Warrior Nun: we are always surprised to love Netflix’s warrior nuns so much

The series created by Simon Barry (ex-continuum), with Alba Baptista in the title role, excels in the second degree… while delivering a pleasant adventure to follow. A cocktail of the fire of god.

Yes, warrior nuns, on paper such a pitch can make you fear the worst. And yet: season 1 of Warrior Nun, on Netflix, was a pleasant surprise. By marrying its own absurdity with the second degree, while delivering a story despite everything very well conducted, the first burst of episodes managed to make us love the series… to our own astonishment.

Season 2, available since Thursday, November 10 on Netflix, does it keep the magic going? The answer is yes. Even if the wacky universe of Warrior Nun is no longer a discovery, the pleasure of following the adventures of the Warrior Sisters of the Order of the Cruciform Sword (we are not inventing anything) is still there.

Alba Baptista as Ava, in season 2 of Warrior Nun. // Source: Netflix

Alba Baptista always so funny

The heroine remains Ava in this season 2. The series began with her resurrection. A quadriplegic, she had just died mysteriously and been transported to a church morgue, when warrior sisters entered the establishment to protect themselves from an offensive. One of them was then affected, but it was also carrying a strange artifact: the Halo. However, it must absolutely be transmitted on the death of its carrier. In a panic, a sister then hid him in Ava’s body. Suddenly coming back to life, she fled… while discovering supernatural supernatural powers. Then there were the forces of evil to fight, but also a megacorporation seeking to unravel the mysteries of religion using science and technology. Season 1 ended in a fish tail, stopping in the middle of an action scene.

It was the completely unique – because improbable – character of the story that gave all its salt to Warrior Nun, during season 1. Certainly, the second burst of episodes partly eclipses the surprise, since we are now used to seeing nuns take out swords to fight demons or to see them survive ten bullet holes. But, nothing to do, Warrior Nun remains an explosive cocktail and Alba Baptista is still just as funny, just like the other sisters. The latter also take up a little more space – in particular Béatrice whose character was not mobilized enough in season 1 and who is now developing her relationship with Ava.

Sister Beatrice in season 2. // Source: Netflix
Sister Beatrice in season 2. // Source: Netflix

Season 2 uses the same codes: badass scenes in corridors (often in the presence of Sister Béatrice), demons, scientific equipment that leads to the afterlife, hilarious dialogues. Finally, by never taking themselves seriously, Warrior Nun succeeds where many series fall flat. We forgive everything Warrior Nun, because the work, narrated in the first person by its heroine, has fun with us. The adventure itself, which mixes technology and religion, is nonetheless well constructed.

Between Buffy and Wynonna Earp

Between buffy and Wynonna Earp, it’s a candy. We will also appreciate that season 2 ends with a real end to the plot started at the start of the series. We know that this type of production never manages to survive for long – and it is good to guarantee him a potential conclusion. However, the end remains open for a new adventure.

Warrior Nun, season 2, on Netflix.

Warrior Nun: we are always surprised to love Netflix’s warrior nuns so much