Two films that smell like Christmas

During the Christmas holidays, yes you know, one cannot but look back at the past year and all those that preceded it, just as it is impossible not to think of what will come from when that magical number, which has remained the same for 365 days, it will add one unit marking the arrival of a new cycle. Having arrived at the gates of this Christmas 2022 and waiting for 2023, we have therefore decided to take a look back just as we are about to move forward, signaling not one, but two Christmas-themed films: a cult of the past and a new classic , both designed to cheer us up during the holidays and destined to never get old.
OLD BUT GOLD: Love Actually (2003)
Approaching its 20th birthday, Love Actually is one of those cinematic hits destined to make a comeback in-season, out-of-season or just in times when we need a good story, spiced up with endearing characters and witty jokes. Richard Curtis’s is an ensemble film: ten stories intertwine in a London close to the Christmas holidays, ten characters convinced that they have an incontrovertible destiny who will instead find themselves meeting and colliding in the most unpredictable contexts.
The script doesn’t miss a beat and makes use of a really well selected cast. Just a few names: Emma Thompson paired with the unforgettable Alan Rickman, Bill Nighy – in the role of a hilarious decadent rocker – alongside Gregor Fisher, and then again Hugh Grant as prime minister, Keira Knightley, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Andrew Lincoln, even Rowan Atkinson in a dazzling cameo. If you have already seen it, the time has certainly come to renew the vision, perhaps under the covers and with a cup of chocolate to keep you company.
NEW BUT COOL: Spirited – Christmas Magic (2022)
Another story destined not to lose its polish is The Christmas Carol, the best-known story by Charles Dickens already transposed into hundreds of adaptations – animated and not – and which in this 2022 finds itself in a revisited and modern guise.
Spirited – Magia di Natale is a film by Sean Anders that takes its cue from the Dickensian plot to completely overturn it: every Christmas Eve, The Ghost of Christmas Present identifies a soul to be redeemed and commissions the three spirits to pay a visit to the chosen Scrooge. Too bad that this year a tough nut to crack has happened to him: Clint Briggs does not give in to supernatural wills and overturns all the plans of the ghost, who is thus forced to examine his own past, present and future. Destined to become a new Christmas classic, Spirited has all the elements needed to be successful: in addition to dripping with good feelings and playing with the alchemy of the two performers – Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds – the film enjoys a well-paced script and a excellent musical section. The rest is done by bright colors, wild dances, pop references and a long series of funny sketches capable of conquering even the most ardent detractor of Christmas.

Maria Letizia Cilea

Two films that smell like Christmas – The Chronicle of Verona