard, on the eve of a theatrical performance, the urgent injunction to completely shut down your cell phones. The immersive and interactive performance, Dandelion, requires that you keep this little extension of yourself on. And better that you use it.

Subtitled, “The theory of possible worlds”, the extremely original proposal conceived by the project leader, Arianna F. Grossocordón, invites the public to play with the destiny of the fictional characters put into action by the play.

Reproducing the participation mechanisms offered by social networks, Dandelion is a playful invitation to reflect on the uses and practices of smartphones in our daily lives. And, more broadly, on how social networks shape a new narrative of our own intimacy and expose it publicly.

Deceased last October, Pierre Soulages and his “outrenoir” are honored through the exhibition Shades of black(s), produced by the artists of the Wawi gallery. You can discover it this evening at the opening from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., until January 27.

Not having been honored by a posthumous exhibition, 16 street artists, inspired by the unique technique of Soulages de l’outrenoir or noir-lumière, have decided to pay homage to him.

Free, the course of Shade of black(s) consists of around twenty new creations with black and white paintings and works, as well as a common fresco created by these artists from the French contemporary scene.

(Re)discover now one of the great contemporary French artists, from the perspective and works of the new generation of street artists.

Saturday January 14

For all street art enthusiasts, this Saturday is the marathon of exhibitions not to be missed so as not to miss the last dates of three major galleries.

After its flamboyant opening last December, it’s time to say goodbye to the artist Madame. To end your exhibition in style Crazy bar club!she organizes a bingo closing.

For only €5 a box, try to win goodies, an original piece, and lots of surprises! The opportunity also to meet the artist in person and to be able to discuss his universe.

We therefore expect many of you from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Galerie Artistik Rezo.

Internationally recognized, the Danysz gallery hosted the first exhibition of paintings generated by artificial intelligence. In turn, this is the last date to discover the exhibition 7.1a series of 14 paintings, produced by the artist trio Obvious.

The peculiarity of these paintings, representing the seven wonders of the world, is that half of them are physical, while the other is only digital. Only available in augmented reality, a QR code at the entrance to the gallery allows you to download the Artivive application to be able to admire them. In reality, they represent an extension of the original paintings.

Although these paintings were painted, the digital paintings are the result of an artificial intelligence. During their interview for France 3, the Obvious trio said they had designed an algorithm to transform precise text into images.

For all the curious and technology fans, the exhibition is free, so enjoy it without moderation.

Last day also to enjoy the exhibition Struggle at the GCA Gallery honoring Fikos, alongside many other street artists (C215, DOTMASTERS, DZIA, ETNIK, FLOG, FODE, KURAR, Matthias MROSS, MOMIES, NEBAY, NEVERCREW, ORTICANOODLES, PURE EVIL).

Located in the XIIIea favorite spot for street artists, the GCA Gallery offers a unique artistic experience thanks to its innovative artistic choices and its changing scenography, like the Artistik Rezo gallery.

Through this exhibition, FIKOS wanted to stage the different struggles imposed by life. In a word, the constant struggle that animates us, and sometimes crushes us.

It shows how much life imposes multiple questions, which generates anxiety. The artist looks back over the past three years, which have seen the latter intensify in the face of the health, political, economic and obviously ecological context. It describes how humans must maintain themselves in a constant effort to give structure, form, meaning to their lives, and to themselves.

If you haven’t already, come and discover this meaningful exhibition at the GCA Gallery.

FIKOS – “For Freedom”, 2022 – Acrylic on canvas signed and dated lower right – 100 x 77 cm

Sunday January 15

To end your weekend well, a Sunday outing is in order. The Artistik Rezo team offers to take you on a journey to various countries.

First stopover, bwelcome in Italy. Meet at the Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes where the Food Market puts on Italian colors to delight you throughout the day. And that’s not all… For the more intrepid, put on your skates to take advantage of the famous free Roller Party.

Dance, fun, music, conviviality: come and show off your talent in the Grand Hall on a specially dedicated ephemeral track! Ticket offices will be at your disposal to rent skates. Members of the Paris Roller Dance association will give valuable advice and provide entertainment.

Donations are recommended to participate in the roller party. They will be donated to the On’Tapa association, a non-profit organization whose objective is to develop alternative pedagogies throughout the world and to make them accessible to children in vulnerable situations. Please note, the Roller Party is open to adults and children over 6 years old. Don’t wait any longer and come and set the skating rink on fire!

Want to go even further afield? Enjoy the last day of the exhibition Dar Jassad Conceptthe Body House in Moroccan dialect.

Produced by nine students from ICART, this project aims to question the relationship to the body through the works of six artists offering their own interpretations of this subject, which has become both a political object and a quest for personal freedom.

The exhibition presents artists from different cultures and inspirations, whose works are connected by the theme of the body. Treated in a heterogeneous way, the bodies presented in this exhibition evolve in different spaces and dynamics, thus offering a rich dialogue between multiple representations.

In addition to prompting reflection on the physical presence in space, Dar Jassad Concept also aims to allow spectators to look at themselves, to identify themselves or to confront the bodies presented. QR code devices will also be set up to provide information on the artists and their work. To all art lovers, meet at 6, rue Saint-Blaise in the 20e arrondissement.

Once night has fallen, why not marvel at the scenography of the festival of lights, at the Jardin des Plantes?

With its 4e edition, the Jardin des Plantes light festival presents a night-time light walk in a magical atmosphere. This Sunday will be the last opportunity to enjoy the gigantic illuminated animal statues that line this garden.

After having transported us to the seabed, and to the world of dinosaurs, the Jardin des Plantes reveals the World of the Tiny seen in a big way with its new theme: Enlightenment Mini-Worlds.

This immersion in this tiny, even microscopic universe, makes us discover the functioning of a complex ecosystem, recalling the importance that ” we often need someone smaller than ourselves. »

It would be a shame to miss the opportunity to enjoy such a unique exhibition with friends or family. So don’t hesitate any longer and go ahead and reserve your seats.

To accompany this weekend in music…

It’s with Remi Guirao

Already known to the rock public with his group Arabella, the singer-songwriter is now giving us the tone of his new solo career, between variety and French pop. Light and heady melodies that let the artist’s delicate timbre and poetry come into their own.

These first two singles are taken from the first album I will be there expected in the course of 2023. Rémi Guirao is a singer, author and composer from Grenoble, born in 1996.

His first album is in production, partly arranged by Christophe Casanave (composer of Marc Lavoine, Najoua Belyzel) and mixed by François Delabrière. This LP, which will be completed at the end of June 2022, offers a pop and multigenerational French song.

Through poetic texts that tell of love, the relationship with others and the thirst for a life of pleasure, Rémi Guirao delivers an interpretation with rock energy. Effective and unifying melodies interpreted on stage by a duo formation (Rémi on vocals accompanied by Amaury Pastorelli on drums, machines and synths).

This artist has known and also knows the scene with the pop-rock group Arabella of which he is a singer-songwriter. The group is currently opening up abroad with a new opus. This French quartet which carries the breath of a raw, free and spontaneous indie rock has known how to humbly radiate with a hundred thousand streams and views. Today, Rémi Guirao is ready and needs to start a solo journey to tell his French song.

Artistik Rezo wishes you a good weekend!

This weekend in Paris… from January 13 to 15 – Artistikrezo