Werewolf of the Night: What We Know About Marvel’s Horror Show

After a long wait, the confirmation of the live action classic comics werewolf of the night. Marvel showed the first trailer for the curious production of the same name, starring Gael García Bernal, during its D23 Expo panel. The film will premiere exclusively on Disney+ on October 7. It’s the answer to months of rumors that the studio was working on a confusing project for the anti-hero.

The trailer did not disappoint. The first glimpse of werewolf of the night shows what appears to be an homage to old fifties horror films. From black and white to aesthetics, close to German expressionism. The film appears to be a milestone of huge interest in Marvel’s approach to storytelling in its Expanded Universe. It includes a new section of its content under the Marvel Studios Special Presentation banner.

With Moon Knight the production directed by Michael Giacchino, werewolf of the night will explore the supernatural dimension of “La Maison des Idées”. It’s expected to not only be an introduction to the character’s origin story, but also an introduction to the Midnight Sons superhero team. This includes Blade, whose solo film is part of phase five of the superhero saga and will be released next year.

As of now, there aren’t many plot details. Or how Marvel will approach a superhero directly tied to the horror genre. What is clear is that the feature film will revisit the classic comic book story of the 1970s. One of the most curious of the publisher and which could allow the studio to explore new places in its cinematographic universe.

A dangerous creature in the middle of an ominous night

Werewolf By Nigh He made his comic book debut in 1971’s Marvel Spotlight #2. Created by Gerry Conway and Mike Ploog, he was a… a version of the classic werewolf myth, tied to the idea of ​​transformation at will. This last detail is particularly interesting because it completely sets her apart from other legends concerning similar creatures.

The anti-hero has a habit of changing his name, nationality and other details in his fictional biography. The best known includes a curious combination of myths and supernatural beliefs. Jack Russell, the original werewolf of the nightwas born in Transylvania as Jacob Russoff and is a descendant of Grigori Russoff. The latter became a creature capable of changing its form into that of a wolf after killing Dracula in 1795. Similarly, in the first bearer of a hereditary curse that condemns his descendants to a fate similar to his own..

Nevertheless, Grigori managed to keep this unexplained physical condition dormant and transmitted his way to the rest of his descendants. But eventually, Jack’s grandfather freed him using the Darkhold. The dark spell he used not only allowed the wild nature inherited from Grigori to fully manifest. He also subjected each of his descendants to the ravages of transformation.

Werewolf of the Night: A Dark-Bound Superhero

The Jack Russell basically shares the same characteristics as the well-known legend of lycanthropy. Every full moon, he transforms into a wild wolf with supernatural abilities.

But, unlike other myths, it retains a human lucidity. It should also be added that the character has extraordinary physical abilities, such as super-strength and agility, even without transforming. With his classic version, he shares a weakness for money.

In his origin story, Jack travels from Europe to North America with his mother. But, due to a supernatural nature, he ends up being hunted down, and his mother killed, by the so-called Criminal Committee. This violent event will release the darkest side of the character, which seeks revenge. Much of his initial arc focuses on Jack’s more brutal and savage side. As well as his fight against hate and ultimately his transition into a sinister, sometimes unclassifiable hero.

In his solo series, published since 1972, Jack battles villains of mysterious origin and guards the Darkhold. What could be related to his version live action with the recent events recounted in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

A selected team of superheroes

In addition to the cinematic novelty of Werewolf of the night. The film is also an opportunity to introduce a unique team of superheroes. Midnight Sons could be the group that brings together the characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe linked to the supernatural and mystical world.

In the comic, the members battle the mother of demons, Lilith, and her children, the Lilins. In 1990, it was established that it was a separate organization from the rest of the publisher’s heroes. In fact, it works with nothing but the intention of each of its members to join forces in specific situations.

At different times in its history, Midnight Sons has had Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, Moon Knight, and Blade as members. In 2009, the werewolf of the night joined the group, according to the story told in Marvel Zombies 4.

The film about the singular lycanthrope hero could be the essential piece of a project that seems closer and closer. Especially with rumors of a new cinematic face for Johnny Blaze’s character and rumors of a new season of Moon Knight. Also, a possible third Sorcerer Supreme story and the arrival of Blade in 2023. Everything seems to indicate that the more sinister side of Marvel is coming.

Werewolf of the Night: What We Know About Marvel’s Horror Show