Waiting for the second season of ‘Wednesday’

For all who are waiting for the second season on Wednesday, Netflix confirmation that the original series born from the mind of Tim Burton, will have a sequel.

The recent Netflix Original TV series quickly amassed views to become the second most viewed series in its first 28 days of release (second only to Stranger Things 4).

Now its creators have confirmed that there will be a second seasonthe date of which has not yet been announced.

Let’s recap what to expect second season on Wednesday and what questions they will presumably be answered.

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Waiting for Wednesday 2: a summary of the first season (SPOILER ALERT!)

Wednesday Addamsan introverted, lonely and unaccustomed teenager to the rules, is transferred to the school of monsters “Nevermore” after having maimed, by means of Piranha, one of his old school friends, who bullied his brother.

Arrived at the new school, which was the place where her parents met, she gets to know numerous teenage monsters, here called Outcasts: Enid Sinclair (a clingy and overly affectionate werewolf), Xavier Thorpe (a Wednesday suitor with the power to bring what he draws to life), Bianca Barclay (a popular siren, which Wednesday competes with), Marilyn Thornhill (an apparently normal teacher, but who is not who she says she is) and finally Tyler Galpin (an inhabitant of the nearby city of Jerico who is actually a dangerous murderous monster).

After having escaped two attempted murders in the first episode alone, the girl begins to investigate why someone wants her dead and who the mysterious monster that is roaming near the school is.

On top of that there is a sort of prophecy according to which she herself will cause the destruction of the “Nevermore”.

As her investigations continue, she begins to make friends with her schoolmates, despite being reluctant to form emotional ties.

After countless vicissitudes, Wednesday discovers that Tyler Galpinthe boy she gave her first kiss, is the dangerous monster who, in cahoots with the teacher Marilyn Thornhillis planning the destruction of the school.

However, the girl manages to stop them: the first comes caught and incarcerated, while the fate of the second is not shown to us.

In the last episode, Wednesday returns home momentarily, but, on the way, she receives mysterious messages and understands that what happened to her at school is only the “tip of the iceberg”.

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Waiting for Wednesday 2: unanswered questions.

There are several questions left unanswered at the end of the first season.

The most obvious are: who sent the message to Wednesday in the last episode of the first season?

Besides, what happened to Professor Thornhill after Wednesday kicked her out?

Waiting for the second season on Wednesday

But there are others too. First: how come Xavier has a relationship psychic with the monster Hydeor Tyler Galpin?

During the first season we saw that the boy saw the creature in a dreamso much so that he began to paint it, but the reason for this link is still unknown.

In addition to this, will Bianca be able to graduate from Nevermore or will she have to follow her mother to support her in the “family work”?

The authors have wisely left many mysteries to be revealed and we await that in Wednesday 2 (or, indeed, in subsequent seasons), the answers come.

New and old characters, new and old monsters.

Waiting for the second season on Wednesday

Another prerequisite for Wednesday 2 is find the characters of the first season (at least those still alive) and that they can have a greater insight.

For instance, butler Lurch he hardly said a word during the first season and it is presumable that the writers will allow him more space in the future.

Even the character of Tyler Galpin/Hyde still needs to be explored, starting from his past and the bond with his mother, of which we still know little.

Surely we all also hope in the Return of Uncle Fester which, for now, has only been seen in one episode, even if that was enough to do it madly love and appreciate by all.

Finally, although we cannot know for sure, perhaps they will come new antagonistssupernaturals and terrifying monsters, even more dangerous than Hyde.

Waiting for the second season on Wednesday

If we think about it, there are many TV series that introduce increasingly powerful and fierce enemies in each season.

Let’s think about Stranger Things: in the first season there was the Demogorgonin the second i Democans controlled by Mind flayerin the third the Soviets and the gigantic “meat monster” and in the fourth vecna.

Probably the authors have different projects for her, but if this were not the case and the series were to follow the same mechanics of Stranger Things, our young heroine will face enemies with increasingly sharp claws and fangs.

However, these are just theories. The wait for Wednesday 2 it promises not exactly short and it will certainly be even longer for the many fans who particularly appreciated the first season.

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Waiting for the second season of ‘Wednesday’