Toys from the Super Mario Bros. movie. include Super Mario Galaxy character

The movie Super Mario Bros. official toys revealed a character not yet confirmed by the trailer: a star-like creature introduced in 2007 super mario galaxy known as Luma. The toys come from a partnership with McDonald’s Happy Meal and are part of a collection that also includes nods to other games from the greats Super Mario franchise, perhaps hinting at the many nods and easter eggs to come when the movie hits theaters this spring.

In super mario galaxy, Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach and takes her to a spaceship in a distant galaxy. To defeat the villain, Mario must travel through several galaxies and find powerful stars that can be used as energy on a space station controlled by Rosalina, a woman who acts as an adoptive mother for the Lumas, who are shooting stars who have no found their place. goal again. Including a Luma in The movie Super Mario Bros. marketing campaign, as indicated on Twitter by the account Nintendo Merchandising Centerindicates that the creatures are part of the film in some way, which only broadens the scope of the ambitious adaptation.

So far we’ve learned that the movie follows Mario (voiced by Chris Pratt) and Luigi (voiced by charlie day) as they are transported to a different dimension after finding mysterious pipes. As Luigi ends up at Bowser’s house (voiced by Jack Black), Mario travels to the Mushroom Kingdom, where he must train to become a hero and defeat King Koopa. Surprisingly, Mario’s training somehow involves Donkey Kong (voiced by Seth Rogen) and the other monkeys of Kong Island. This explains why Nintendo’s fan-favorite gorilla is also part of the new toy collection.

Image via Nintendo Merch Central on Twitter

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In addition to dealing with elements of the Super Mario and donkey kong game franchises, The movie Super Mario Bros. trailer also revealed Mario Kart is part of the Illumination story. That’s because Mario leads the Kongs in a go-kart race on Rainbow Road, the franchise’s most famous course. That’s why there are toys of Mario and Toad (voiced by Key Keegan-Michael) drive karts in the new toy collection. Funnily enough, the McDonald’s partnership also includes a Luigi holding a flashlight, which is a nod to the Luigi’s mansion franchise. In this series of games, Luigi is a ghost hunter who uses his flashlight to weaken Boos and other supernatural threats.

When is The movie Super Mario Bros. Are you coming to theaters?

The movie Super Mario Bros. is led by Aaron Horvath and Michel Jelenic from a script of Matt Fogel. The star-studded voice cast of The movie Super Mario Bros. also includes Anya Taylor Joy like Princess Peach, Kevin Michael Richardson like Kamek, and Fred Armisen like Cranky Kong. The original Mario voice actor, Charles Martinetalso makes appearances throughout the film.

The movie Super Mario Bros. comes out of a warp pipe and hits theaters April 7, 2023. Check out the trailer below:

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