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Wednesday Addams spends much of the season trying to uncover the identity of the murderous monster, but Wednesday Episode 2 had already hinted at the violent species. When Uncle Fester comes to visit on Wednesday in Season 1 Episode 7, Jenna Ortega’s Goth character finally learns the monster is a Hyde, with Fester further explaining the creature’s violent nature. Wednesday then discovers that Hyde is actually Tyler, who inherited the supernatural transformation from his mother Francois Galpin, a former peer of Morticia and Gomez Addams at Nevermore Academy.

While it took until Wednesday’s penultimate Season 1 episode to give Hyde a name, the Tim Burton series dropped the first clues about the monster’s historic danger at Nevermore Academy. In Wednesday Season 1, Episode 2, Wednesday Addams sneaks into the Nightshades library and picks up the book which featured a drawing of her fighting Joseph Crackstone. Wednesday’s Episode 2 briefly focuses on the writing on the page behind the drawing Rowan tore out, with a diary entry from 30 years ago mentioning the dangers of Hydes. The entry mentions a tower dedicated to the sequestration of Hydes, with the Nightshades’ concerns coinciding with when Hydes (including Tyler’s mother) were banished from Nevermore:

“Mason suggested a discussion around Nevermore’s famous Bradbury Tower; an abandoned wing is said to have been erected to sequester Hydes at the school. Mason wondered if the Nightshades should exert a greater influence on the usefulness of the tower.

What happened to Tyler’s mom at Nevermore on Wednesday?

Wednesday Season 1, Episode 8 reveals that Tyler inherited his abusive Hyde from his mother, who later married Normie Sheriff Galpin. Teenage Wednesday Addams finds out that Tyler’s mother was on Nevermore Academy’s fencing team with Morticia, but does not reveal if unlocking her Hyde led to Species being banned from the school. It seems Tyler’s mother wasn’t the only Hyde at Nevermore Academy, so she was likely one of the species isolated in the school’s Bradbury Tower.

Ever since Tyler’s mother fell in love and married Donovan Galpin, it doesn’t look like Hyde has gone wild at Nevermore. Instead, Season 1 Wednesday suggests that Tyler’s mother only became dangerous during her postpartum depression after Tyler’s birth. The trauma and intense emotions triggered his condition, which led to violent outbursts, institutionalization, and his eventual death ahead of Season 1 on Wednesday. Since Wednesday’s season 2 will inevitably add more twists to Netflix’s Addams Family TV show, the series could reveal that the Gates family tried to unlock Francois’ Hyde when she was a student, which would explain why the species was banned. of Nevermore 30 years ago.

Why Hydes is so dangerous on Wednesday

Hydes seems to be the most dangerous species of outcast at Nevermore Academy, as headmistress Larissa Weems suggests that she is one of the school’s few banned species. Season 1 Wednesday reveals that they are unpredictable and violent, outcasts bent to the wills and nefarious plans of their masters. It’s unclear if Hydes are mindless killers or knowing their actions, but Wednesday suggests they’re manipulated very easily, like how Laurel Gates makes Tyler more loyal by acting like his mother. Given the hints at the end of Season 1 that Tyler might escape his chains during his transformation into Hyde, Tim Burton’s Wednesday Season 2 will require even more Dangerous Species research.

Wednesday Episode 2 Secretly Told You The Monster Species | Pretty Reel