The distribution of the official trailer heralds the release of “Hellraiser”, the new chapter and reboot of the successful horror saga. Inspired by the novel “The Hellbound Heart”, as well as the original 1987 film, the film will be released digitally exclusively on the Hulu platform on October 7th.

Hulu released an official trailer for “Hellraiser”, reboot of the horror saga of the same name. The film is a new adaptation of the novel “The Hellbound Heart” (published in Italy with the title “Slaves of Hell”) by Clive Barker, already a source of inspiration for the first film of the saga, “Hellraiser” released in 1987 and directed by the same author of the book.

“Hellraiser” will therefore be a reboot of the franchise that will ignore what has been told in the ten previous films.

The production has chosen to entrust the direction to the American David Bruckner, already specialized in the horror sector with the direction of “The Night House – The dark house” of 2020 and “The ritual” of 2017. The screenplay was edited by David S. Goyer, Ben Collins And Luca Piotrowski: the latter have already collaborated with director Bruckner precisely by writing the screenplay for the aforementioned films.

Plans for a remake of “Hellraiser” even started in October 2007, but the initial project, which also involved Clive Barker as a producer, it was first modified and then definitively shelved. Only in 2018, following the critical and commercial success achieved with Universal’s “Halloween”, Miramax Films relaunched the intentions of a remake. The green light for production was made official in the first months of 2019 with the sale of the rights of the saga a Spyglass Media Group. And just a few hours ago, very shortly after the release of the film, the promotional trailer was released.

In this transposition, Pinhead will be in a female version with the American actress Jamie Clayton who will play the creepy and iconic villain riddled with pins. The gender swap to the character was also approved by the actor Doug Bradley who had assumed the same role in 1987.

Riley, protagonist of the new “Hellraiser”, will instead have the face of Odessa A’zion, very young american actress.

To complete the cast of the film we find Brandon Flynn, Goran Višnjić, Drew Starkey, Adam Faison, Aoife Hinds, Selina Lo And Hiam Abbass.

“Hellraiser” will have its world premiere at the Beyond Fest of Santa Monica, in California on October 4, 2022 and will be streamed exclusively on Hulu on October 7.

Trailer “Hellraiser”: the analysis

The presentation synopsis of the film reads:

“A young woman struggling with drug addiction comes into possession of an ancient puzzle box, unaware that its purpose is to evoke the Cenobites, a group of sadistic supernatural beings from another dimension.”

The trailer, distributed through Hulu’s official Youtube channel, has a decidedly dark and sinister atmosphere, with some gory images depicting the victims of Pinhead, who for the first time will have the face of a woman.

The clip opens with the dialogue between an elegant and distinguished man who invites a boy to take a particular artifact to be solved as a puzzle. The tension grows thanks to the following montage of images that suggests, as once the puzzle is solved, the boy falls victim to a supernatural creature.

The scene then moves to the protagonist of the film, Riley. It is shown how the young girl comes into possession of Lemarchand’s Cube and how by solving the puzzle she produces a space-time break. It is thanks to this that the Cenobites, demons belonging to another dimension, are able to reach our reality.

Only in the finale of the trailer the demons and above all their leader, Pinhead, are shown in their entirety, with the iconic needles stuck in the face, while in all likelihood they are brutally torturing one of their victims.