Totenfrau The Lady of the Dead Netflix TV series – plot, cast, ending

A woman whose husband is killed will have to bring it to justice on her own. But her life will soon be in danger.

Netflix offers the TV series entitled Totenfrau The lady of the dead. It is a drama genre product with a police atmosphere.

The production is of the United States of America. The year of realization is 2022. The series consists of a total of six episodes, each lasting about 45 minutes.

Totenfrau The Lady of the Dead TV series – direction, protagonists, where it is filmed

Directed by Nicolai Rohde. Main protagonists are Brunhilde Blum and Reza Shadid interpreted respectively by Anna Maria Muhe and Yousef ‘Joe’ Sweid. Also in the cast Luis Vorbach in the role of Jacob.

Filming took place in Germanyespecially a Monk and neighboring areas in the territory of the Bavaria.

The production is of Barry Films in collaboration with Mona Film Production and Netflix.

The film is internationally known under the title Woman of the Dead.

Totenfrau Lady of the Dead TV series where it is filmed

Totenfrau The lady of the dead – plot of the TV series broadcast on Netflix

The plot has as its protagonist Brunhilde blum, the owner of a funeral home in a popular ski resort and a loving mother of two young children. Following the accidental death of her husband, she is shaken to the core of her existence. Very soon, blum she realizes that her husband was killed because he was discovering terrible secrets. She sets out in search of the truth animated by a thirst for revenge, but during the pursuit of her, she transforms from predator to prey.

Plot of the first episode

Family happiness blum is shocked when Mark is hit by a car with his motorcycle, one Ducatione morning under the eyes of Brunhilde and soon succumbs to his injuries in hospital. The other person involved in the accident commits a hit-and-run and the police are unable to locate the driver of the car rovers.

Blum threatens Wilhelm Danzbergerthe superior of Markto go to the police station if they don’t find the driver of the Rover. Danzberger asks Blum to return the service weapon of Mark, wondering why he didn’t have it with him when he entered the service. He also finds the wrapper of a milk bottle in her jacket Markdespite being lactose intolerant. blum in shape Massimo Riccico-worker of Markof his suspicion that Mark may have cheated on her with another woman. MaximumHowever, he doesn’t believe it.

Totenfrau Lady of the Dead TV series finale

Totenfrau Lady of the Dead: the complete cast

Below is the cast of the TV series Totenfrau The lady of the dead and the respective characters played by the actors

  • Anna Maria Muhe: Brunhilde Blum
  • Yousef ‘Joe’ Sweid: Reza Shadid
  • Luis Vorbach: Jacob
  • Romina Kuper: Dunja
  • Gregor Bloéb: Bertl Puch
  • Robert Palfrader: Wilhelm Danzberger
  • Simon Schwarz: Pfarrer Jaunig
  • Stephanie Lexer: Elena
  • Felix clare: Herr Blum
  • Franz Josef Danner: Wachman

Totenfrau The Lady of the Dead Netflix TV series – plot, cast, ending