Titans Dawn of the Dead Brings DC Zombies to Live

DC’s zombies made their live-action debut in Titans season 4, episode 4, “Super Super Mart,” which features several Dawn of the Dead references. The Super Super Mart in the episode title refers to the mall in Dawn of the Dead where the characters barricade themselves inside to survive the outbreak of a zombie apocalypse. Zombies have appeared in DC stories before, including the DCeased comic book series, but bringing them into live-action is a nice addition to the Titans universe. Referencing Dawn of the Dead also makes for a fun comparison between the different approaches of a group of heroes battling a horde of zombies.

Titans season 4, episode 4 sees the characters return to Agnews Asylum, which burned down in season 1, only to find it’s been rebuilt as a Super Super Mart. While investigating the lower levels, Mother Mayhem summons an army of zombies inside the mall, which includes a reanimated zombie Deathstroke after his death in Season 2. The Titans are forced to fight their way as they protect Sebastian, and there are plenty of Dawn of the Dead Easter eggs thrown in for good measure. This scene opens up plenty of possibilities for other DC characters to appear as zombies, and it also sets Titans apart from the movie it references.

How the Church of the Blood Zombies Compares to the DOTD

The zombies featured in Titans Season 4, Episode 4 share several similarities to those seen in Dawn of the Dead. Both are centered around a shopping mall where the characters must fight for their lives, and the only way to take them out for good is to aim for their heads. This leads to one of the biggest Dawn of the Dead references, where Raven uses a chainsaw to decapitate one of the attacking zombies.

However, there are a few differences between the zombies of Titans and Dawn of the Dead. The zombies shown in Titans are the result of dark magic, but in Dawn of the Dead the outbreak is caused by a mysterious plague of unknown origin. Mother Mayhem also summons zombies from inside the mall, while Dawn of the Dead zombies attempt to reach people from outside. The zombies in Titans are also the ones who get ready and grab the weapons, which is the opposite of most zombie movies. Finally, while the head is still the weak point, the Titans zombies can snap their heads back into place, which Deathstroke does when battling Superboy.

DC Zombies Makes Titans Season 4 Even Wilder

Titans has explored some pretty wild concepts in previous seasons, but the introduction of DC zombies takes the show to the next level. Mother Mayhem and the Church of Blood can now summon an army of the dead, even bringing back fallen enemies of the Titans. Now it remains to be seen which villains will make their return, or if the Titans will be forced to fight their dead friends as reanimated zombies. It might bring more references to Dawn of the Dead or other popular zombie franchises.

All of this also begs the question of what other supernatural elements will appear in Titans season 4. There’s already been a plethora of dark magic, possession, and even death by Blood Serpents. With all of this at their disposal, there’s no telling what horror Mother Mayhem and the Church of Blood will unleash next. Now that the red moon has appeared and Mother Mayhem’s plan is in place, it looks like the Titans will find out soon enough.

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