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In the cinema, from the moment a story opts for a particular genre, be it the only one or the main one among several, its destiny is largely dictated. For example, drama is often considered a superior film genre over others, and this clearly does not guarantee the quality of a film or how it will be received by critics and audiences. However, as we mentioned, you already have some guaranteed respect.

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About terror we cannot say the same since this genre does not have the same luck. That does not mean that we find authentic terrifying jewels, both violent and graphic as well as psychological and even subtle works that, not to show less, are treated as inferior within this genre. There are many great ideas and proposals, but compared to others, terror has always been seen in a different way. For that reason, some great movies have that rare touch of popularity that can feel like a blessing, but most are left with that lack of recognition.

There are many undervalued horror films, although fortunately the sector of the public that has this hobby does not let them not be talked about at least a little. Some titles are a bit better known than others within this list; But that doesn’t exactly make them any less undervalued. Just less unknown. For this list we group movies from different eras, but with stories that are worth noting and convincing more people to see them at least once.

Entertaining to watch, some weirder than others, not necessarily an endless source of jumpscaresauthentic horror movie experiences that are not often found and more, these movies have not received the recognition that they should have, although it is always a good time to try to change that.

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Possessor: Mind Controller – 95%

Without going too far, we find this 2020 film where it is shown that technology has reached a new level in which consciousness can be transferred from one person to another. This process is known by the name of Possessor (original title of the tape) and, obviously, it is not available to everyone since you practically have to be a millionaire to be able to pay for it. While trying to expand the use of that technology, an agent working for a secret organization that uses it ends up committing crimes for money.

Sweet dreams, Mom – 86%

Parent-child relationships can be difficult, but this film from Austria takes them to a terrifying new level. It could be argued that this title is one of the most well-known of this list of underrated films since it “earned” a remake and was the candidate of its country when it aspired for that year’s Oscar nomination. But the truth is that that is not a guarantee that it will be universally known, since it is not the same as receiving the level of recognition that it deserves. The premise? Nine-year-old twin brothers live in a country house who are waiting for their mother. She then comes home, bandaged after cosmetic surgery, but nothing is like before and the children begin to doubt that this woman is really her mother.

The Museum of Death

john carpenter He could have directed this 1979 film, but due to budget it fell through. Some of the things it shows weren’t originally thought of, but they’re certainly an important part of this underrated film. The story follows a group of young friends trapped in an isolated highway museum, where they are hunted by a masked assailant who uses his telekinetic powers to control the attraction’s mannequins.

The devil’s profile 73%

A group of scientists exploring the mind discovers that there are other beings in it. You don’t need to know more about this cult film that deserves to be a little better known, which is also an interesting experience for those who enjoy movies with deep philosophical themes such as the exploration of human consciousness or what happens after death. In addition, it shows what people could do if they had a device within their reach with which they can also see the minds of other people. This 1986 film is an adaptation of a homonymous story by HP Lovecraft .

The Envoy of Evil – 73%

Emma Roberts, Kiernan Shipka Y Lucy Boyton They are names that sound much more now, with the exception of the first, and perhaps now this story would not go as unnoticed as it did in 2015. It is a horror film with a non-linear narrative, which makes it more interesting. It’s divided into three, with “Rose” and “Joan” being the two that intersect with each other for a large part of the film and then “Kat,” which introduces the climax of the story. It follows two young Catholic girls, Kat (Shipka) and Rose (Boynton), who are left behind at their boarding school for the holidays when the other girls leave, where the nuns are rumored to be Satanists. A runaway named Joan (Roberts) is picked up by a middle-aged couple who take her on a trip to the same school, where the girls must confront the supernatural and demonic.

Lake Mungo

The 2008 Australian film about the disappearance of three teenagers who end up haunting their families from beyond the grave is perfect for anyone looking for a chilling, edge-of-your-seat mystery. In this story, a family believes that the boys may have been kidnapped by a ghost, and the events are presented in the style of mockumentary and found footage, where actors are “interviewed” to present the narrative of a family trying to come to terms with death. from their daughter’s drowning and the potentially supernatural events they experience afterwards. In the world of fans of the horror genre, it is a well-known name, but that does not mean that it is undervalued by the rest of the potential audience.

The morgue – 86%

If knowing that a movie that takes place in a morgue may sound uncomfortable, you can’t imagine what it’s like to watch it. This production released in 2016 is one of the most outstanding of the genre in recent years, but unfortunately it is not as well known as others. It is pessimistic, heavy for its atmosphere but not for the quality of its story, and absolutely effective. Maybe it doesn’t invent something new, but few movies did it like this one, which follows the owner of a funeral home and his son in the most critical moments of the family business when they receive the body of a young woman whose name is unknown.

Saint Maud – 90%

One of the newer titles on this list didn’t make it to theaters around the world, just to a lucky few. Starring morphydd clark (yes, the Galadriel of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power – 90%), this is a story in which religion is the protagonist, where a recent convert to Roman Catholicism becomes obsessed with a former dancer in her charge (Jennifer Ehle), believing that she must save her soul by any means necessary. It’s an uncomfortable mix of body horror and psychological thriller, and while it was critically acclaimed, it’s still a film that feels small and very unfamiliar.

The Wailing- 99%

Asian cinema is an excellent place to find horror movie gems, and also to find underrated productions. This 2016 film was buzzworthy as a full-blown horror movie, but not on a scale that gave it a chance to become known to a wider audience. The film focuses on a policeman who investigates a series of mysterious murders and diseases in a remote Korean town called Gokseong, which is also the original title of the production, in order to save his daughter.

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Underrated horror movies that deserve a second chance | tomatoes