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Halloween may be over, but Netflix is ​​celebrating gift-giving season with Wednesday, the comedy series that stars Jenny Ortega as the slightly sinister daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams. The supernatural spectacle follows Wednesday as a teenager during her time at Nevermore Academy, where she juggles schoolwork, new friends and her creepy family while investigating a sinister mystery.

Fans of the Addams Family franchise, from ’60s comics and TV series to animated and live-action movies, are protecting Wednesday and have a variety of concerns. Whether they’re hoping the show is a return to form for director Tim Burton, doesn’t borrow too much from other supernatural franchises, or doesn’t rely too heavily on violence, Redditors have a myriad of things they want to see. when Wednesday begins November 23.

Fred Armisen Isn’t Trying To Top Christopher Lloyd’s Uncle Fester

One of the biggest reveals in Wednesday’s trailer was Uncle Fester played by sketch comic Fred Armisen, famous for bringing all manner of celebrities from Liberace to Queen Elizabeth to life on SNL. His casting has been almost universally praised, but fans are hoping he’ll try to do something unique with the role rather than a Christopher Lloyd’s Fester knockoff from the 90s movies.

“It doesn’t help that Loyds’ performance is like perfection,” says an uncommon truth. “I don’t think he can be overtaken, and I hope they don’t try to. Since he’s only seconds away from the trailer, fans will just have to wait and see how Armisen makes the role his own. Rather, it can pay homage to Lloyd’s singular performance while adding its own flavor.

A homecoming for Tim Burton

Tim Burton didn’t make the Addams Family films of the ’90s, but he might as well have considered how steeped they are in the whimsical gothic aesthetic he made a career out of. His involvement in the series could be a return to his work after years of working with Disney and avoiding his roots.

“My child/teenager really wants this to be a comeback for him,” says blueyesredlipstick. “something that goes back to its fun gothic roots and a far cry from Disney’s live-action remakes.” Given his reverence for the source material and his visual style, this seems like the perfect match.

Gomez and Morticia’s romantic relationship

Although the series primarily focuses on its titular character, fans can’t help but want to see at least some of its iconic relatives Gomez and Morticia Addams, who will be played by Luis Guzmán and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Often seen as relationship goals due to their romantic interactions, Gomez and Morticia have a fairytale romance that is the culmination of all things IP.

“As long as the two are completely and utterly in love with each other, I’ll be happy,” shyinwonderland says, possibly pointing to times when Gomez would kiss Morticia’s arm, or lead her in a passionate tango through the hall of their mansion.

A celebration of cultural heritage

The Addams Family has always been a mysterious clan with origins based in Eastern Europe or somewhere indeterminably exotic. The trailer seems to lean towards Wednesday having a Hispanic or Latino background, which would be an interesting choice full of possibilities.

“I’m really happy that they’re embracing the Hispanic roots of this family,” says SyrioForel. “90s movies portrayed them as gypsies or eastern Europeans, which I think was a new invention for movies. Burton’s take on Wednesday’s cultural heritage, especially after the ’90s featured the Mamushka dance and Gomez wearing the kosovorotka, might just be the concept to restore him to his “godfather” status and give the Addams a different background.

Less Sabrina Vibes

Watching Wednesday’s trailer and opening title sequence has left some fans worried that the show will look like The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Riverdale, and similar shows that appeal to a mostly YA audience. They fear it will lose the aesthetics and appeal that make it a quintessentially Addams affair.

“The trailer looks pretty good, I just hope it doesn’t end up being too CW like they did for Sabrina,” said a Redditor. It’s possible the creators made it a hybrid of multiple genres to garner the most appeal, as it seems to have a supernatural angle combined with a comedic and dramatic tone.

Christina Ricci playing the villain

Of all the Wednesday cast, fans were perhaps the most excited to learn that Christina Ricci, who portrayed Wednesday Addams in the ’90s film pair, would appear on the show as a mystery character tied to Nevermore. They hope that not only will her role be important, but that she will also be the antagonist of the new Wednesday during her time at the academy.

“It makes sense that Wednesday OG would be the only suitable antagonist for the new Wednesday,” says ScreenReviewer, indicating that Ricci might be just the actress to ground the series with a truly memorable villain. With Ricci’s involvement, the storyline will have higher stakes and viewers will care even more about the outcome of the central mystery.

strong writing

Given how much the show resembles other supernatural series, it’s no surprise that fans are concerned that the Addams Family tone will be diluted. With the presence of a place like the Nevermore Academy, there is also a nod to Hogwarts. The writing will need to be tense so as not to sound too similar to other franchises.

“I could see it was a success. This matches the demographics of Harry Potter, Sabrina and Hotel Transylvania,” says wiklr. “I hope the writing will follow. As long as it can maintain its own distinct style and not rely too heavily on other properties or extreme gore and violence, it should appeal to old and new fans alike.

Wednesday Interact with normal people

One of the most endearing things about the Addams Family has always been their quirkiness as a family and how much that contrasts with the “normal” people around them. Intrinsically, they believe they’re as “normal” as anyone else, and the humor comes from the fact that they couldn’t be weirder while still espousing family values ​​of love and loyalty.

Fans hope Wednesday will still interact with conventional society to juxtapose its creepiness. “I believe you still need regular Stevens and Karens characters to contrast Addams,” argues wujo444. “They can’t just live in their bubble of macabre goth – they have to deal with ‘normal’ people. Only then can they be truly bizarre. Hopefully, the series will oscillate between locations, with some time spent at Nevermore Academy and some spent away.

Dark and witty dialogue

One of the best parts of Wednesday is his dark and disturbing sense of humor. Wednesday’s top quotes are deadpan and almost always refer to torture, murder, or some other gruesome topic that surprises polite company. Fans are hoping for more and the same from the character in her new series, with a few quotes from ’90s Addams Family movies thrown in as Eater eggs.

“I hope they give Wednesday a lot of those dark humor lines that were in the movies,” Drumsticksboy says, referring to films starring Christina Ricci who perfected Wednesday’s sarcasm and defined the character for a while. new generation. Some fans consider Wednesday’s deadpan humor essential to the foundation of his character.

Addams Family History and World Building

While the concept of Wednesday attending a school like Nevermore Academy, surrounded by other dark-hearted weirdos, might seem to do without the charm of his fish-out-of-water image, there’s one upside to the setting — an expansion of the Addams Family Tradition.

“I like to think of the idea that the 90s film gave, with a whole clan, and very probably a whole society that lives like the Addams do”, explains Cethin_Amoux, “especially if this family has lived for hundreds and hundreds of years with the same mindset, lol. Since adding even more Addams isn’t really touched on except at the end of Addams Family Values, fans will be treated to more Addams Family world-building.

Wednesday: 10 things redditors want to see in the Netflix series | Pretty Reel