Wednesday, Tim Burton’s TV series that will deceive you. Review

Let’s look at the Addams family from a different point of view: that of their daughter Wednesday.

Wednesday is the spinoff of the well-known work The Addams family, which, over time, has seen many variations. The TV series was released on the Netflix streaming platform last November 23 and has already obtained a surprising number of users who have viewed it.

The very first version of the Addams Family dates back to the 60swhen Charles Addams invented comics about this family.

The story is focused on Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega, a young actress famous for films such as Beyond the Borders of Evil-Insidious 2 and The Babysitter-Killer Queen) and, in fact, we have a first-person narration that follows the reasoning of the young Addams.

Expelled from yet another high school for not being able to adapt to her parents “normal” peers, parents, Morticia and Gomez (played by Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzman respectively) decide to send her to the Nevermore Academythe same high school that the husband and wife had attended 25 years earlier.

Always reluctant and in disagreement with everyone, Wednesday, in spite of herself, accepts enrollment at the new school and thus opens a new chapter in her life. Fortunately, Nevermore Academy is no ordinary school;

in fact, the high school students present here belong to many of the fantastic categories that are known: there are vampires (also called fangs), sirens (also called scaled / s), werewolves (or hairy), psychics, gorgons (known like stoners), the shapeshifters and the hydes.

These are the groups into which the pupils are divided and are presented on Wednesday from Enid, her roommate. This is the exact opposite of Addams and in fact she will be the first obstacle she will have to face: sharing the room with a person too colorful and lively for her tastes.

Either way, Wednesday is convinced that she’s going to have a long and boring time in school, even though high school isn’t common. Her expectations of her, however, are soon subverted as she discovers that her parents, when they were high school students at Nevermore, were involved in a murder and, furthermore, a bloodthirsty monster roams the school grounds. Thus, on Wednesday she decides to take the reins of the situation and to understand who is behind this story.

In the course of her investigations, she will be helped by a loyal member of the Addams family: But no. In truth, Mano had been sent to spy on Wednesday for Morticia and Gomez to warn them in case of an escape of him. But little Addams immediately notices Mano’s presence and takes the opportunity to get help in her investigation.

The monster that sows panic is a hyde and it is controlled not by the person who becomes the creature, but by another individual. Will Wednesday be able to shed light on both the old murder case involving her parents and the current case of a homicidal monster controlled by an equally monster? The TV series is directed by Tim Burton, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, well-known directors for their respective works such as Sweeney Todd: the evil barber of Fleet Street and the TV series Smallville. The production is from MGM Television.

Wednesday is a genre TV series mystery-supernatural, Gothic and teen-horror, consisting of 8 episodes lasting about 45 minutes each. The story is centered on the daughter and, for this reason, the series is a spinoff of the previous versions of the Addams family.

This work, born in the ’60s, has had many reinterpretations, among which the most famous one concerns the films dedicated to this gothic family released in 1991 and ’93 with Christina Hedgehogs as Wednesday. Speaking of Ricci, we also find her in this new television series in the role of the botany teacher, the young lady Thornhill.

Being a spinoff, the story is about Wednesday and her high school life, which she soon turns into Sherlock Holmes to investigate dark and intricate happenings. Indeed, the story almost immediately takes the path of the yellow/thriller genre, with an improvised detective Wednesday. A narrative choice that was not expected.

In some shots, especially of the school seen slightly from a distance, it seems to be ad Hogwarts: a high school (with dormitories) conceived in a Gothic structure, with the features of a castle and with students and teachers with different and characteristic magical powers.

High schoolers also have a competitive and important sport, namely Poe cup (payment of Quidditch in Harry Potter, but with the difference that here it is in water and there it is in the air on brooms). So, several parallels between Wednesday and Harry Potter, but also many resemblances to a full-blown whodunit.

The sense of darkness, gothic, obscurity and apathy that can be seen in Wednesday (both the series and the protagonist) is very marked, but not as much as one would expect reading that among the directors there is also the visionary and brilliant Tim Burton. Anyone who knows him knows exactly what elements can be found in his works, and here we see few of them.

Furthermore, the alleged “pink note” that touches on Wednesday is not very appropriate either to the character himself or to the situation. Fortunately, it was only a small passage that is then lost in the narrative.

In conclusion, it is a TV series to watch for many reasons, including the fact that it is a different version of a well-loved and well-known work and, for Tim Burton fans, his latest work is worth seeing (for now)whether it is more or less recognizable in its canons.

Wednesday, Tim Burton’s TV series that will deceive you. Review